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May 15, 2003 WOW so amny different ideas and activities. Its great to have this as a back up for information and handouts. I will be using this in my english and german speaking classes. Thank you
Maria, gold coast, ?, Australia

May 15, 2003 hi i luv this web site it`s really cool.i only wish i could speak portuguese b-cuz i want 2 meet ronaldo but say what i`ll visit again .iluv BRAZIL and its great qualities.this is really cool!!!! ***~~~ [email protected]@[email protected]#
**naballah**, chaguanas, ?, trinidad

May 15, 2003 Hi I think this is a really good website. I am learning Spanish and I think it helps to know about the culture of some Spanish speaking countries.
*~LaCeY~*, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

May 15, 2003 I love your website. I use it with my cognitively delayed students and they do just wonderfully. But I am trying to save your print outs in a word document so they can type on them and it is not working. Also you have a typo on your definition of the SUN. It should say FROM not FORM. Thanks for your help if you can. Teacher
Gayle Ryan, Chicago, IL 60616, USA
Thanks - the typo has been fixed. You should be able to save pages you see on the screen.

May 14, 2003 Your site is very useful. I was able to use it for a history project(travel brochure for Illinois,) and I found nearly every piece of information that I needed, at your site only! I am very impressend, and if I was rating it from one to ten, one being the worst, ten the best, your site would definetely get around.....um......a 25! Thanks for te wonderful help! Oh! Almost forgot! Your site was very easy to navigate!
Chelsea, Houston, Texas, United States

May 14, 2003 great
sheri, michigan city, in, ?

May 14, 2003 this is one of the best site i was on !!!!
kailin, north synedey, nova scotia, canada

May 13, 2003 Enchanted Learning Helps Me A Lot
anonomys, PA, Bridgeville, USA

May 13, 2003 Thanks for helping me learn french better.
Alicia, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

May 13, 2003 When trying to use the English-Japanese picture dictionary. The whole alphabet as individual items to click on(which should bring up a page of words and pictures starting with that letter)do not appear at the top of the page as they do in the English-French,or Engish- German. Could you please insert them so that my children can explore some more. Thanks
Dianne, Perth, WA, Australia
They're there - click here to get to the entire frame (you were getting just the lower frame).

May 12, 2003 It is great.
Maddie, perth, WA, Australia

May 12, 2003 this site is excellent it has given me alot of ideas and has helped me through a lot of stages throughout my german lessons thank u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shantel, perth, wa, perth

May 12, 2003 I love your site! It has the best arts and crafts! But could you add a French version of this website?
Melina, St.Leonard, Quebec, Canada

May 12, 2003 I love this website I learned alot. But it SMELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your least favorite browser, marah
Marah, Wausau, WI., United Stattes

May 11, 2003 You guys are the best website in the world!!Without you I don't know what i'd do!
Darren, Kenny Los Angeles, Calfornia, United Statess

May 11, 2003 This is an awsome site, I use it a lot for my homework, and even just for fun. I have learned a lot about Spanish, French, and Astronomy. Keep it up! :)
Viveca, San Francisco, California, United States of America

May 11, 2003 I would like to thank you for this very informative,interesting and fun site.I really appreciate it.I use it to keep my kids occupied and with my friends' kids to play with.
Hellen Theonas, Athens, ?, Greece

May 10, 2003 my child loves enchanted learning ! i do to it is full of exsitment. it gives kids a hole new world to learn in. it is so moch fun.
dad, meriden, USA, CT

May 9, 2003 Good site, keep it up
Lorry, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lillian, Robersonville, NC, ?

May 8, 2003 I find this wed site very well organized,and interesting. Thank you for information and ideas. It is great for my Child Care Home.
Geneva Logan, Pensacola, Florida, USA

May 8, 2003 well i was just looking for some french food so i could make a menu but it is so hard to find everything on here so this web site is okay but not great i am just playin wit u all this web site is cool and i really needed this to finish my french menue
andrea, stroudsburg, pa, ?

May 8, 2003 I love this website it is sooo much fun
Emily D., Virginia Beach, Virginia, Usa

May 8, 2003 I LOVE this site this site is cool.This is the best site I ever go to.
Shanice, Shanghai, ?, China

May 8, 2003 What a great site! I will tell all my young students about it so they can practice Spanish at home.
Jerima King, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

May 8, 2003 I think this site is cool you can learn about different languages and find out amazing facts.
Amelia, Plymouth, ?, England

May 7, 2003 All I have to say is this is great!!
Kara, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

May 7, 2003 We used this site for social studies, thank you for your cool links. We also did the map quiz, and some of the sites were not on the map, so be careful ; ) Hint, hint!~~~
Maddie, Mpls, Minnesota, U.S.

May 7, 2003 none
hannah, bentonville, arkansas, america

May 7, 2003 I think that this is a good web site because my grandma and grandpa came from Germany and they were in the war and my grandma is still living but my grandpa died last year.
Andressa, St.laurent, Manitoba, Canada

May 6, 2003 i am italian but i don't speak it this site really helps
Bianca, houston, Texas, u.s.a

May 6, 2003 Great web!
Louise, Redcar, ?, England

May 6, 2003 I think the site is cool
Kayla, mooresville, indiana, Land of the free

May 6, 2003 Hello, This site is really neat for any kids!!! Can you put teenage games in here? It would be really fun for us older kids!!!
Aly, Mooresville, Indiana, USA

May 6, 2003 This sight is awlsome for any age group! It would be nice if you made a teenage webpage on this site!!! Thank you very much!!
Alyssa, mooresville, Indiana, USA

May 6, 2003 tihs iz coul
?, ?, ?, ?

May 6, 2003 I love this website and would you make your seacrh a little bit better please !!!!!:)
Danielle, North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 6, 2003 Ur web site is as tight as can be. I think ur on a roll if ur not get ur roll on.
Later, ur man Amare S.!!!
Amare S., The Bronx, NY, USA

May 5, 2003 i love your oragomi!!!*
Mackenzie, Pataskala, Ohio, United States

May 5, 2003 I like this site but...............we have to do a projet.
celine, north sydney, nova scotia, canada

May 4, 2003 It really is very good
Olivia, Redcar, ?, England

May 3, 2003 This is a great website!
Eunice, Richmond, b.c., Canada

May 3, 2003 I know how to say 9 numbers in Japanese!!!!!!!!!
Cierra, Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America

May 2, 2003 I'm a college student and am currently taking japanese and I find your site very helpful. It seems that I only have the understading of a first grader, so this site is perfect. I only wish your Japanese page had as much fun stuff as the other language page's. Maybe you could add some more quizes and lable me print out's, I know I'd use them. I'm going to tell my friends who are stuggling in other classes to visit your page. All in all your site is great, keep up the good work.
Aphrodaiti, Hilo, HI, America
Thanks. I generally add new pages when site members ask for them. (I just don't have the time to add all the pages suggested by non-supporters.) JC

May 2, 2003 I enjoy working on this program. Working on this program helps me learn about more things that I didnt know before. Thank you for letting me work on enchanted learning.com

to enchantedlearning.com program
from tiffanie
Tiffanie, lynn, massachusetts, u.s.

May 2, 2003 ?
Anita, LUCAN, ?, ?

May 1, 2003 i love this website! it helps my 5yr old with her kindergarten homework!
Mindy Raichek, Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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