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More on Millipedes
Label Millipede
External Anatomy

Read the definitions below, then label the millipede diagram.
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Millipede diagram to label

Anal segment - The last segment; it is where waste (in the form of pellets) leaves the body.
Antennae - Two sensory organs (feelers) located towards the front of the millipede. Each antenna is made of 7 jointed segments.
Collum - The first segment just behind the head; it protects the rear surface of the head.
Eye - The two compound eyes are located on the head.
Head - The head has two antennae, two eyes, and the mouth.
Labrum - The area just above the mouth.
Mandibles - These large, toothed cutting surfaces are used for eating; each mandible is made of two segments.
Pairs of Legs - Most segments have two pair of legs; these are called diplosomites. The first few segments have only one pair of legs; they are called somites. The second-to-last segment has no legs. Each leg has a tiny claw.
Sternites - The underside of each segment, between the legs, which is relatively unprotected (also called the sternum). When in danger, the millipede curls up, protecting the underside.
Tergites - The upper portion of each segment (also called the tergum). The tergum is covered with a hard, protective exoskeleton.
Trunk - The body of the millipede (excluding the head).

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