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September 30, 2001 very helpful website
David, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

September 29, 2001 This is a great site. Besides school work I found a lot of info to use with my Cub Scout Den.
Margaret Brulotte, West Babylon, ?, USA

September 28, 2001 xty
sharksharma, cupitno, c, milptas

September 26, 2001 I like this website i learn so thank you for haveing this website.
SAMMY J, Laredo, Texas, USA

September 25, 2001 Hi! I really like your site. It is wonderful! I just happened to stumble upon it while I was looking for a site to help my little brother learn German. I wish I had found this site when I had first started learning German.
Kim, Fenelton, PA, U.S.A.

September 25, 2001 Hi, I have visited the English-Spanish dictionary and all the time I imagined how nice it would be to have a Serbian dictionary too. However I noticed that for several words I did not know the meaning until I visited the links provided (tongue-twisters for example). Therefore I think links should be provided for all words. Several English words have double meanings in our language so it would be somehow necessary to distinguish between them in the dictionary (I am sure that is similar in other languages). I also think dictionary should be enlarged with more words. However the whole idea of dictionary was very positive. I am looking forward to English-Serbian dictionary. Bye Zheljko
Zheljko Stanimirovic, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
We're adding links all the time, but they take time. Unfortunately, none of us here speaks Serbian. JC

September 25, 2001 i have always wanted to learn spanish i am 47 years old and can get by with hello and how are you but thats it i would like to learn more i think the spanish language is so beautiful i would like to communicate with the spanish speaking community

thank you darlene price
darlene l price, laporte, indiana, u.s.a.

September 24, 2001 I really like this site it is really cool I like making crafts and there are heaps of ideas in here.
Aleisha, Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

September 24, 2001 hello,

great page!!!!!! Why isn´t there an Dutch version???? That really would be great!!!

Thanx a lot for all the good things on your site!!!

Grtz Vera
vera, breda, ?, holland
Unfortunately, none of us here speaks Dutch. JC

September 22, 2001 This is the best website I have seen so far for French and English and Spanish. You have done well. I am studying french in france right now. I sometimes need helpful reminders and hints. It's great! This website is truly interessant! Bien! Bon! A tout a 'loure!
Erin, Lemont, IL., US

September 22, 2001 Hi!!!I think this is a good side for learning English! it's really nice here :-))).Now I want to say ths. about the Terror in America: I can't understand,how people can do this!It's terrible! See you! Anne
Annemarie, Torgau, Torgau, Germany

September 21, 2001 Thanks a lot for sucha lovely and useful site,which helps me a lot at my work not only with c¨hildren but also adults
Jirina Jedlickova, Hradec Kralove, Czech republic, Czech republic

September 17, 2001 i real love this sit
sophie, berkshir, ?, maidenhead

September 11, 2001 I think your website is good for kids to learn about languages. I think that there should be a picture dictionary for all the languages with both numbers and words. Also I think that there should be a number dictionary for Spanish as well as French beacuse when I went to go to see the spanish numbers I couldn't find any and if there is any could you make it more clearer. Thanks!
Rebecca, Colchester, Essex, England

If you go the English-Spanish dictionary and click on the entry for numbers (listed under "N", you will go to a section on the numbers 1 to 12 in Spanish.

September 9, 2001 hey people this is a great group to be in
Kirsten, northfield, ?, usa

I find many of Horner's arguements for T.Rex being solely a scavenger are just plain absurd. HELLO! There's already been confirmed evidence of tyrannosaur predation, in the form of an unsuccessful edmontosaur attack. Sheesh. There are simply too many holes in Horner's arguements that cannot be ignored. I whole-heartedly accept a scavenger Rex...but not entirely so. I believe it would fulfill the niche of both predator and scavenger depending on the situation. If there is 6 tons of meat lying around, of course the T.Rex will gorge itself on it.
from Darius, age ?, ?, ?, ?; September 7, 2001

September 4, 2001 :>)
Amanda, Burleson, Texas, USA

August 29, 2001 Me and my son was working on an alphabet book for school and we were stuck on the letter u,v,w,x,z. We came across this site and it helped us alot. Thanks!
lynn mcclellan, ocoee, florida, america

August 29, 2001 THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! My 7 year old is loving mommy coming home with cool stuff.
Sandy, Monroe, North Carolina, USA

August 28, 2001 i have been lookin through alot of topics on this site i think it is very interesting but, i am looking for one certain thing and could not seem to find it i hope that u can help me i have a test tomorrow in school and i have a few different catagories such as animal, insect, bird, and fish i need to know what a Grow is it is listed under one of these topics please help me
shawna m., omar, wv, united states

I've never heard of a grow (as a noun) - perhaps it was just a typo for crow.

August 28, 2001 I am six and 3/4 years old. I am in the second grade. My mommy found this dictionary on the internet and I looked for my words for my homework. You did not have the words value and critical. I will be back again. I have to find my words for tomorrow.
Braxton, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.

August 27, 2001 we use this site in school and i was glad to find that my grandma can find it on her webtv. thanks for all the dinosaur information.
michael, millsboro, delaware, usa

August 24, 2001 I enjoy your site w/ my 5 yr. old son. He likes the planets, the human body & geography now. And there's plenty for us to use from your site. The CD, Busy Little Brains is excellent. Thanks, Verna
verna crawford, Seguin,, TX, USA

August 21, 2001 This is really great! It helps a lot!!! Keep up!
Michel, ?, Texas, USA

August 22, 2001 I am a senior student at our State University and I am currently into my Practice Teaching as a requirement in my course. I teach 4 and 5 year olds and my class is into Dinosaurs. I found your website to be very helpful because we do not have many books for reference here and if ever we do happen to find some, they are too expensive or they are not for the preschool level. I should my the other student teachers and even my cooperating teacher your site and they were delighted! We hope you will come up with more activity pages for the preschool levels because it would help us so much! This is a wonderful site, keep up the good work :)
Aisa Lecciones, Pasig, Manila, Philippines

August 20, 2001 great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyber Girl, Boulder, Western Australia, Australia

August 20, 2001 I thought the book was verry interresting
ashlie~, new mexico, isleta, los lunas

August 17, 2001 HI, your English-German page is so good that I almost forwarded it to my fiancé to speed up his learning of German! But why don't you have the artilces (le and la) on the English-French section?
Susan, Osnabrück, ?, Germany

August 17, 2001 Your site should have something that shows how to prononce each word in The lauguage your site is teaching
Ashley, Miramar, Florida, Broward County

August 9, 2001 I just discovered your site today. I am having a ball finding all the links. My classroom will be internet-accessed this year. I am looking forward to showing the class how to find your site.
Sarah Henold, Detroit, Michigan, USA

August 8, 2001 You are really GOOD!
Slaven, ?, ?, Germany

August 6, 2001 this site is tres bien, very good ideed
lizzy, ?, ?, united kingdom

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