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All About Birds
Baltimore Oriole
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The Baltimore Oriole is a bird that lives in open forests in the eastern North America. A western US variety of oriole (Bullock's Oriole) is a very similar bird. The two together are called the Northern Oriole; the scientific name is Icterus galbula (Genus and species). Orioles spend the warm months in the north (as far as Nova Scotia) and migrate to Mexico and Central America during the winter.

Anatomy: Males are very brightly colored; females and young are much more subtly colored, with an olive-green back . The oriole is about 7-8 inches (18-20.5 cm) long.

Diet: Orioles mostly eat fruit and drink flower nectar. They also eat bugs, nuts, and seeds.

Nest and Eggs: Baltimore Orioles build hanging nests made of grass and tree bark. The nest is a pouch that hangs from a fork in a tree branch. In each clutch (a set of eggs laid at one time), females lay 3-6 blue-white eggs with dark markings.

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