Enchanted Learning's Guest Book: May-June 2002

We enjoy hearing from our visitors. You can post your comments, relate how you are using Little Explorers, write what you think about our site, or present any ideas or suggestions you have.
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June 30, 2002 Very good!!! Cool ......

June 28, 2002 My little girl is now in the second grade.We did not know if she would pass the first grade because of her trouble in Math.She now has a wonderful lady who is helping her this summer.She is the one who told me about this web site.So here I am and I must say that I am so happy to find out all of the things that you have provided for our young childen.I will tell all of my frinds about this site and I will do anything I can to help keep this site open.Thank you so much and that is not just from me but from my baby "Gabby". God Bless
ALICIA A. LEWIS, Springfield, Louisiana, United States

June 26, 2002 Hi :O)

A great page with so much nice and interesting stuff!!!
My son loves it and so do I.

Liebe Gr,fle aus Deutschland

Andrea, Berlin, ?, Germany

June 26, 2002 I like your website full of games.
Precious, Pickens, Mississippi, United States

June 23, 2002 I learned alot and so will my kids. Thanks.
Lourdes, Bronx, NY, USA

June 23, 2002 Great lessons. I'm sure to use a few of them with my kids. Thanks.
L. Richardson, Bronx, NY, USA

June 23, 2002 Great Site! More people should see it!!!
Kat, ?, ?, ?

June 22, 2002 guide me the way to practice the essay in english, also the way to study business english efficienly.
MinhCanh, CanTho town, CanTho province, Vietnam

June 20, 2002 Cool site.
Clive, Sharjah, ?, U.A.E

June 20, 2002 Awsome sight!!!!! can u plz teach me japeneese?

June 20, 2002 I haven't used the internet much, but am very impressed with your Enchanted Learning site. Being a mother of five I appreciate good educational sites and you have managed to cover a range of ages. Contgratulations.
Cherie Robinson, Brisbane, ?, Australia

June 18, 2002 This site is wonderful for use with my new immigrants, even though they are 11 - 20 years old. It gives them a sense of mastery at a very early level. I recommend it to all my teacher friends, no matter what grade they are teaching, it has something for everyone.
Sharon Parker, Arlington, Texas, United States

June 17, 2002 I just wanted to say that i think is a terrific site for kids to learn with. I am of german decsent and wanted to teach my daughter some german. I can speak german to her and she understands some but she doesnt get everything. This is a terrific way for her to understand.
chris, barnegat, nj, usa

June 16, 2002 I really think enchantedlearning.com is a good place1 to learn about countries.This is a place you can learn about animals.
Sophia, Fremont, ?, United States Of America

June 14, 2002 I love how you can do french and all that! It's so cool!Can you do something for me put stuff about anamls ?
elizabeth, ?, Nova Scotia, Canada
Thank you. For printouts on animals, click here.

June 13, 2002 You need more facts on Italy! But it's great other than that.
Ashley, Winnipeg, manitoba, Canada

June 13, 2002 thank you, this helped me with a school project and I was able to learn more than I thought I ever could. It was fun and I will return to this sight again.
stephanie, ottawa, ontario, canada

June 12, 2002 this has helped me alot with my projects i really love this site if it wasn't for you i would have got know where it has tought me so much
courtney, victoria, ?, Cowwarr

June 12, 2002 Wow! A brilliant website with so many ideas and resources!! I realise it's an American site and wish there was an English equivalent so that there would be more information on European countries. What I have extracted has saved me so much preparation time. Thank you
Alison Morgan, Preston, Lancashire, England

June 12, 2002 none.
Eileen, ?, British Columbia, CANADA

June 11, 2002 WOW. A one stop shopping website! I have never seen so many resources for the classroom in one easy to navigate website. I am in awe...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Gloria O., Metuchen, N.J., USA

June 10, 2002 I realy like this web site because it teaches us aout alot of different places that we realy don't get a chance to learn in school.
Sabreena, Ypsilanti, Mi., United States

June 10, 2002 do you have a dictanary
melanie, stony plaine, alberta, canada
Yes, click here.

June 7, 2002 Thanks for all the interesting topics in your site. I enjoy a lot looking for some crafts. All the information you provide us is very important.
Maria Tellez Sanchez, Montclair, Ca., U.S.A.

June 7, 2002 Wow I never knew how much fun french was until I came to Enchatedlearning. Thanks alot.It helped.
Tori, Orlando, Florida, United States

June 6, 2002 I think your page is very unique and wonderful for learning other languages!
Mandy, Northford, Connecticut, United States

June 6, 2002 Hello its me so, what's up? n2mh so,I love your web site its the best ever to help me with my reports & home work
Cortney H, wareham, ?, North America

June 6, 2002 I have a little business in London where I teach French to kids up to 15 years old around an artistic project. For this company called Canailles, we found lots of useful ideas and tips. Your site is very well organised and plenty of useful arts and crafts activities. WELL DONE.
Sandrine Priou, London, ?, United Kingdom

June 4, 2002 You site is ~**da bomb**~. I found all my information I needed 4 my explorer research. I forward this 2 all my friends.

Maryna, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

June 1, 2002 Hi!This site is so cool!It has also helped me in school projects.Thanks to my friend who gave me the website.
Smyrna C., Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

May 31, 2002 this is like so cool i think this is best i am only 12 but it is cool wicked man luv ya
Kara, Coventry, West Midlands, England

May 29, 2002 Im a homeschooling mom and i have recieved so much info off this site. Its hard to keep three different age levels interested but this site solves just about all my problems and it looks great in their porfolios. So a great big thank you and keep up the good work.

Thanks again
Pamela Freeman
Pamela Freeman, Ft Myers, Florida, usa

May 29, 2002 Hello, I like your site! I have found lots of good print outs for school projects! Keep up the good work!
Jessica, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

May 29, 2002 this place is cool and great for pictures
Tiffany, Oakland, New Jersey, United Stated

May 29, 2002 Hi everyone at Enchanted Learning and the world! This site was recommended by a mum on the Canadian www.todaysparent.com web site in their Homeschooling Forum.

I'm delighted with what I've found, especially animal information. My niece is mad about pandas, so I'm going to recommend the site to my sister-in-law for her 3 kids!

I've dipped into the nursery rhymes section and Italian pages as well, so far. All excellent.

The Rainbow Guide Leader Scots lady who posted her comments recently, has directed me to the crafts section, so I'll go there next! Thanks! I've just become a Beaver Scout Leader. I'd love to contact you, by the way!

Is there any way some kind of e-pals/snail mail pals section could be started up on the site? Ideas could continue to be exchanged or posted up and email addresses left if contact desired, but emails sent without being seen on the pages?

Thanks for a terrific site, I'll be recommending it to all my friends, and my son's teachers/nursery nurses.
Liz T, Stafford, Staffordshire, ENGLANDLiz, Thank you so much. Here in the USA, there are very strict government rules against posting (or using in any way) the e-mail addresses of minors, so starting an e-pal section isn't feasible for us. JC.

May 28, 2002 You have great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex, Shelburne, Vermont, United States of America

May 28, 2002 hi
john, Shelburne, Vermont, U.S.A

May 27, 2002 This site has given my son and I many craft ideas and "work" pages for learning more before he begins school. Thank you for your creative and informative site!
Sheryl Holt, Memphis, TN, USA

May 24, 2002 This website has been most helpful for me to learn Spanish. Thank you
Brandon, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

amanda, ?, M.E., N.A.

May 24, 2002 ?
SJSJ Elementary School, Mankato, MN, USA

May 24, 2002 I think this is a really cool web-site but when you go to learn a new launge we should be able to click on the word and it will say it so we will know how to pernounce the word! Thanks
Amanda, Los OsOs, Ca, United States Of America

May 21, 2002 this is a very great site! M y son and daughter (Rachel and Kevin) always use all this information to do projects at school, and I'm also learning. Thank you for creating this site!!!
Lucy Kellen, Sacramento, California, United States

May 21, 2002 Dear Enchanted Learning , I think your website is great.

Chardae, Greenburgh, New York, United States

May 21, 2002 Thank you for all your great activities, I take a Rainbow Guide Group (part of the girl guides) your ideas are just great, sometimes when I cannot think of a craft or learning activity I turn to you and you never let me down. What I would like to see is activity pages and craft ideas based on biblical characters as I also take a sunday school class for 3-5 year olds.

Again many thanks
Elaine Sparkes
Rainbow Guider and Sunday School Teacher
elaine sparkes, elderslie, renfrewshire, Scotland

May 19, 2002 It was really hard to> right this butt i love your site am i first to write from Japan with love always
Izea" : ), ?, ?, ?

May 18, 2002 ?

May 17, 2002 I like this site it is easy to read and helps me with German projects
Posy Rosy, Sydney, NSW, Aus

May 17, 2002 I think this is an awsome sight. I'm Home schooled and i us this sight alot!!! thank you!!!
Jessica, Ozark, missouri, united states

May 16, 2002 I think this website is great to use for school projects, and its easy to understand.
Anyssa Ricki, hacienda hgts, CA, ?

May 16, 2002 you guys don't have a dictionary to look up words
natalie, burlington, ?, wisconsin
Sure we do - click here for an English picture dictionary. JC

May 15, 2002 This website is so fun. Its also very interesting.
?, Totowa, ?, America

May 13, 2002 This website is quite interesting and it motivates me, as a teacher, to maximize on the various resources it provides. I particularly like the activites that accompany the lessons or topics covered. I will support this site and share with more teachers!
Jamon E. Liburd, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, United States

May 13, 2002 I just want to say thank you for having such a woderful site, your site is giving me the starting point to start teaching my children the spanish language. i have found this site to be the most useful and educative/easy to learn. once more thank you very much
liza Mccor, manchester, ?, england

May 11, 2002 Do you have any Japanese Dictionary? You guys are so coooooool!!!
Christie, Rydalmere, N.S.W, Australia
Thank you. For an English-Japanese (Romaji) picture dictionary, click here.

May 11, 2002 enchanted learning site has a lot of interesting things to learn in a fun and effective ways. thank you.
anita akmar, ipoh, perak, malaysia

May 11, 2002 Cool website but can you learn different laguages on here?
Aislinn, Ballycastle, ?, Ireland

May 11, 2002 coolCOOL
Emilie, Buffalo, NY, US

May 11, 2002 i want to know more about france and learn to speak franch.
haley, doerun, georgia, georgia

May 9, 2002 This site helped me alot thanks a bunch!!!
Geovanna, El Paso, Texas, ?

May 8, 2002 I like this site! This web-site is so cool!!!!!
Lauren, Claymont, De, U.S.A

May 7, 2002 Your site is fabulous... I am French and this internet site helps me a lot for helping my daugther. I will give its adress to my friends.
marie claire, dallas, tx, usa

May 3, 2002 This site has been a great resource for our unit on fish and insects. Thank you for maintaining a site with so much straight forward and usable material.
Tanna Stenger, Mifflinburg, PA, USA

May 2, 2002 really good!!!!!!!
?, ?, ?, ?

May 1, 2002 Hello,my name is Olivia i am 4 years old and i would just like to say that this is a very fun web site
Olivia, Whitchurch, Hampshire, England

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