Enchanted Learning's Guest Book: Early December 2002

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December 14, 2002 I LOVE THIS WEBSITE ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lailah, Rockville, MD, US

December 14, 2002 This site is the best, it's great fun and it also heped me to pass my maths test!thankyou to whoever created this site!I will visit this site again!Whoever doesn't like this site is WRONG! Bye for now Kirsty, 11, Glasgow
Kirsty, Glasgow, Croftfoot, Scotland

December 14, 2002 I think this site is really good, especially if you are looking for christmas or any other activities.I hope everyone elsse like it as much as i do!
Kirsty, Glasgow, Castlemilk, Scotland

December 14, 2002 your site is very helpful to me. Our class is studying explorers that came to america and we need maps and stuff for a project. You guys are the best!!!!!~~~~~~Thank You~~~~~~
Keiko, Tokyo, ?, Japan

December 14, 2002 I liked your book. It is very helpful
Trisha, Birch Run, Michigan, USA

December 13, 2002 I want math pages
Hannah, Iowa city Iowa, Iowa, Janson

For some math pages, click here.
December 13, 2002 My cousin and me really injoy all that you have!He is in kindergarten.
samantha, mt. airy, ga., ?

December 13, 2002 I just discovered your web site. I teach beginner English to 245 4th and 5th graders in rural south eastern France. I have to create my own curriculum, so I will be back again. Thank you for this valuable resource. Paul
Paul van den Berg, Anglefort, ?, France

December 11, 2002 It is really great and fun!!!!! It helps me a lot when I want to find some useful materials for teaching my children. However, there is no chinese (traditional) language for me to change within your website. By the way, it is a goooooooood website for which I will visit again!
Sandra TANG, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong SAR

December 11, 2002 This web site is the best!!!! I love spanish!!! It is the best! English is ok. I guess!!!!! this thing rocks!~!!
Alica, I cant spell it, I cant spell it, Paris

December 11, 2002 Um......I don't know what am I supposed to say this is an educational sight and all I have to say is MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! BUH BYE!
DadMOmGoalsg, I don't know sry, no clue sry?, No clue?

December 10, 2002 I found your website through a local magazine we have here. It is a constant source of information for me. I have a 5yr old and a 1yr old. The older one finds it boring during the school holidays. All I have to do is click onto your website and there will be some kind of activity which he is interested in and we print it out and get started. I really like your website. Thank you very much for helping us non-working mothers, create a interesting time with the kids.
Sharon Fong, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

December 10, 2002 I found the site most helpful as I worked through a dictionary lesson with a group of Primary students. They loved looking up words and seeing the illustrations. Very good!
Christine Bunn, Macon, ga, usa

December 9, 2002 Would like to see more of this site. Thanks
Gail, Milwaukee, Wi, USA

December 9, 2002 i really enjoy this website, it helps me learn a lot about spanish and english. well i really want to say thanks to the person who created this website. bye!
chai s., richmond, california, united states of america

December 9, 2002 Thank you! I am homeschooling my 11 year old and this has been a wonderful site, very useful. I especially like the printouts on foreign languages. !Gracias!
Larinda, ?, Oklahoma, USA

December 9, 2002 It`s very good and fun and helps me to learn spanish.
Ruzica, Skopje, ?, Macedonia

December 8, 2002 awsome net work for my freinds and family.....
maurisa, champlin, minnisota, u.s.a

December 8, 2002 J'aime l'enseignement à domicile ... and I find e-learning is very cool. So I can learn English with great pleasure.
adrien, brussels, ?, belgium

December 6, 2002 This site is awesome to get info for reports and lots of other stuff!!!
Brandi, Honaker, Virginia, USA

December 6, 2002 I think your website is great for helping kids with school!!!
Matthew, Cheektowaga, New York, United States Of America

December 6, 2002 we can get good idea's for are class
margaret, cedar rapids, iowa, usa

December 5, 2002 cool
?, ?, ?, ?

December 5, 2002 this site is wonderful and it cool and its safe and it is for all ages
kieley, minerva, ohio, usa

December 5, 2002 hey!!! i really loved this sight and i wish i could stay longer but i have to go back to china soon so i have to go pack and i just wanted to say that this was the best sight i was ever in!!!!!!( i've only been in one so far!!!!)
jacquelyn dixon, hamilton, ?, canada

December 4, 2002 I like this program because it help me a lot of thing and i want to thank who ever made this program that's all.
miguel, bakerfild, ?, californa

December 3, 2002 this site is the best because of homework helper! and it is good a crafts with steps i like to make things
luciana, vancouver, bc, canada

December 3, 2002 This web site rocks!!!!!thank you 4 makin this website....
Yvonne, Flanders, New Jersey, usa

December 3, 2002 I will luv to learn the language on Germany.
Quintarisha, Gulfport,Ms, ?, Gulfport

December 1, 2002 I LOVE this site! I teach Spanish from Pre-K to high school, and I find activities to use and adapt for all ages. It's amazing that even my high school students like labeling pictures! *LOL* I recommend this site to every teacher I know! It also makes a good site for learning and having fun at home! My friend uses it to teach her daughter Spanish and French (with my help) at home!
Melissa McG., Nacogdoches/Apple Springs, Texas, USA

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