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Brachiosaurus Fact Sheet

Dinosaur/Paleontology Dictionary
NAME: Meaning - Brachiosaurus means "Arm lizard"
Pronounced - BRAK-e-o-SAWR-us
Named By - Elmer S. Riggs
When Named - 1903
DIET: Herbivore (plant-eater) - it ate conifers, cycads, and ginkgos.
SIZE: Length - 80-85 feet (24-26 m) long
Height - 23 feet (7 m) tall at the hips, 40-50 feet (12-16 m) tall at the head
Weight - 33-88 tons (30-80 tonnes)
WHEN IT LIVED: Late Jurassic period, about 156-145 million years ago
WHERE IT LIVED: Fossils have been found in Colorado, USA, North America and Tanzania, Africa, and perhaps Portugal, Europe.
FOSSILS: A few incomplete fossils have been found (mostly without skulls).
  • Kingdom Animalia (animals)
  • Phylum Chordata (having a hollow nerve chord ending in a brain)
  • Class Archosauria (diapsids with socket-set teeth, etc.)
  • Order Saurischia - lizard-hipped dinosaurs
  • Suborder Sauropoda - large herbivores
  • Family Brachiosauridae giraffe-stanced sauropods (with arms longer than legs)
  • Genus Brachiosaurus
  • Species B. altithorax (type species named by Riggs, 1903)
Unlike most other dinosaurs, the front legs of Brachiosaurus were longer than the hind legs (hence its name, "arm lizard").

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