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Questions from Late August 2001
Please check the
Top Sixteen Dinosaur Questions
and the
Dino and Paleontology Dictionary first!

What does the word dinosaur mean?
What does saurus mean?,
What does deinos mean?

What color were the dinosaurs?

How (and when) did the dinosaurs go extinct?
How many dinosaurs were there?
What was the biggest dinosaur? What was the smallest dinosaur? Which dinosaur was the largest meat-eater? Were there more plant-eaters or meat-eaters?
How many teeth did T. rex have (and how big were they)? What is the oldest dinosaur ever found? What was the first dinosaur ever found?
Did birds evolve from the dinosaurs?

Were there any flying dinosaurs?

Were there any swimming dinosaurs?
How do you know what the enemies of a dinosaur were? What kind of habitats did the dinosaurs live in?

Q: Is the megladon shark extinct or is it still alive? If so what are it statistics?
from ty, elw, il, us; August 31, 2001

A: Megalodon is probably extinct. For a page on it, click here.

Q: what web site do i find the komoto dragon?
from tim k, dubuque, iowa, usa; August 30, 2001

A: Click here for a page on Komodo dragons.

Q: Name all the flying dinosaurs...I'm trying to spell teradakia?????
from kendra M., Birmingham, AL, Jefferson; August 30, 2001

A: There were many, many Pterodactyls, flying reptiles that lived during the time of the dinosaurs (but they were not dinosaurs). For information on Pterodactyls, click here.

Q: triceratops means what
from Grace Q, Salem, Utah, ?; August 29, 2001

A: Triceratops means "three horn face." For a page on Triceratops, click here. For a brief fact sheet on Triceratops, click here.

Q: Plant eating dinosaurs were called what?
from supermanD, Carrollton, GA, Us; August 29, 2001

A: Plant-eaters are called herbivores (this name applied to all plant-eating animals, not just dinosaurs). The two major groups of plant-eating dinosaurs are the sauropods (long-necked, long-tailed saurischians) and the ornithischians.

Q: What is the common name for the Hadrosaurus?
from JS, Bham, AL, USA; August 29, 2001

A: Hadrosaurs are commonly known as duck-billed dinosaurs. Hadrosaurus was a type of hadrosaur.

Q: How large was the megladon estamated to be? How old is the megladon? What was the megladons staple food?
from mat l., collbran, colorado, usa; August 29, 2001

A: For a page on Megalodon, click here.

Q: where can ifind how old the jurassic era was?
from kool o, locko, killafornia, usofa; August 29, 2001

A: The Jurassic periodlasted from 206-144 million years ago. For information on the Jurassic period, click here.

Q: Which dinosaur had a sting in it's tail?
from Megan N, Esperance, WA, Australia; August 29, 2001

A: None. Stegosaurids (like Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus) had large, bony spikes at the end of the tail (called Thagomizers).

Q: What are the living decentants of dinosaurs?
from Jhai F, Currumbin, Queensland., Australia; August 28, 2001

A: Birds are probably the descendants of the dinosaurs.

Q: when did dinosaurs live on the earth and when did they become extinct
from rhoz, l, arlington, tx, us; August 27, 2001

A: Dinosaurs appeared during the Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) and the last of the dinosaurs went extinct during the late Cretaceous period (about 65 million years ago during the K-T extinction).

Dinosaur timeline

Q: I want to make a footprint of a T-Rex or gigantosaurus. Ihave read that the T=Rex foot print is 46cm long, but how wide? Do you have any measurements of a gigantosaurus footprint? thanks
from Sharon G, Darwin, NT, Australia; August 27, 2001

A: For the outline of a theropod (meat-eating) dinosaur footprint, click here. No Giganotosaurus footprints have been found.

Q: Can dilophosaurus spit poison?
from alex walter, thomasville, georgia, U.S.A; August 27, 2001

A: There is no evidence that Dilophosaurus could spit poison.

Q: What is the meaning of Trachodon?
from Emilee B, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia; August 26, 2001

A: Trachodon means "rough tooth." For a page on Trachodon, click here.

Q: Please add info on tanystropheus
from greg.l, hillbiild, hthd, fdhd; August 26, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: what is colorados state dino?
from drew bochniak, lakewood, co, usa; August 26, 2001

A: Colorado's state dinosaur is Stegosaurus. For a page of state dinosaurs, click here.

Q: Wasn't altispinix a spinosaurid too?It had a sail didn't it?
from Donovan c., ?, singapore, ?; August 25, 2001

A: Not all dinosaurs with vertebral spines are classified as spinosaurids, e.g. Acrocanthosaurus (an allosaurid) and Altispinax (a nomen dubium whose classification is uncertain). Its overall skeletal characteristics are more important characteristics than just vertebral spines.

Q: Have dinosaur fossils been found in Australia?
from Lisa S., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; August 23, 2001

A: Yes. For a page of Australian dinosaurs (and other nearby dinosaurs), click here.

Q: How big was megladon the biggest shark in the world
from Daniel S., hoboken, New Jersey, north America; August 23, 2001

A: Megalodon was a huge, predatory shark (about 40 feet (12 m) long or perhaps longer) but it may not have been the biggest shark - the modern-day Whale Shark is about 46 feet (14 m) long. For information on Megalodon, click here

Q: can you compare t-rex and giganotosaurus for me in pictures or words
from greg n, conway, missouri, united stes; August 23, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: Where have most of the dinosaur bones been found and is there a pattern? Also, is there a continent where dinosaur fossils have not been found? Please reply asap, this is for a homework? Thank you
from Clint M, Hickman, KY, United States; August 22, 2001

A: Fossils have been found on every continent. The most dinosaur fossils have been found in areas where paleontologists can easily search for them (in badlands and other areas where sediment is exposed); some countries are relatively inaccessible due to their location, climate, civil unrest, unpredictable dictators, etc.

Q: Could you please send me all information you have about the two new found dinosaurs Afrovenator and Jobaria?
from Matthias A., Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, Germany; August 22, 2001

A: For a page on Afrovenator, click here. For a page on Jobaria, click here.

Q: were any dinosaurs named after where they were found?
from max.g, dubbo, nsw, australia; August 22, 2001

A: Yes, many have been, including Albertosaurus (named for Alberta, Canada), Sinosauropteryx (named for China), Utahraptor (named for Utah, USA), Lesothosaurus (named for Lesotho, a country in south Africa) and Edmontosaurus (named for the Edmonton Rock Formation in Canada). For others, click here.

Q: Which dinosaur was known as the 'Good Mother"
from bianca, cape town, cape province, south africa; August 22, 2001

A: Maiasaura menas "good mother lizard." For more information on Maiasaura, click here

Q: Can dinosaurs jump? How far can they jump? How do they jump?
from Lachlann S, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia; August 21, 2001

A: Some dinosaurs could probably jump, but others (like large sauropods, for example) could not. How far a jumping dinosaur could jump is not known yet.

Q: who were the compsognathus' enemies and how did it protect itself from getting harmed?
from Augusto G., glendale, Ca, USA; August 21, 2001

A: Compsognathus protected itself with its sharp claws and teeth - it's fast speed made running away a reat defense. This tiny dinosaur was probably preyed upon by larger meat-eating dinosaurs. For information on Compsognathus, click here.

Q: The first dinosaur fosil found and what dinosaur was it.
from Max S, Morwell, Victoria, Australia; August 21, 2001

A: For the earliest dinosaur finds, click here.

Q: I would like to see some information facts on Megladon
from Rod M., Louisville, ky, usa; August 21, 2001

A: Click here

Q: I need information on the Stegosaurus Dinosaur for a report. Where can we find pictures and information on this Dinosaur.
from Paul H, Louisville, Kentucky, USA; August 21, 2001

A: Click here.

from ANNE D FOR JOEY 3YRS OLD, STLOUIS, MO, USA; August 20, 2001

A: In the Jurassic Park movies, Dilophosaurus was pictured haveing this type of frill, but there is no evidence that it had one in real life. For information on Dilophosaurus, click here.

Q: how old are wolly mamoths? i would like a picture of one
from danny o., oxford, alabama, united states; August 20, 2001

A: For information on Woolly Mammoths, click here.

Q: What was the Earth like in the Jurrasic period?
from Augusto G, glendale, California, USA; August 20, 2001

A: For a page on the Jurassic period, click here.

Q: Where did the compsognathus live?
from Augusto G, Glendale, ca, USA; August 20, 2001

A: Compsognathus fossils have been found in Europe (in Germany and France).

Q: in jurassic park was the velociraptor really that tall and long
from johnny c, parsippany, nj, us; August 20, 2001

A: Velociraptor was really only about 6 feet long (much smaller than in the movie).

Q: Wher did the dinosaurs of the Jurrasic and the triassic Go during the cretacious period
from Shobhit Khandelwal, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; August 20, 2001

A: Most dinosaurs went extinct in background extinctions (failing to adapt to changing conditions) and minor mass extinctions (which occur occasionally).

Q: are dinosars cold or warm blooded ?
from candy w., mt.juliet, tennessee, united states; August 19, 2001

A: Click here for a page on that topic.

Q: How did dinosaures reproduce?
from Brightlights, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia; August 20, 2001

A: For a page on dinosaurs reproduction, click here.

Q: Did dinosaures sleep ?
from Brightlights, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia; August 20, 2001

A: Probably, but no one knows for how long or when.

from daniel w, oxford, ohio, U.S.A; August 20, 2001

A: T. rex was about 13 feet tall at the hips.

Q: Did dinasours have ears?
from Lisa T, Houston, TX, USA; August 20, 2001

A: Yes, but they did not the external, fleshy lobes like we have.

Q: all the information on a carnotaur
from Justin k, jacksonville, fl, duval; August 19, 2001

A: For a page on Carnotaurus, click here.

Q: Are all dinosaurs lizards
from Martin S., Farmington, N.M., U.S.A.; August 19, 2001

A: None of the dinosaurs were lizards. Dinosaurs were reptiles and are related to lizards.

Reptilia cladogram

Q: When did dinorsaurs lived?,when they exticnt?
from Lee Wai Ying, ---, -, Singapore; August 18, 2001

A: Dinosaurs lived from about 230 million years ago until 65 million years ago (during the Mesozoic Era).

Q: You know that movie called Jurassic Park 3? Theres a dinosour that could kill a T Rex. It had a sail on it's back. What was it? Thank you for answering me.
from Alex A., Vancouver, B.C, Canada; August 18, 2001

A: It was Spinosaurus.

Q: When and where was the earliest record of dinosaur bones discovered?
from Maralyn S., Quincy, Illinois, USA; August 18, 2001

A: For the earliest dinosaur finds, click here.

Q: What was the name of the comet that ended the Jurassic period?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; August 17, 2001

A: It isn';t known is the object was an asteroid or a comet - and I haven't heard of it being given a name. The crater it formed off the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico was named the Chicxulub Crater.

Q: will it ever be possible to bring back or clone dinosaur??
from craig t, fife, ?, scotland; August 17, 2001

A: It isn't possible now because there is no complete dinosaur DNA (which would be neccessary to clone a dinosaur). I have no idea if it will ever be possible.

Q: i need facts about if dinosours were cold blooded or warm blooded
from Candace w., Mt juliet, tn, usa; August 17, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: Which dinosaurs were found in Australia and where were they found?
from Melissa H., Sydney, NSW, Australia; August 15, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: What is the classifaction of a shark? Is it a reptile, mammul, or what?
from Elizabeth W., Mcminnville, TN, USA; August 16, 2001

A: Sharks are a type of fish (they are neither reptiles nor mammals). For a page on shark classification, click here.

Q: Your Zoom Dinosaurs site has so much information. Where does it all come from? What are your sources?
from Mary R, Spring Valley, NY, USA; August 16, 2001

A: For a page of our references (and other good books and links), click here.

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