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July 31, 2001 i cant find spanish words on this web site and i cant find them any where
melony, bedford, nh, usa

For an English-Spanish picture dictionary, click here.

July 31, 2001 I was given this web address last September, and was too busy to use it. It is an excellent place for students and educators to visit. Shame on me for witing so long. Now I have made this address available to everyone that I know. Children and adults alike!
Robin Chinn, Pontiac, Michigan, Oakland

Thank you so much! Best wishes, JC

July 27, 2001 I am a kindergarten teacher and I really like your website. I plan to use it with my students. I am taking an internet literacy course, and I am going to tell my class members about your wonderful site. Many of them are teachers, too and I am sure they will like your site.
Karen Clark, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

July 27, 2001 I'm a teacher and this is one of the best websites I've come across yet for worthwhile classroom activities. Thank you so much!
Harriet St.Amant, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

July 24, 2001 Thanks for your website. I am 44 and just started taking Portuguese lessons and your website really helps. Now do something with verbs. Por favor
?, cerritos, california, usa

July 11, 2001 What a wonderful learning experience!!1 Fabulous web site. A must for all ages. Thank you so much.
James, Ocala, Fl., U S A

July 10, 2001 Hallo I like this web site because I can be better at my German. I love German. I think this is the best web site I'v ever been on. It is a fantastic web site. My favourite colours are blau und lila und rosa. I lern German at school. My German teacher is fraun valli.
Eliza, Perth, ?, Australia

July 10, 2001 I like bats
Jensen, Ft Walton Beach, FL, USA

July 9, 2001 ''Would you like to eat breakfast before I leave?'' said Adam J.'s mother. ''Yes,'' said Adam J.,''I would like some breakfast.Of course I can watch Veggie Tales while you are gone.'' ''All right'' said his mother,''But you are not coming with me.'' Ok,I'll stay here.'' said Adam J..So,he stayed with his father.''Where is Mom?'' said Adam J..''She went to teach her lession.'' said his father.The end.
Montana, Mayport, Florida, US America

July 8, 2001 many thanks to enchanted learning! what a wonderful site for learning! i found so many things for my children to keep busy with while traveling on summer vacation. i intend to spread the word to all my friends with children and my children's teachers in the fall! ----thanks again!
grateful mom, oneida, ny, usa

July 7, 2001 Ola'! This is a great way for me to practice reading portuguese! Muito Obrigada! -Love Lina
Lina, ?, MA, USA, Baby!!

July 5, 2001 This site is very neat. I like your idea. I'll let everyone know how much I like this site.
Serena, Manassas, Virginia, U.S.A

July 5, 2001 HI
katrina, newton, kansas, u.s.a.

July 2, 2001 ?
jeannette, leavenworth, Kansas, usa

July 1, 2001 *****~~~~~~~~~~ HEY NICE WEB SITE KEEP IT UP *******~~~~~~~~******

June 28, 2001 hi
MELINDA, afton, NY, United States

June 26, 2001 Just found your site through Inventors and Inventions. Get into so many discussions about who invented what. Unless you know the who, you usually can't find out who by knowing what. Forwarded to my daughter (teacher w/child). Great site!
Ray Cornell, Orlando, Florida, USA

June 24, 2001 I love this web site. But i wish you could put Italian instead of portuguese!! So please put Italian instead of portuguese!!
Cassy, Middletown, New York, New York

June 21, 2001 Good web page no improvements needed.
Corey, East Hampsted, NH, ?, USA

June 21, 2001 This is an amazing web site it has helped me alot while I learned how to speak portuguese. Thank you so very much!!
Jillian, Rockland, Massachusettes, U.S.

June 19, 2001 this websites so good its helped alot of people i know and im going to france soon and its really helped me an my older brother Rick thaks so much from Donna
Donna, Sydney, N.S.W, Australia

June 18, 2001 I like this website because you can look up good thigs and they tell you about them
Manny, A, Mississppi, ?

June 15, 2001 I'm going to Germany this summer with my Marching Band, and I found this site really usefull!!.
Jocelyn, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

June 15, 2001 This is a wonderful sight to get kids started on
Toni Bennett, Chiago, ?, U.S.A.

June 15, 2001 Hi
Bill, Chas, WV, USA


June 14, 2001 Your site is awesome! My students, as well as myself, will benefit from it. Thanks for such a great site!
Rebecca, ?, TN, USA

June 14, 2001 Thanks for letting me view your site!!!!!!!
Jessica, New Hope, U.S.A, America

June 11, 2001 love the site.so nice for learning.very nice site for me.it is also entertaining.
olivia, haslett, michigin, united states of america SIZE="+1">June 8, 2001
Your the best learning web sight ever!!! My teacher , Mrs. Bocksnick, Told me about this websight. Thank You teacher!!!!
shelbylyn, Columbia Falls, ?, usa

June 8, 2001 I think it is great the way I can come and look on the net for anything to help with my teaching. Thanks a lot!!
Wendy, Auckland, ?, New Zealand

June 7, 2001 thank you very much for making this site.It was very useful to me in my projects. I like[this site]alot.
Sola, ?, ?, Kenya

June 7, 2001 Kool site!
~*~Magz~*~, Fredericton, N.B., Canada

June 7, 2001 hi
Megan, Fredericton, ?, Canada

June 7, 2001 About cats
Brandi, Buttler, Kentucky, USA

June 7, 2001 Hi, My name is Caitlin G. I like this program!!!! It is cool if only it were possible to find the colouring section easyer than it is to find it now. PLEASE can you make it easyer!!!!!!!!!!!! thank You very much ,. Caitlin from CANADA
Caitlin G., Hamilton, ?, Canada

June 4, 2001 i really injoy this website it teaches you so much and it really helps me to understand french better and also helps with my homework!i will use this website often to help me with my french!
Emily, Laramie, Wyoming, united states

June 3, 2001 Just found your Spanish lesson. I like it a lot and will come back to it often. Have it bookmarked
Alice Javner, West St Paul Mn, ?, U S A

June 3, 2001 Your web site is very well put together. I always let my 12 childeren go to your web site. Thank You.
Aracely Dumass, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of Amreica

June 3, 2001 it is a very entertaing and educational site.
btarjeet, delhi, ?, india

June 2, 2001 The astronomy part of the website is cool!I've already printed a story about planets.
Amanda, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America

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