Enchanted Learning's Guest Book: July-August 2002

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August 30, 2002 I use this site all the time! It provides perfect supplemental materials for my curriculum. I have shared the address with all my teacher friends. Please keep up the great work!
Mary O, Detroit, MI, USA

August 28, 2002 I just found this today and it is indeed most enchanting. I plan to share with my co-workers and my growing daughter who is in grade school. This site would really help all of us esp. the names of animals' young where I browsed.
Angela Kenrad Yap SEED
?, Colonia, Yap, FSM, Federated States of Micronesia

August 28, 2002 I've just discovered your website and am so EXCITED about it. Our daughters are some of the "rare" ones who LOVE to do worksheets. Thank you for this excellent resource. I'll be sending you my subscription so DON'T SHUT THIS SITE DOWN PLEASE... that would be a tremendous loss of such a VALUABLE site! Thank you for all of the time, and hard work put into this.
Rebecca, Ogden, Utah, USA

August 26, 2002 I love this website,because it teaches me alot of things.I like the crafts that it has that people can do.My mother likes this website too,so it keeps me out of troble.
Michele, Canton, Minnesota, United States

August 25, 2002 I love this wonderfull sources my children learn fast TANK'S AND CONGRATULATIONS
MARTINEZ, el paso, Texas, ?

August 24, 2002 I work in a school and it gives me some great, but easy ideas when working with the children. thanks.
C Coghlan, Glasgow, ?, Scotland

August 22, 2002 BRAVO..... This is a fantastic tool to explore language worldwide.

August 20, 2002 This iz a kewl website and I got this website from the girl scout cookie leader and I love this website and I learned alot ov german i hav a grandpa that iz german . I am a 8th grader and I am in band I play Bass Clarinet and Clarinet I might play Contra Bass Clarinet 2 . My school iz White Oak Middle School and we hav the best teachers .I might be a Cheerleader next year . I might be in athletics next year 2 .
Megan, Porter, Texas, USA

August 18, 2002 This is a wonderfull source for children to learn there chosen languages,My grandaughter was in her element prining off the dictionary keep up the good work.
Millie, St Helens, Merseyside, England

August 17, 2002 I love the language learning site! It's fun to see how much like English German is.
Barbara, Lee's Summit, MO, USA

August 16, 2002 What a great site!!! Not only for children but for adults as well. I will tell about it to everyone I know!!!
Aurea Moragon, Gurabo, ?, Puerto Rico

August 16, 2002 ?
Angela, ??????, ?, Singapore

August 15, 2002 What a great service!! thank you so much! I am using this for myself and for my child. I can't say thank you enough - this is great for parents that are quite tight on their budgets!
Nora M, Germantown, MD, USA

August 14, 2002 how about "Little Explorers" for Special Children
Marlyn Aparicio, cavite city, ?, philippines

What did you have in mind? JC

August 14, 2002 This site is FABULOUS! I am a 2nd grade Browine leader and this ties in with their try-it they've been working on and last week they went to a Marine Biology workshop and learned all about animal habitats, etc. This is the last step to earn their try-it and we will use this site for EVERY meeting (crafts, etc). Very educational!
GS Troop Leader #5359, San Diego, CA, USA

August 14, 2002 really really useful site, i use it quite often now, wiil share it with all my friends.
anastasia, south, ?, trinidad

August 14, 2002 i think this is an amazing site. very useful and educational. i am really happy i found it and i paln to share it with my coworkers as well as my young impressionable nieces and nephews.
bheshma birbal, south, ?, trinidad

August 13, 2002 Zoomschool is a fun and learning experience.I really like this site!
kaitlin, Sydney, ?, N.S.W.

August 13, 2002 FIRST CLASSS

August 12, 2002 i love all the dinosaurs. mummy and i are learning lots
Sam, ?, ?, New Zealand

August 12, 2002 i love learning german some day i hope i'll be a german teacher
adam, eastpointe, ?, usa

August 11, 2002 i can't belive that you have laguange you have mine too you are a big help to children in Japan to learn your language.. Armatigato you kind people
Lizzy, tokyo, Japan, ?

August 10, 2002 i think this site is great it is a great way to learn and get help with your spanish i use it because helps me with my spanish homework from school.
amber, panana city, florida, us

August 9, 2002 What a great site!!!!! I started at one place and just kept on going and going and going through your sites. Throughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work
cyndee covert, jonesboro, ga, usa

August 8, 2002 i think this is a good site, i have came on here to get information for my art (e.g idea's on a culture) and its helped me decide abit quicker on which culture i'm going to do.
chantelle, MANCHESTER, ?, England

August 5, 2002 I think little explorers.I just love the craft pages.
Amy, Bristol, N. Somerset, England

August 5, 2002 This is wonderful and I know I haven't even begun to see your whole program here. I am a nanny for 2 two year old girls and they are so happy to have something different to do besides our regular routine. Looking forward to finding more wonderful projects. Thank you!!! Judy Nanny for 38 years
Judy Jarvis, Hilliard, Ohio, USA

August 5, 2002 I like your website. It is fun learning different languages. I like learning about animals. I like looking up about all different things. I also like writing to you. I will come back to your website soon. It's the best.
Tess, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

August 3, 2002 Kudos: An Amazing Grace this site is for all who reside in the labrynth of learning. Love the One whose name is Love. For He who is Christ will grant you sight in knowing truth.
Judith T. Fuller, Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America

August 3, 2002 The web site is great and really fun I love it.When the teachers ask for a search the first thing we go through is this site.I won blue price this year in the science fair andmy search came from here.

Thank you for all!

Brazillian children and Mrs.Ellias class.

(You shall put more experiments for the children to do in the Enchantel Learning site)
julie, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mr Ng, ?, ?, ?

July 29, 2002 Great site, easy to navigate for me and my 4 yr old!
tracy, folsom, ?, ca

July 29, 2002 ?
jason, lith, il, ?

July 28, 2002 I have spent hours on your webpage, it is really well designed and very informative. I haven't seen anything like it on the web yet...keep it up! and add more activities for us fans to read.
Sarah, Fgura, ?, Malta

July 26, 2002 Hi, I found your site and spent a while here. It's quite interesting and informative...I'll probably visit again soon. take care, chris

chris, sf, ca, usa

July 25, 2002 this is a great websight... but you need to know how to make sentences so really it is not much help !! but you can improve it!! keep on learning!!!
mrg, cleveland, ohio, usa

July 23, 2002 this is the answer to my prayers! both for my students and for my son's learing capabilities.
dm jones, houston, tx, usa

July 22, 2002 awsommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee
sarah, Invercargill, ?, New Zealand

July 22, 2002 This place is very kool!!It tells you lots of stuff that you can learn from and it seems to be enchantedly KOOL!!!
Yiba, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

July 19, 2002 You have tought me so much about japan, you rock so bad thankyou so much
courtney, cowwarr, victoria, cowwarr

July 17, 2002 Im just starting to learn spanish and i need help raising my grades!!!!
Courtney, Hillsville, VA, USA

July 17, 2002 Your english/spanish dictionary was very helpful. I have to go to this spanish store in Miami, the last time I was unable to communicate with the shop owner. Not one english speaker was there. I am going back this weekend and I'm sure to be successful. Thank you ever so much for this website.
Raine, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

July 17, 2002 Thank you so much for this wonderful site!!!! I love the stuff you have on it, it is very useful. If you want my advice for others things you may want to add, the family (la familia--in Spanish) would be a terrific addition. Thank You and keep up the great work SK-JK Spanish teahcer.
Miss Paulino, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 15, 2002 HI I I am having so much fun i have been on this all day
Ashley, clevand, ohio, usa

July 15, 2002 I love your website. I am almost 9. I think teaching kids new languages is a great thing to do!!! Like I said your website is the best!!!!!!!!!!!************
sarah, Wadsworth IL., ?, The U.S.A.

July 14, 2002 I think it's so good i'm going to france and this has helped me loads
Nick, bristol, LONDON, england

July 14, 2002 it was a simple way to learn a language and still get work done for school
Julia, Nutley, ?, US

July 13, 2002 Dear Reader, Hello! To me this is the best web site that I have ever seen. I am learning and understanding alot of things each and everyday and I reall like this. Keep it up. and thak your for maiking this web-site so easy for people to understand
Nandni, Columbus, Georgia, United States

July 8, 2002 I really liked all the crafts since I`m a craft FREAK!!!!!
Kirsten, Williamstown, New Brunswick, Canada

July 7, 2002 IT'S GREAT
Me, I dont remember, either this, never herd of it

July 5, 2002 Thanks for your wonderful site!
Amy, Garden Grove, California, U.S.A.

July 3, 2002 This is one of the best web sites I have came across. I am taking a class in literacy and will introduce this site to all my classmates and the professor. Thank you so much for helping our young children in feel accepted in their own native language. What great ideas!!!!!
Pat Horkan, Portage, Wi, USA

July 2, 2002 I am designing a kids space in a public library and looking at the role that computers should play - I also have two small pre school kids and thought this site was brilliant - congratulations
kate meyrick, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

July 2, 2002 I came on to find a Animal Alphabet and found all sorts of great stuff instead. My 10 year old has spend time on it to this morning and we have bookmarked it for future reference. Great site, wish we had known about it sooner.
Anne Cooper, Pahiatua, Tararua, New Zealand

July 2, 2002 I think that it's so great that u r teaching grownups and children how to spea or use French thank u so much!!!!
Mara, Florida, FL, ?

July 2, 2002 EnchantedLearning.com is great!It's made learning fun! Thanks to those who designed this website.It's been very useful.
Thanks A Lot!!!!
Smyrna Muralidharan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

July 1, 2002 This webpage is very good.
Carys Saunders, London, ?, England

July 1, 2002 My son Henry is 5 & willing to learn almost anything.We have visited France a few times now and Henry has learnt some french words.Being able to print out the colours book in French & English is a great idea & also fun for him at the same time he is learning. Keep up the good work, well done.
Tracy Coates, London, ?, UK

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