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The Iditarod
More Cloze Activities
Iditarod Dog Sled Race:Cloze Activity
Fill in the blanks below using words from the word bank.
Word Bank:

The Iditarod is a dog _______________________________ race that takes place every _______________________________ in Alaska. It is sometimes called the "Last Great Race." The race is over 1,150 _______________________________ along the Iditarod _______________________________ from Anchorage to Nome. The race takes about 10 _______________________________ to complete. Hardy sled dogs pull the sled and musher (the name for the human _______________________________ the sled) across frozen rivers, barren tundra, and steep mountains. Alaskan malamutes and Siberian _______________________________ are two types of sled _______________________________.

The first Iditarod _______________________________ was run in 1973, on the 100th anniversary of the purchase of _______________________________ by the USA from Russia. The race commemorates the "Great Race of Mercy," a real race against time to save lives threatened by _______________________________.

In February _______________________________, a diphtheria epidemic threatened the isolated city of Nome, Alaska (diphtheria is a contagious and potentially _______________________________ disease that is now rare because of childhood _____________________________________). The lives of many children in Nome were threatened by this terrible disease, especially the native Inuit children, who had no previous contact with diphtheria, and therefore, no immunity to the disease. The only way available to save the children was to transport the medicine 674 miles across land from Nenana to Nome, using dog sleds. Twenty teams of mushers and over 100 dogs delivered the _______________________________ in about 5 1/2 days. The lead dog of the final team of dogs was Balto, who became quite _______________________________; the lead dog of the team that braved the toughest and longest part of the journey was called Togo.

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