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November 30, 2004 IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary, Bradenton, FL, U.S.A.

November 28, 2004 It is a very greateful thing to creat a such a useful sight for our kids.I like to thank you for that greate job.
Mrs.Sayuri Liyanage, Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka

Kari, crimora, va, USA

November 27, 2004 love this website! very helpful.
rick, webster, texas, usa

November 23, 2004 i loves the sections on japan. it sho the japan culture.
naru chang, japan, japan, japan

November 21, 2004 Your web site is the best site I`v ever loged on to!
Dasha, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

November 19, 2004 November 19, 2004 I would just like to take amoment to thank you all for the free material and aids. I am a SPED teacher and I am always looking for material to suppplement my students learning. We do not make a mint, and I provide inccentives to my students. I love any hands on activites for the students. We enjoy crafts that coincide
Vickie V., Jackson, MS, USA

November 18, 2004 My twin grandsons live with me,they are 10 years old.Your web site has been a huge help to us.Thanks.B
Brenda Havens, Big Creek, Ms., U.S.A.

November 17, 2004 hi.this is a very good website.i enjoy it very much.
edric, new york city, ny, u.s.a

November 17, 2004 I am getting A+'s in Spanish. I am the best in my grade. I love the spanish language. I am proud to be an american. In school, I am the only one in my grade who can say in Spanish " Today is Wednesday, the 17 of November of 2004" IN SPANISH: hoy es miercoles el diez y siete de noviembre del dos mil cuatro. I am also the only one who can the Pledge of Allegiance. IN SPANISH: Juro fidelidad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de America, y a la republica que representa una nacion, bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos. Well, I had better go practice my Español. adiós.
Rachael, Readington, New Jersey, United States of America

November 16, 2004 Needs more complicated words for sentences but has a good vocabulary
Chris Battye, dover, NH, USA

November 16, 2004 The site is really cool. Thank You
Donn, New York, FL, USA

November 16, 2004 ~give printing panflits. ~lots of pictures. ~bold letters. ~lots of info on animals. ~games on animals. ~help buton.
juliann, pickering, ontario, canada

November 16, 2004 ~shows for school party's. ~no popup's {people get mad} ~have drows {prizes}. instead put in corner saying ~SELL OR RENT BOOKS AND MOVIES. "print for more info''. ~SHOW MOVIES ON WEBSITE. ~be able to recemendanimals. ~ do a T.V.shows and magezine prints. bye
juliann, pickering, ontario, canada
Note: We have NEVER had pop-up ads on this site. J. Col

November 15, 2004 This website is the best for children when they want to learn a new language.
Feyth, Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States Of America

November 14, 2004 i have learnt so much about germany from enchanted learning i highly recommend this site. thanks enchanted learning!
christine, melbourne, victoria, australia

November 13, 2004 This website always helps with research
Melisssa, Kansas City, MO, USA

November 13, 2004 I love this website it helped me with my research projects and how to speak different languages! Thanks enchanted learning!
Taylor, Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

November 11, 2004 hi! I love your website! It has helped me so much. it helped me to learn spanish, french, and german. i am going to request this to all of my friends, family, and neighbors. I think this is a great website for kids! Keep the good work up!
Mia, Westerville, Ohio, United States of America

November 10, 2004 I really like this web site !!!!!!
companik, waterbury, connecticut, ? you need other stuff besides print out like a dictionary sorta like (example) English _______| Go like type in english version snd it shows u the spanish or what ever
Kimi, goldsboro, north carilina, untied states

November 10, 2004 I love your web site for downloading activities for my kids especially the early readers and activity books. My children ages 2, 5 and 6 are in a French Immersion program so I would like to see more activities in French that will grow with them or age appropriate beyond the basics (such as addition, subtraction, Holidays, science, music, etc.) We are trying to teach them to read in English and French and Spanish at the same time. They still have to stay on the California standards track as well as learn two other languages. I love your English Holiday activity pages and books, please translate some of them into French or Spanish. thank you,
Cappie, Burlingame, CA, USA

November 10, 2004 Hi, I came across your site by accident and have found it absolutely wonderful. I am learning French and it will be very useful for me. I am interested in becoming a subscriber, but not sure how much it will cost. Very best wishes. Penny
Penny Hewitt, Warwick, Warwickshire, England

November 9, 2004 This is a great website. Out Of all the middle schools my school is the only one that has Itialion as a block. I am thinking about taking it for highschool.
Savannah, Vineland, New Jersey, America

November 8, 2004 This site is great! Thanks sooooooooooo much!
Lindsey, New London, CT, USA

November 6, 2004 I love this website.
gleneasha, Bedford, VA, ?

November 5, 2004 I like your web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin, san francisco, calafornia, usa

November 5, 2004 I never thought that I'd start to like a web site my first time using it. Tis is an excellent website for kids!-
Daquandra, fayetteville, North carolina, United states of America

November 5, 2004 I really don't know what kind of comment to put because this is my first time using this website and I'm trying to go to spanish! But most of thee time I do like going on different types of websites. I mean not the bad ones the good ones and I think that htis might be an good one Right now I am trying to go to spanish lessons to learn a little more about it. Last year I took spanish. And i don't know if I'll take it agai, Because I really want to take home economics next year and I am SINCERELY< Da'Quandra Si'Mone Simmons
Daquandra, Fayeteville, North Carolina, United states of America

November 5, 2004 This site was great! I didn't know what to expect when I started my search to find how to say "Please" and "Thank You" in several different languages for my young Girl Scout troop. You have helped them earn a patch! Thank you (merci, grazie, gracias, dank u.
Cathy Mills, Stanley, Virginia, USA

November 4, 2004 Hello!!! It is always a pleasure to visit your Site. Your web-site is so beautiful, easy to navigate and full of lovely pictures. We wish you a lot of succes in the future. Kind regards
Denn, Berlin, N/A, German

November 3, 2004 i really enjoy this website! i don't know what i would do without it to help teach spanish! thanks so much.
heather, ?, south dakota, USA

November 2, 2004 this is a good website
Jessica, la porte, tx, usa

November 2, 2004 i think that this is a very good site for young viewers. Keep up the good work.
Amanda Jones, Lawton, Ok, United States

November 1, 2004 Very good and helpful web site! :)
?, columbia, missouri, usa

November 1, 2004 you web site is off the heezy 4 sheezy this is one of the most extrodinary web sites know to all earth
ivory, eatonville 1887, orlando, florida

November 1, 2004 I have really enjoyed this site, it really has been helpful to me. I am a homeschooling mom and my children really enjoy this site also. Thank you so much.
Lisa Ward, Alpine, Alabama, USA

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