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January 31, 2005 I loved it. It is really interesting. THank you
Sydney, pella, iowa, North America

January 30, 2005 it is a exallent web thankx for it
krista, newyorknewyork, ny, usa

January 30, 2005 i've just managed to subscribe! i had tried many times before but it had never worked?! I love your site it is so helpful and interesting.Living in Europe I would be interested in having for european countries what you do for American States: an outline map of the country with the main features( capital, mountains, rivers, bording countries etc...). If I may suggest some countries: romania, the Czek republic to begin with. Thank you
Claude, Douvres, Normandy, france

January 28, 2005 Waz up Hommie? This site is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!
Samantha, Overland Park, Kansas, United States

January 27, 2005 i love this site it is so rrrraaaddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like surfing this site
taylor, houston, texas, united states

January 26, 2005 My French teacher Miss Vanderweyede copies all of our books from this site. Rating: ****
Liam, Chenango, New York, United States of America

January 25, 2005 This is a great site!! I have used this so much for homeschooling! Thanks
?, ?, ?, ?

January 25, 2005 I teach English as a second language to French students and my students really enjoy your 'label me in English' pages. Could we have some more please? Thanks a lot for this web site. It has given me lots of ideas for beginning students.
Judy H.A., Valbonne, ?, France

January 24, 2005 i love this site its reall really cool thats for making it homie dowg but i got to go so i'll talk to you later dued.....Cya
Hayley, senca falls, hey, new your

January 21, 2005 I love this site, it is great , and it help me pass my test. Whoever didney like this website is PURE STUPID ! ! ! ! !
Kirsten, Glasgow, ?, Scotland

January 23, 2005 i love this book. it is wery good for my kids. thank-yuo
Reesha, ?, u.s.a, ?

January 19, 2005 I'm an American in Taiwan teaching ESL to all age groups. I just discovered your site and I want to say Thank You! It's great. I love your picture dictionary with links for more details, your graphic organizers and I really appreciate your not asking for money here and there. I will certainly tell my ESL friends about your site. Thanks again, Kim Angevine
Kim Angevine, Taipei, ?, Taiwan

January 19, 2005 Hey Nice website. i really enjoy it. it helps me out in school. i'm taking french as a high school class. i visit this site like everyday. thanks for all the help
Alicia, Havana, Illinois, Mason

January 19, 2005 As a homeschool mom of two elementary students I have found such wonderful information to supplement our studies. I especially love the solar system printouts which the kids use to create their own notebook for the solar system and the earth. I love your listing of additional websites for further information. AWESOME!! Thank you!!
Carrie, ?, Alabama, ?

January 18, 2005 I just love everything here - Enchanted Learning is such a wonderful educational site for myself and my children. I use it everyday to help assist our family with our daily home schooling academics and then some! Not only do my children learn but there are things that I have learned as well I wish there was a sister site for older kids (upper middle school aged or high schoolers)
Brendalee, Woonsocket, RI, United States

January 16, 2005 Great information to use any time.Thanks
Ami, Mckeesport, PA, USA

January 13, 2005 very good web page it is very usful for my job as a primary school teacher the kids loe all the stuff i get off it
benjamin webley, bristol, hartcliffe, england

January 12, 2005 love all this information i can have at my fingertips.....thanks
michele, linden, new jersey, usa

January 11, 2005 I like very much the nice pictures and learn alott about it thank You
claudio stolarski, beit shean, ?, israel

January 9, 2005 I loved your wonderful site. My class uses a lot of printables from your site
Jayne, Geneva, ?, Switzerland

January 6, 2005 I loved your site. It helped me on my Oklahoma state report. I look foward to using your site again for other reports! Rating: ****
Savannah H. age 10, Coquille, Oregon, United States of America

January 5, 2005 I like the website
kassandra, New York Mills, Minnesota, usa

January 4, 2005 A really useful website, I have used many of your freebie worksheets, I look forward to becoming a member as your website has a lot more to offer, well done and thanks.
Anna Birch, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England

January 4, 2005 you guys r soooooo cool
maria, ?, ?, ?

January 3, 2005 ?
dianna b., Piqua, Oh, ?

January 2, 2005 ?
jonny f., boston, mass., usa

January 1, 2005 Wow! What a great site. Keep up the good work. We're depending on you.
The Skipper, Inwood, West Virginia, USA

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