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January 31, 2004 I really had fun searching information here in enhanted learning. Eventhough I'm just a newcomer, this site has helped a lot in my assignments and knowledge about new things... Thanks!
mjoy, Mandaue, Cebu, Phillipines BR CLEAR="ALL">

January 29, 2004 I love the info that you have but if you can just a little more
Jennifer, Newton Fals, Ohio, USA

January 27, 2004 I teach Italian in Primary school and you site gives me and the children lots of useful materials and ideas.
Sonia, Currimundi, Queensland, Australia

January 26, 2004 I love this site because it teaches you different laguages and i appreciate it and my little cousin who is 4 years old already knows how to speak a little bit of japanese.
Amanda, lawton, ok, north america

January 26, 2004 YOu GUys ROck!!! I love you guys and your HOtt. Jeff iz it bucket head or hat? lol! THey call me Hankster the gangster or hank for short or hommie hippo! Come back to Seattle soon. I love all your cd's and dvd. I also watched the drivethru record dvd 1st and 2nd they were great. Much love for ya all!
Heather, Des Moines, Washington, United States

January 25, 2004 I would love to speak more Spanish& French
SHANTA, Virginia Beach, Virginia, North America

January 23, 2004 I would like to thank you guys for helping me find things about french that will help me in year 10.
Amanda, Auckland, ?, New Zealand

January 22, 2004 how do you get to be a member?
chelsi, tulsa, oklahoma, usa
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January 21, 2004 Enchantedlearning.com is the best to find different stuff on any subject! I had the idea of making a calendar 4 my teacher and she loved it! I have you to thank!
Kristine, Cape Coral, Florida, Unoted States

January 21, 2004 hello! french is very interesting!!
?, ?, ?, ?

January 20, 2004 I really enjoy this site. My library teacher told me about this site in 2nd grade I've used this site ever since.
Jessica, Cass city, MI, USA

January 20, 2004 i would like to learn spanish.
cristie, kiln, ms, usa

January 19, 2004 good site
andrea, w'hampton, ?, england

January 19, 2004 gr8 job martin it will help people to learn foreign languages. it would be better if u add prounounciation of each word along with the picture. for a new learner its tough to prounounce.
nilesh c., bangalore, ?, india

January 17, 2004 I as an American raising three chrildren in Germany.Findthis the best site my children to learn English,Thank you
Tom Martin, Bamberg, ?, Germany

January 17, 2004 E magnifico!
Marina, thessaloniki, ?, greece

January 16, 2004 Thankyou very much and I like to do this.
Christine, sydney, N.S.W., Austraila

January 15, 2004 WOW!!!! AWSOME !!! You can learn any language on a short period of tome with this website !!! What a GREAT learning experience !! I LOVE THIS SITE !!! IT's SO AMAZING !!!!
Lauren, Jesup, Georgia, United States Of America

January 14, 2004 I think you should have more pages on Ponce do Leon.
Erica, Brewster, New York, United States of America

January 13, 2004 I ENJOY YOUR SITE.

January 12, 2004 I stumbled on this site searching for information about Mexico. This site is not only a great learning tool for children but for adults as well.I will be using this site to teach my husband (English) and our children (Spanish). Thank you for a job well done!
Edwina, Raleigh, NC, United States of America

January 10, 2004 My son showed me this great site thank you for making it it is a very nice site. And my son loves it again thank you.
Kristy Chambers, Melvindale, Michigan, U.S.A

January 9, 2004 cool site! i am learning french in school. keep it up!
michelle, ?, ?, usa

January 9, 2004 This is simply a great site! Thank you so much.
Ulrika Wallén, Tampere, ?, Finland

January 8, 2004 Kool web site hahahahahahaha
jenna, ridgefield, CT, united states

January 6, 2004 This web ste has all the things that I need for School so ths ste has it all I have bin getting better grades so this site is great.
Sheona, Kingston, Ontaro, Canada

January 6, 2004 Great site, useful for someone travelling to Mexico once a year.
France, Calgay, Alberta, Canada

January 6, 2004 Thanks! I love your site! My ecology teacher, Ms. Haselkorn referred this site to our class for a project about biomes. My project is about the Great Basin desert and I got a lot of infomation for it, so thank you! This site is now one of my favorites! Thanks for making it available! Peace!
Nkemji, Cambridge, MA, USA

January 3, 2004 its great, it helped me do my homework without cheating ofcourse i never cheat. its goog keep doing it, it can help many more children who needs help. just like to say thank you for helping me.
Kumbirai, UK, UK, LOndon

January 3, 2004 I Like To Speak in Japan.
Emma, Manchester, CT, US

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