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Litter Bug

More Kinder Crafts

Make a litter bug for Earth Day. This easy craft is made from an egg carton section and junk. This project is not only inexpensive, but is also excellent for encouraging creativity. Children have to find or change items to resemble eyes, ears, a mouth, hair, legs, etc. (Go back to main version.)

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970.

Supplies needed:
  • A segment of a paper egg carton
  • Glue
  • Junk, recycling material, twigs, and other found objects, like plastic lids, bottle caps, packing material, etc.
Use a single segment of an egg carton for the litter bug's body.

Use discarded objects to make eyes, mouth, legs, hair, and other body parts. Glue them to the egg carton segment.

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