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Enchanted Learning Software's
Butterfly Wand
More Kinder Crafts

This is a great craft to do at a children's party. Before the party, glue all the pipe cleaners to popsicle sticks. The children can do everything else themselves during the party.

For each butterfly you will need:

Put glue on popsicle stick.

Attach the pipe cleaner.
Have an adult glue a pipe cleaner to a popsicle stick. Hot glue is the easiest way to do this. Let the glue cool off for a few minutes while the children decorate the wings.
Open up a cone-shaped coffee filter at the seam. Decorate the coffee filter with markers or crayons. Decorations in the very middle will be crumpled, so concentrate on the outer parts.
Attach the paper to the popsicle stick with the pipe cleaner. Bend the ends to form antennae.

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