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Questions from Early May 2001
Please check the
Top Sixteen Dinosaur Questions
and the
Dino and Paleontology Dictionary first!

What does the word dinosaur mean?
What does saurus mean?,
What does deinos mean?

What color were the dinosaurs?

How (and when) did the dinosaurs go extinct?
How many dinosaurs were there?
What was the biggest dinosaur? What was the smallest dinosaur? Which dinosaur was the largest meat-eater? Were there more plant-eaters or meat-eaters?
How many teeth did T. rex have (and how big were they)? What is the oldest dinosaur ever found? What was the first dinosaur ever found?
Did birds evolve from the dinosaurs?

Were there any flying dinosaurs?

Were there any swimming dinosaurs?
How do you know what the enemies of a dinosaur were? What kind of habitats did the dinosaurs live in?

Q: What supercontinent did the dinosaurs live on?
from Martin M., Chicago, IL, USA; May 15, 2001

A: The dinosaurs lived on the supercontinent of Pangaea, which was breaking up during the Mesozoic Era.

Q: What is the smartest Dino.
from Stewphanie .G., ?, ?, PA; May 15, 2001

A: The dinosaurs with the largest brain to body mass (probably indicating smarter dinosaurs) were the troodontids (like Troodon).


Q: what did trioeratops eat
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 15, 2001

A: Triceratops was a plant-eater - it probably ate relatively low-lying plants like ferns and cycads.

Q: what plants and animals lived in the triassic period
from trav g, melurne, vic, austrailia; May 15, 2001

A: For Triassic plants, click here. For Triassic dinosaurs, click here. For general Triassic information, click here.

Q: Who was the enemy of the Allosaurus?
from Ma-Mood S., fresno, ca, usa; May 15, 2001

A: Allosaurus was a top predator and didn't have any large enemies.

Q: i need any type of information youcan give me on the coelophisis.please hurry,i need it in 2 minutes.
from annie mc, miami, fl., north amer.; May 15, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: "Jurassic Park" the famous movie by Steven Spielberg contained many kinds of dinosaurs,including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus and Triceratops. Why is the inclusion of these dinosaurs inaccurate or misleading?
from Kulthum.R., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; May 14, 2001

A: I didn't see Giganotosaurus in Jurassic Park, but the problem you're alluding to is the fact that many of the dinosaurs in the movie were not from the Jurassic period, but from the Cretaceous period (Triceratops and T. rex were from the very late Cretaceous period).

Q: what can you tell me abour the proceratops and the cretaceous age that it lived in? thanks!!
from hopr m, cleveland, ohio, usa; May 14, 2001

A: For Protoceratops, click here. For the Cretaceous period, click here.

Q: Do Megaraptors have relatives
from Tommy Potter, Champlin, Minnesota, North America; May 14, 2001

A: Every organism has relatives.

Q: A picture of new mexico's state bird which is a road runner
from Nancy g, kuwait, kuwait, kuwait; May 14, 2001

A: For a roadrunner picture to color, click here.

Q: How long were the longest dinosaurs?
from Diana P, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; May 14, 2001

A: The largest sauropods were probably 130 feet long.

Q: What are the stegosaurus adaptions?
from Lizzy W., Bethesda, MD, USA; May 14, 2001

A: Stegosaurus' most obvious adaptations were its triangular plates and its tail spikes.

Q: Why does trynosaurus Rex only eat other dinosaurs?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 14, 2001

A: T. rex is known to have eaten Triceratops (crushed Triceratops frill has been found in fossilized T. rex dung), and it probably ate other large animals, most of which (but not necessarily all) were probably dinosaurs.

Q: How heavy was the Deinonychus ?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 14, 2001

A: Deinonychus weighed about 175 pounds (80 kg).

Q: Is there any relationship between the mythical dragon and the dinosaurs?
from Laura, Canberra, ACT, Australia; May 13, 2001

A: Finding huge dinosaur fossils may have given rise to the dragon myth.

Q: imformation about Australian dinosaurs
from Melissa .D, ?, ?, ?; May 13, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: What did dinosaurs eat?
from Chelsea G, Bendigo, Vic, Australia; May 13, 2001

A: Most were plant eaters, others were meat-eaters and a few were omnivores. Click here for more information.

Q: have we ever discovered a dinosuar egg
from Brianna E, Waterboro, Maine, USA; May 13, 2001

A: Thousands of dinosaur eggs have been found.

Q: how much did the Oviraptor weigh?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 13, 2001

A: Oviraptor weighed about 55 to 76 pounds (25 to 35 kg).

Q: what Province of Canada were many fossils of dinosaurs found?
from Thomas C, Fayetteville, NC, USA; May 13, 2001

A: Alberta is where may dinosaur fossils have been found, but British Columbia has the Burgess shale, a very important fossil location. For a list of Canadian dinosaur fossils, click here.

Q: I'm doing a science report on the second shortest dinosaur that walks on two legs. I forgot it's name, but I know it starts with an A. Can you help me?
from Candace P, Westminster, SC, US; May 13, 2001

A: Small bipedal dinosaurs include: Compsognathus, Microraptor, Saltopus, Wannanosaurus, and Lesothosaurus.

Q: I am doing areport on the Allosaurus.It is pretty interesting so far, but I have looked everyware on this site for my questions and I can't find them. How did the Allosaurus protect and defend its self? What kind of suroundings did it have? What was its food? About or exactly how many bones did the Allosaurus have?
from Becky B., Millerton, Pennsylvania, USA; May 13, 2001

A: Allosaurus used its teeth and claws for offense and defense. It was a meat-eater - it probably ate large, plant-eating dinosaurs. Allosaurus probably lived in forested areas where its prey lived. Allosaurus had about 200 bones. For more information on Allosaurus, click here

Q: Were the brachiosaurus front legs or back legs longer?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 12, 2001

A: Unlike most dinosaurs, the front legs of Brachiosaurus were longer than the back legs.

Q: Im looking for information on the mammals that lived in the triassic period, for a report due in two days! HELP PLEASE!
from N.B., ?, ?, ?; May 11, 2001

A: For a page on the Trassic period, click here. For Triassic dinosaurs, click here.

Q: Does anything consume the Komodo Dragon?
from Joey W, Gallipolis, OH, United States; May 11, 2001

A: No, the Komodo dragon is a top predator.


A: Sauropelta had small, leaf-shaped cheek teeth and a toothless beak. For more information on Sauropelta, click here.

Q: What is the timeline that dinosaurs lived on Earth?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 11, 2001

A: Dinosaurs lived from about 230 to 65 million years ago, during the Mesozoic Era.

Dinosaur timeline

Q: what types of plants are in the cretatios period?
from Megan C., southlake, texas, us; May 10, 2001

A: For Cretaceous period plants, click here.

Q: What is the Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species of the Plesiosaurus dinosaur?
from Dara F., West Port, Connecticut, USA; May 10, 2001

A: Plesiosaurus was not a dinosaur, but another type of reptile that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. Classification:

Q: tell me about the triassic period the type of plants, animals and climate
from david a, miami, fl, usa; May 10, 2001

A: For general information on the Triassic period, click here. For Triassic plants, click here.

Q: Where does the dilophosaurus sleep and how many hours a day does it sleep?
from Jamie W., ?, Fl., usa; May 10, 2001

A: No one knows.

Q: What kingdom will megladon sharks be classifed in?
from tammy l, suwanee, ga, usa; May 10, 2001

A: Megalodon belong to the Kingdom Animalia (animals).

Q: what are scientists who study fossils
from justinp, waverly, ohio, usa; May 10, 2001

A: Paleontologists.

Q: What period did the triceritops live in?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 10, 2001

A: Triceratops lived during the late Cretaceous period.

Q: What is the most common age of rock you find donosours in. And what era is the most common
from Kyle E., new castle, IN, USA; May 10, 2001

A: Fossils (including dinosaurs) are generally found in sedimentary rock. Dinosaurs fossils are found in Mesozoic Era sediment.

Q: What is an omnivore
from Billy G, Sykesville, ?, ?; May 9, 2001

A: An omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals.

Q: Desr Sir, Madame:
I am trying to find an illustrated picture of the Giant Shark Megalodon. Do you know a web site that would have an illustration?? Thanks Will Robbins

from will, Seattle, WA, ?; May 9, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: Is The Stegosaurus a marine dinosaur or not? Was it a social dinosaur or a loner?
from Tyrone C., New York, NY, North America; May 9, 2001

A: Stegosaurus was a land animal. Stegosaurus may have been a herding animal, but this is far from certain.

Q: What is the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species for the pterodactylus?
from Kyle, Buford, Georgia, United States; May 9, 2001

A: Pterodactylus is the genus (and there are many species). For more information, click here.

Q: what are scientists who study fossils
from justinp, waverly, OHIO, usa; May 9, 2001

A: They're called paleontologists.

Q: when did the dinosaurs go extinct
from allen l, waverly, OHIO, u.s.a.; May 9, 2001

A: The last remaining dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago.

Q: Some dinosaurs laid their eggs in large _ _ _ _ _ ?
from Natasha P, Auckland, ?, New Zealand; May 8, 2001

A: nests

from Jackie, miami, FL, DADE; May 8, 2001

A: The oldest-known reptile is Casineria, which lived about 340 million years ago.

Q: Iwas just wondering about 2 marine dinosaurs the Ichthyosaurus and the plesiosaurus. I need the imformation as soon as possible, because the imformation is for a science project and my team have hardly got any imformation. So please we need a bit of help!We need one question though thats when did they become extinct?
Thanks, Renee.

from Renee A, Green Bay, Auckland, NZ; May 8, 2001

A: THere were no marine dinosaurs; Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs were marine reptiles that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. For information on Ichthyosaurus, click here (it went extinct during the early Cretaceous period, roughly 140 million years ago). For information on Plesiosaurus, click here (it went extinct during the early Jurassic period, roughly 180 million years ago).

Q: what is a tyrannosaurus rex's habitat like
from a.b, pomfret, ct, u.s.a.; May 8, 2001

A: T. rex probably lived in forested areas.

Q: Which paleontologists found triceratops?
from TC, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; May 8, 2001

A: The first Triceratops skull was found in 1888 by John Bell Hatcher.

Q: How did the supersaurus defend itself?
from jessica p, hillsdale, nj, usa; May 8, 2001

A: Supersaurus' defenses included its size, tail, and legs.

Q: name some warm and cold blooded dinosaurs?
from Dominique k., college park, gerogia, USA; May 8, 2001

A: No one knows. For a page on this, click here.

Q: Which dinosaurs had plates on their backs?
from Kellen M, Chicago, IL, USA; May 8, 2001

A: Stegosaurus had plates on its back.

Q: Where can I find a time-line of the Mesozic Era?
from Parker H., Wilmington, Ohio, United States of America; May 8, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: my sons assignment from school is to find out what is montana's state dinasour? i have never heard of such a thing? can you help?
from sally j., baker, montana, us; May 8, 2001

A: Montana's state dinosaur is Maiasaura. For information on Maiasaura, click here. For other state dinosaurs, click here.

from T.S, MOBILE, AL, THEODORE; May 8, 2001

A: T. rex has bout 200.

Q: when was the first brachiosaurus fossil found?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 8, 2001

A: Brachiosaurus was first found in the Grand River Valley, in western Colorado, USA, in 1900. For more information on Brachiosaurus, click here.

Q: why does all dinosaurs have to have sharp teeth andlong legs
from Joe R., Lomata,Tx, Texas, usa; May 8, 2001

A: Most dinosaurs had neither sharp teeth nor long legs. Most dinosaurs were plant eaters, and most of these had blunt teeth.

Q: What information do you have on the brontosarus
from Lily May, ?, ?, ?; May 8, 2001

A: Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus. For information on Apatosaurus, click here.

Q: Who discovered the first dinosaur, what was the name of it ?
from Rebekah Honkoski, Chicago Heights, Il., United States; May 8, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: WhAt dinosaurs roamed Chile?
from Troy B, Jefferson, ?, United States; May 8, 2001

A: Antarctosaurus has been found in Chile. For other South American dinosaurs (listed by country), click here.

Q: how much does the T-Rex weigh?
from Meghan P, massena, new york, united states; May 7, 2001

A: Tyrannosaurus rex weighed roughly 5 to 7 tons.

Q: where can I find a chart on the Mesozoic era that tells me stuff about the dominant p[lant life ,and the dominant species, and different things like that?
from josh p, jacksonville, texas, united states; May 7, 2001

A: Click here.

from zach a, dansville, Michigan, US; May 7, 2001

A: Click here a list of the known dinosaur genera.

Q: What dinosaurs lived in what is now the state of Iowa?
from S. Richardson, Kansas City, MO, USA; May 7, 2001

A: None. For a list of dinosaur finds state by state, click here.

Q: Is a pteranodon a true dinosaur?
from Jarrid R, Tumwater, WA, United States; May 7, 2001

A: No, but they were closely related.

from john m., kuna., IDAHO, USA; May 7, 2001

A: Click here for a page on fossil formation.

Q: Where did triceratops have been found?
from TC, Edmonton, Alberta, Cananda; May 7, 2001

A: Triceratops fosisls have been found in western North America (in both Canada and the USA).

Q: what were the biggest events in the mesazioc era???
from ab b, rochester, ny, united state; May 7, 2001

A: During the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs, mammals, birds and flowering plants evolved.

Q: what is the geolical time period between 435 million years ago until 395 million years ago?
from cd, ?, ?, canada; May 7, 2001

A: The Silurian period lasted from about 438 to 408 million years ago. It was followed by the Devonian Period, whichlasted from 408 to 360 million years ago. For a geological time chart, click here.

Q: what does the word "dinosaur"mean?
from mari z, chicago, illinois, united states; May 7, 2001

A: See the faq's above.

Q: What's the name of the dinosaur that has a large crested head, a huge wingspan of 23 feet, a sm body, and a scooplike beak.
from balivia r, ?, ?, ?; May 7, 2001

A: Sounds like Pteranodon, which is a pterosaur (not a dinosaur).

Q: Where can I find the history of the teradactile
from Bryan P., Ama, TX, U.S.A.; May 7, 2001

A: Click here for information on Pterodactyls.

Q: Where can I find info on the Wooly Mamoth
from debbie k, Basalt, Co, U.S.A; May 7, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: What main food does the trannosaurus eat
from colin d., burlington, kentucky, north america; May 7, 2001

A: Fossilized T. rex dung has been found - it contained crushed Triceratops frill, so large plant-eating dinosaurs were certainly included in T. rex's diet.

Q: What is the biggest herbavor dinosaur?
from Barbie Ann a, W.S.M.R., New Mexico, United States; May 7, 2001

A: See the faq's above.

Q: how can you tell if a dinosuar is as male or female?
from Brittany m, morehead, ky, usa; May 7, 2001

A: Just relying on fossils material is it almost impossible. For some dinosaur species, two types of adult fossils have been found, differing in skeletal size, crest size, etc. These different types either represent females and males or are different sub-species (it is not certain).

Q: when did the earth turn into little piccese and why?
from erika s, st pet, fl, duneten; May 6, 2001

A: The supercontinent Pangaea began separating during the late Triassic period. This, however, was not the first time that the Earth's continent's had formed a supercontinent and then drifted apart.

Q: Hi, I am a seventh grade honor student and I am having trouble finding info on stegasurus and diplodicus, and i need some interesting info on these dinosaurs. Could you help me out?
from WJ, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.; May 5, 2001

A: For a page on Stegosaurus, click here. For a page on Diplodocus, click here.

Q: could you please tell me why there was such a large difference in size between the protoceratops and the triceratops.
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 5, 2001

A: No one knows why.

Q: I need info on Brontasaurus
from Marlene O, Garland, Texas, America; May 5, 2001


Q: I need info on Brontasaurus
from Marlene O, Garland, Texas, America; May 5, 2001

A: Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus. For information on Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus, click here.

Q: What did "Eric" the pliosaur eat?
from kylie j., sydney, NSW, Australia; May 4, 2001

A: "Eric" is a 85 percent complete opalized leptocleidine pliosaur (a marine reptile) from the early Cretaceous in Australia (it was named to honor Eric Idle of Monty Python, the television comedy show). Eric the pliosaur was a marine carnivore (meat-eater) that was about 6.5 ft (2 m) long. Fish back bones (and gastroliths) were found in the stomach area of this fossil, so it likely ate small fish, catching them in its crocodile-like jaws..

Q: Is the brontosaurus made of bones from two dinosaurs?
from Michelle C., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA; May 4, 2001

A: Brontosaurus (now Apatosaurus) was originally displayed with the wrong skull. For more information on this early paleontological gaffe, see the entry on Apatosaurus.

Q: who coined the term "dinosaur" in what year?
from Irina T, brooklyn, ny, usa; May 4, 2001

A: See the FAQ above.

Q: what were a few of the dinosaurs that lived in each of the eras?
from night flower, ?, ?, ?; May 4, 2001

A: For dinosaurs listed by period, click here (and then click on the links at the top of that page for the various parts of each period).

Q: What does the word brachiasaurus mean? how smart was the Brachiasaurus? where have brachiasaurus fossils been found? How fast was brachiasaurus? how did a brachiasaurus move?
from nikki e, deerfield, michigan, usa; May 4, 2001

A: For this information on Brachiosaurus, click here.

Q: Can you find me some information about the Terradactyl? I am having trouble finding information. I want to learn about the Terradactyl as much as possible
from Kylie P., Boise, Idaho, North; May 4, 2001

A: For information on Pterodactyls, click here.

Q: What is a herbivore?What is a carnivore?What is the same about them? Please give me an anser soon,because it's my home work for tonight. This is my 1st time using this site,but when I saw this site about Dinosaurs,I thaught it could help me with my homework.I hope it can!
from Alexis Keilly, Novi, MI, United States of America; May 3, 2001

A: An herbivore is an animal that eats plants. A carnivore is an animal that eats other animals (it is a meat eater). There have many similarities - they are both alive and need to eat to survive.

Q: what plants lived in the cretaceous?
from Joe m, Macomb, IL, America; May 3, 2001

A: For a page on Cretaceous period plants, click here.

Q: Facts on Protocerotops
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 3, 2001

A: Click here for a page on Protoceratops.

Q: What kind of dinosaur has horns and eats plants
from k, sprignio, g, gg; May 3, 2001

A: A lot of dinosaurs had horns and ate plants, including Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Pentaceratops, and many other ceratopsians.

Q: How much does a zizhongosaurus weigh?
from zack w, Omaha, NE, U.S.A.; May 3, 2001

A: Zizhongosaurus weighed roughly 4400 kg.

Q: Did any dinosaurs have feathers?
from mike, woodbine, New Jersey, USA; May 3, 2001

A: Yes, the fossilized skin of some theropods (meat-eaters) has been found rto have feathers or protofeathers). For some information, click here.

Q: what does the name Velocirptor mean
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 3, 2001

A: Veliciraptor means "speedy thief." For more information on Velociraptor, click here.

Q: were can i find information on iguanodon
from b.m, miami, fl, ?; May 3, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: at what geological boundary did a major revolution in the evolution of pterosaurs occur? what changes took place in the group ?
from jim b, dallas, texas, usa; May 2, 2001

A: Primitive types of pterosaurs (rhamphorhynchoids) appeared during the Triassic, and died out at the end of the Jurassic period (during a minor extinction that occurred then). More advanced pterosaurs (pterodactyloids) appeared late in the Jurassic period and died out during the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago, during the K-T extinction.

Rhamphorhynchoids had long tails, short necks, and long, narrow wings; these were the first flying vertebrates and probably flapped their wings to fly. Pterodactyloids had shorter tails; most probably flapped their wings to fly, except the larger species.

Q: When did the dinosaurs get Extinct?
from Victoria Lee Davey, Near Swan Hill, Victoria, Woorinen South; May 2, 2001

A: The remaining late Cretaceous dinosaurs mostly went extinct about 65 million years ago.

Q: I would like to know alot more about the Saurapod like a information sheet
from joe d, joeshoe, Rohde Island, U.S.A; May 2, 2001

A: The sauropods were a large group of plant-eating dinosaurs. For a page on sauropdods, click here.

Q: What time period did the ankylosaurus live in?
from Leaah W., ?, ?, ?; May 2, 2001

A: Ankylosaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 70-65 million years ago.

Q: How did spinosaurus defend itself?
from jarrod h, ashland, oregon, u.s; May 2, 2001

A: Spinosaurus had long, sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and clawed limbs.

Q: What animals use camouflage for protection.
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 2, 2001

A: Many, many animals use camouflage. For a page on some of them, click here.

Q: What is the scientific name for Triceratops?
from Amy R., Garland, Texas, United States; May 2, 2001

A: Dinosaurs are commonly known by their scientific name (generally their genus). Triceratops' genus is Triceratops; there are many species, including T. horridus.

Q: What did the dinosaur a Dilophasaurus eat, what was it's diet, discription,and locomoion.
from Nanci D., Fountain, Colorado, U.S.A.; May 2, 2001

A: For information on Dilophosaurus, click here.

Q: What kind of land forms were forming in the Jurrasic period?
from Carissa B., Ft.Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.; May 2, 2001

A: During the Jurassic, the supercontinent Pangaea was breaking up, forming a northern continent (called Laurasia) and southern continent (called Gondwanaland or Gondwana) separated by a shallow sea (called the Tethys Sea).

Q: i am looking for information on dromiceiomimus
from dana s, philadelphia, pa, U.S.; May 2, 2001

A: Click here.

Q: What was the fastest dinosaur.
from Brandon R., Manteca, Californa, USA; May 1, 2001

A: The fastest dinosaurs were the long legged (especially long calved), light-weight, hollow-boned, ostrich-like dinosaurs like the ornithomimicd (which included Ornithomimus, Gallimimus, and Dromiceiomimus).

Q: Do raptors, a bird like dinosaur, attack from the sides? This was shown in the movie "Jurassic Park" and I was wondering if it was true.
from Susan C, Hometown, IL, USA; May 1, 2001

A: I don't think that anyone knows this. The movie Jurassic Park was great fun but was not very accurate in its dinosaur facts.

Q: What about the other famous fossils from Liaoning? Can they be false aswell like archaeoraptor?
from Marty R., Budapest, Pest, Hungary; May 1, 2001

A: I sure hope not. I'm sure that they have been checked and double checked since the Archaeoraptor fiasco.

Q: where can I find what habitat do some dinosarus live in
from fff, fff, ff, fff; May 1, 2001

A: I don't know. The habitat that a dinosaur lived in is usually hard to surmise. Unless a lot of other organisms are found nearby, you can only guess (and even then, it isn't certain).

Q: what is a name for a dinosaur that starts with a Z
from Nicole A., Bonham TX, Texas, U.S.A; May 1, 2001

A: Zapsalis, Zephyrosaurus, Zigongosaurus, Zizhongosaurus, and Zuniceratops.

Q: Where was T.rex found
from Prithvi N., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaina, U.S.A; May 1, 2001

A: T. rex fossils have been found in western North America and in Mongolia. For more information , clicik here.

Q: What was the climate like in the Quaternary age?
from Jenn T., Rochester, ny, us; May 1, 2001

A: The Quaternary Period is the period of geologic time from 1.8 million years ago until now. The weather was has varied from ice ages to our current climate.

Q: wnat do dinsaurs eat
from samantha brass, glasgow, province, scotland; May 1, 2001

A: Most were plant-eaters, others were meat-eaters (and a few are noth plants and meat). For a page on dinosaur diets, click here.

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