Enchanted Learning's Guest Book: Early November 2002

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November 15, 2002 I love this site. I'm learning french at my school.I suprise my teacher when I know words before the lesson.
Kiara, Opelousas, Louisiana, United States of America

November 15, 2002 I am a great fan of this website, and I love Japan!I think that Japan, especially Tokyo, is a great place.I would love to live there.
Erin, Newport, NH, America

November 15, 2002 Hey just wanted to say all my hello's to everyone in the world. I enjoy looking at the cool stuff on this web site. I hope everyone else will like this web site like I do. Have a great year and be easy. Baby Gyrl
Baby Gyrl, Harrisburg, ?, Penn.

November 14, 2002 Thank you so much for this site. Tomorrow I will able to teach my class lots of things about my birth place, Sao Paulo/BRAZIL. They can not wait!
Mrs. Pereira, Corona, New York, USA

November 14, 2002 ?
kate, houston, Texas, United states

November 14, 2002 I like this website lots Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
BrittanY, Chadron, Nebraska, Untied States

November 14, 2002 This site is really helpful!!!
Stephanie A., Manahawkin, NJ, USA

November 13, 2002 It has really good info on the blue shark.
Doug, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

November 13, 2002 Today we used your web site to learn and explore dinonsuors and this web site was a great help. Thank you for your web site. It helped your class a lot.
Thank you for your web site.
Carson, GAINESVILLE, FL, United States

November 13, 2002 this is a good website and i really like it
nahdine, London, ?, England

November 12, 2002 I am in a Ycc group;its where we work with computers and I helped some kids out with some animals to look up.I thought it was really easy to look them up here,so I felt smart!
Danielle, Hawkins, Wisconsin, United States

November 12, 2002 This is one of the best sites to which i have found. It is great for home schooling and helping your child get ahead or keep up.
Karen Plumpton, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

November 12, 2002 The book is great
Joaunte, apg, Md, USA

November 12, 2002 I love your site and learn alot. My teacher uses it to
Alex W, Ridgefield, CT, USA This website is amazing. I am a student teacher doing a unit on Germany and my fourth graders just love this site. I just happened to stumble upon it. I wish I would have had when I student taught in the second grade. Great job!
Amy, Guttenberg, Ia, USA

November 11, 2002 This site is good for beginners & provides various sources for keeping ourselves updated about the latest developments taking place in the Language. Wishing, all those who were associated with the development of this site many thanks & looking forward for something new everytime.
Jayanendra Singh, New Delhi, Delhi, India
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November 10, 2002 hi i am a university student from india i like this site very much and very cool fist my brother visit this site
gurava r., hyderabad, andhrapredesh, india

November 10, 2002 I love your website so much.It is so cool!#@*
Hali, aberdeen, nc, nc

November 10, 2002 ?
kelsey, humble, texas, u.s.

November 10, 2002 Hey, I'm a university student from Taiwan. Now I'm learning German and French, and I like them very much! I'm happy to find this website. Actually, I found it because I did a research about children's libraries. Hope I can speak English, German, and French smoothly. Best regards, Gloria
Gloria, Taipei, ..., Taiwan, R.O.C

November 10, 2002 I am a third grade teacher. I found many things that I can use with my class. What a great website. I'm glad I stumbled on to it.
Valerie, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

November 9, 2002 This website is really helpful for school information and other things. This site is really, really cool.
Nicole, agusta, new jersey, united states

November 9, 2002 This page is really cool
Babygirl, West Bay, ?, Grand Cayman

November 9, 2002 This website is really helpful for school information and other things. This site is really, really cool.
Nicole, agusta, new jersey, united states

November 8, 2002 I like how you put this together...It is great
?, ?, ?, ?

November 8, 2002 ?
ron m., boston, mass, usa

November 8, 2002 This site is great! It has helped me a lot
Anne, San Francisco, CA, ?

November 8, 2002 Enchantedlearning is a wonderful tool for children of all ages I was glad a family member sent me the web site.
Diane Housley, Georgetown, Ohio, Brown County

November 8, 2002 This is such a GREAT SITE...thank you for bringing excitment to the bored children. It is such a great way to bring unity & sharing to a family. I mostly appreciate the free print outs you offer, so I may share with the children in my life & social club. May God grant you a healthy life so you may continue your work.THANKS AGAIN!! :)
Diana Downs, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA!`

November 8, 2002 I think this site is great!
Anne, Santa Monica, California, USA

November 8, 2002 This site is the best one I've ever seen!
Maria Teresa, San Pedro, California, USA

November 8, 2002 This site helped me a lot! I think it's great. Best wishes, Helen.
Helen, Toronto, Canada, ?

November 7, 2002 This site heleped me a lot on my homework. Thank You
Barbara, San Marino, California, United States

November 7, 2002 I love this site I'm homeschooled. I'm nine years old
Abby, Scott, OH, usa

November 6, 2002 This site is outstanding. I am homeschooling my 4 year old grand daughter at present.
Shirley Lawson, San Antonio, TX, USA

November 6, 2002 I think that little Explorers is a great web site.
Jennifer H., Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

November 5, 2002 Guess what? I'm related to Christopher Columbas! And I LOVE this site I still miss Italy but I'll miss the site even more!
Natasha T. (9), Austin, Texas, Usa

November 5, 2002 It is hard to find the web site but it is fun.
Hannah, london, ?, london

November 5, 2002 I am very pleased to have found Little Explorers, Thanks Alot. Gracias Muchas Gracias me hay ayudado mucho Usted.
Ema Singleterry, Crosbyton, Texas, US

November 4, 2002 We home school and take coop classes with other home schoolers one day a week. My daughter left her books today in her fathers car (Hes at work) she is going to have a spanish test soon on her numbers. We are so glad we found your site to help us out till we can get the books again. You are a life saver! Please keep up the good work. Please consider adding audio video features (media player maybe) on here for pronouncing words. Thanks again
Bryants Broken B Ranch Natalia Texas
Ps I get give a lot but I hope the little we send will help out.
Samantha Broken B Ranch, Natalia, Texas, USA

November 4, 2002 i had lots of fun and i love this sight.there were great printouts that helped me in schooland also at home. Thanks!!!!
Jamie, Rickman, Tennessee, usa

November 3, 2002 I love this site. My daughter found it first. She has 3 small children and we are both thrilled with it. I will be sending a check. I have been unemployed for over a year and just started working but will send money asap. Please keep up the good work
Anita Hammond, Lakewood, Colorado, USSA

November 3, 2002 This is an awesome web site, keep up the great work!
Veroniva Scheri, Spring Valley, Illinios, USA

November 3, 2002 I love your website to get ideas to teach my friends little sister and her friend!
Joanne, Amish Country, PA, USA

November 3, 2002 It's very nice
Dante, Hephzibah, Ga, USA

November 2, 2002 OH MY GOODNESS!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Seriously, thanks you sooooo much for putting together these pages. I teach Italian in a private school and it is extremely difficult to get new material for the children without putting in the extra time , evenings and weekends, to make the material on my own. I found your pages for labelling to be of great helping ESPECIALLY because my artistic talents are not very good. Please continue to provide us with these wonderful resources. I, for one, am veeeeeery appreciative. Sincerely, D Romano
Dolores Romano, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November 2, 2002 I'm a new homeschooling Mom and your website is awesome! It's colorful, interesting, informative, and the resources are endless! My kids love the change of pace from their ordinary curriculum. Thank You! Lisa Rustad
Lisa Rustad, Castle Rock, Colorado, USA

November 1, 2002 An excellent learning material for all ages. My little brother appreciates the learning materials that I printed out for him. He has been an A student since Head Start! He was sent to a private school for gifted kids when he turned 3 years old. He graduated from that school as Valedictorian at the age of 5 and has won many awards after that. It's surprise you that an 6 years old can achieve so much at such a little age.
Kamisha C. Leland, Mississippi, USA

November 1, 2002 This website is fantastic. It really helped me. Thanks!
Hayley, n/a, Queensland, Australia

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