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May 31, 2001 ?
Amy Wong, Beijing, China, China

May 30, 2001 This site is fantastic for my kids it keeps them happy and entertained for hours
Sandra Malone, Dublin, ?, Ireland

May 30, 2001 Hello! I found this site when I was looking at craft ideas for my son. It was very helpful and informative. This is a wonderful site for kids and grown-ups. Everybody should check it out.
Jeanne Cubic, Heidelberg, PA, United States

May 28, 2001 Hello from Austria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felix, Graz, Steiermark, Austria

May 27, 2001 Cool`
Rebecca, Silverdale, ?, PA

May 24, 2001 Guten tag!I can say many things in German, I just can't spell them(Ex I believe I've lost my overshoes,this is my friend Mrs.Smith, & the cat is black) I think that this site is wonderful. Have a lovely day!
Kaitlyn, ?, ?, ?

Yeah, the smartest dinosaur is probably a parrot or bird of prey. Unless non-avian dinosaur brains were very efficient (i.e., birds have more primitive brains than other dinosaurs). There is no way to measure dinosaur intelligence without having a live one.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 23, 2001

May 23, 2001 This is my first look at the web site and I am very impressed with the resources offered. It will make summer learning a lot easier for my son as well as preparing my other son for kindergarten. Thanks for the help. Keep up the great work!
Sandra Washington,

May 23, 2001 I just discovered your website on a iwon.com search. I think it is a very nice thing for you to do. I am an adult trying to learn Spanish. I am going to see if I can obtain Little Explorers in print form. Praise to the Lord!
Ron Smith, Hemet, CA, USA

Sorry, we do not have a printed version of Little Explorers availble. JC

Shrewsbury, ?, U.S

May 23, 2001 Hi!!! i'm Andrea. I just was browsing and decided to say hi! so,hi Andrea
Andrea, Watertowm, Wisconsin, United States of America

May 21, 2001 I think you should add Alaska,Kechacan
Jared, newportnews, virgina, U.S.A.

May 21, 2001 I use this website a lot at school. I really like the animal pictures.
Joshua, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, UK

May 21, 2001 nice.thanks pankaj
pankaj, Dhaka, x x x, BANGLADESH

May 17, 2001 wow this is easy to read / fun to use/ and all in all fantasticly fun
Breeann, Coos Bay, ?, USA

May 17, 2001 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! Your web-site is the Best! My children and I really enjoy and love all the fun and educational material you have introduced into our lives.Fantastic people like you, make me wish I were a child again!
Lorraine Salazar, Los Angeles, California, ?

Amy Wong, ?, ?, ?

May 17, 2001 AAA... I am here to adress an isue dude! Our teacher said we have to go onto theese programs man, and I found out that there were no good things for teens to 12 year olds to view! Can we please man, put somethin' on to look at or colour! PLEASE! Cool Dude.
Cool Dude, Bejing, ?, China

May 13, 2001 ?
tony r., elyria, oh, lorainMay 11, 2001 I just find your web site and I think it is a very good site. I like it very much.
Titin, Jakarta, ?, Indonesia

May 11, 2001 I just find your web site and I think it is a very good site. I like it very much.
Titin, Jakarta, ?, Indonesia


May 9, 2001 ?
chelsea, hopewell, ?, V.A

May 9, 2001 ?
Rachel, Richmond, VA, USA

May 7, 2001 This is a great resource for projects and things!! THANK YOU!!
Gen, London, Ontario, Canada

May 7, 2001 I found this site and it is great. I'm using it for my grandson who is very interested in learning. Please continue and add more things for kids.
Janet Patee, Mineral Wells, TX, USA

May 6, 2001 this is soo cute haha my mom found it and told me about it....i love it hehe
Stephanie, federal way, wa, usa

May 3, 2001 I just found you, thank Pete!! made my boys a "dino Alphabet book" and they are trilled. Great for quiet time before bed. Thank you
Kim Janjic Hirst (mama), Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

May 3, 2001 I'm using little explorers with 3rd grade sp.ed. resource students. I use the fiind it! in L. E. print-out pages and they read the questions and search for the answer in L. E. They also do more searches on things they are interested about. It's been great. Some things get printed and taken back to their home classes for sharing.
sandra j, new braunfels, tx, usa

May 2, 2001 You guys over did it. This sight is BOMB especially for my little brother who's 11. Well we're Hispanics and my lil bro's forgetting his Spanish while still needing help on his english vocab. This sight was just what he needed. Thanx yall.
Eagro, Novato, ?, USA

May 1, 2001 i think this site should be for ages 2-6 :)
?, ?, ?, ?

April 30, 2001 I really like the website yahooligans!
Stephanie, Holland, Michigan, United States

April 29, 2001 I want to learn how to read and write in spanish. I need to know where i could go, on the web for spanish dictionary words.. Christophere P.
Christopher P., San Antonio, Tx, Bexar

April 27, 2001 Iloved Little Exprorers. It's very,very,very good!!!! BES WISHES! JURACI
Juraci Lima, Santo André, São Paulo, Brasil

April 26, 2001 It's so much fun to take a quiz and learn other [email protected]@ 8
Ashley, normal, illinois, usa

April 26, 2001 i love you site because ....IT"S FUN!
Carley, ispeming, MI, U.S.A

April 25, 2001 i love ur website. i find all my info for projrcts. you even helped me on a major project. thank you again. i get lots of pictures for my stuff.
kelsey, middletown, rhode island, usa

April 25, 2001 GREAT SITE
NISHA, FL, ?, ?

April 24, 2001 I enjoy this extremely educational and fun site both for my own children (age 21 months,3 1/2 years and 7 years) and for the children that I provide childcare for.
Caroline, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

April 22, 2001 I enjoy this site because i am taking you abc letters and your nersery rhymes and helping my brother and sister put together their first book that they made and you web site helps me teach them about diffrent things in this word. Oh, and you coloring animal pages and information really helped me get and A+ on all my pages, I am in 6th grade, for my abc book on Africa. I enjoy this web site. I gave it to all my friends and they continue to use it and i will always continue to use it allthrouh out my life to help my sister and brothers.
Jennifer, Olathe, Kansas, US

April 20, 2001 I received an A on my report because of this website. Thanks!!!
Lexi, Baltimore, Maryland, ?, U.S.

April 20, 2001 I am learning french in first grade. I want to learn more.
ashley, johnson city, tn, united states

April 19, 2001 Great! I found everything I needed!
~~~~~~, Victoria, B.C., Canada

April 19, 2001 Hi I love the page. It was recommended to me by another German lady. I am definitely going to add it to my new links list http://home.nexgo.de/ktdykes/lingo-links.htm which I am putting together for bilingual and multilingual families. Hope that's o.k. with you.
Karin, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

April 18, 2001 We had lots of fun learning new French words. The pictures helped a lot. Thank you :) -Mrs. Kreb's Class
westside elementary school french class (grade 4), Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

April 18, 2001 your web site is a great place for me to study my french
Kendra, Baltimore, ?, USA

April 16, 2001 Nice site. Well done! I would like to see one Spanish to English
Judy Tackett, Columbus Oh, ?, USA

April 15, 2001 this site is very educative.
harshada, mumbai, maharashtra, india

April 15, 2001 This is very useful site,Congatulation
Subhani, Abu Dhabi, ?, United Arab Emirates

April 14, 2001 I love your books! My 2 year old grandson and I sit at the computer and really have an absolutely wonderful time reading your books! It's quality time together and we thank you! I happened upon your Fun with Numbers book and am looking forward to purchasing the others.
Cheryl D-G, Kansas City, Missouri, USA


April 8, 2001 I tried unsuccessfully to use your french-english picture dictionary. When I clicked to the french-english option, no letters of the alphabet appear on the top of the screen.
Mary Ann Samuelson, Batavia, New York, ?

Hi, It works from here. Try clicking here.

April 5, 2001 Very,cool website
kait, ?, ?, canada

April 5, 2001 Its the best website for projects.but you should try others.
Sarah, Victoria, ?, B.C.

April 4, 2001 As a ESL teacher at the elementary level, if site is fun for the teacher and kids. Its a great help.
Donna, Hunsville, Al, USA

April 4, 2001 I love your site! I use it for many different projects with many different students from kindergarten through sixth grade! I can count on your site to have something for everyone and everything!
Mrs. Kent, Hayden, Indiana, USA

April 3, 2001 I just love this site.It makes teaching computer to the lower grades easier. Thanks Melita
Melita Monnig, Salisbury, Missouri, USA

April 2, 2001 hey peeps this site is way awesome it helps me with my french a lot i wish i knew abut this sooner luv ya hn bye.
vikki, whateva, whateva, whateva

April 2, 2001 i love to learn french.i'm half french and half german.
olivia, haslett, michagan, north america

April 2, 2001 I am learning alot of diffrent langueges here. I enjoy this site alot and I will come back often.
Jennie, Canton, Michigan, Unided States

April 1, 2001 I loved Little Explores. It's soo fun!
Haven, Sylmar, California, America

April 1, 2001

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