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Hey, Tom G. It's great to have you back as well. That's five people who have posted since the beginning of May, which isn't so bad judging by the fact that there were NO posts in the months of March and April, and only two posts in February.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 30, 2003

Hi everyone!!

Sorry, I havn't been here for AGES!!

Hows it going, anything exciting happening?
from Tom G, age 14, Thames, Coromandel, New Zealand; May 30, 2003

Nice to see you Gianna. Maybe with the end of the school year more people will be able to come here.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; May 28, 2003

Hey all...
I know I haven't been around much (ok, never) but it is busy here, and Science Camp is next week so that means shopping. Add homework to that also...

Diloph says hello, he's busy too, baseball season.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 28, 2003

"Oh yeah I saw the dinobirds exhibition again... back of the net :D"

What exactly is the dinobirds exhibit, da masta?
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?,; May 24, 2003

Interstingly enough, our class was making a natural history website and I got chosen to work on the evolution of humans. It was a piece of cake. The only real requirement was to discuss the homonids that appeared between Australo. afarensis and Homo sapiens. My friends got to do dinosaurs, and now we are going over the history of life in Biology class and the teacher had to ask me to identify an Icthyosaurus because she didn't know what it was! If only I could have done the Dinosaur website.

Oh, and by the way, JC, I directed those two friends to Enchantedlearning to get some information! :)
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; May 24, 2003
Thanks. JC

Yep, not much is happening here. Still, if we tell other people about this site, contribute to our stories, etc, hopefully there'll be more discussion.
from Joe Bob B., age 12, Menlo Park, ?, ?; May 23, 2003

Like I said, as long as there is still discussion here and I'm still allowed in, I'll never go. It's good to see a few more posts, but I don't honestly think that too much will happen until more people come. The only thing we can discuss here in bulk is dinosaurs, and there aren't enough different opinions around to fuel a proper large discussion. Oh yeah I saw the dinobirds exhibition again... back of the net :D
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?, NLipatov; May 23, 2003

It really has been a while since I posted here. It's scary. I've been participating in other forums and, as usual, we have finals at this time of year, in Algebra, Biology and Spanish. It's not pretty. But anyway, maybe someone will randomly check this site again, like I did, and will start posting again.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 18, 2003

Twelve years old, huh? T
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; May 18, 2003

I'm TWELVE! Sorry, force of habit made me type in 11, even though I had my birthdayin February.
from Joe Bob B., age 12. Sorry., Menlo Park, ?, ?; May 10, 2003

Great! Tim, you're here! Okay, how about we both start updating our stories. That might attract attention. I hope Damasta and Gianna come back, along with some other other people. I've seen it happen to other message boards, maybe it can happen it to this one.
from Joe Bob B., age 11, Menlo Park, ?, ?; May 10, 2003

Wow. Thanks for posting. Maybe we can get some discussion started here. I don't know how this three month drought got started, but maybe we can end it.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ; May 9, 2003

I'm sorry I haven't been here. A lot has happened. I'm 12, I'm in a new house, and I'm using internet Explorer instead of Nescape Communicator.
from Joe Bob B., age 12, Menlo Park, ?, ?; May 9, 2003

I see your point. But this site started from nothing. It was built on a solid foundation of people with very little knowledge about dinosaurs and no commitment to this site. And inevitably a few started coming here more. A a load of ppl became regulars. But the process takes time. We'll need to be patient. And does anyone here go on MSN? It's about time I asked.
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?; February 5, 2003

You know, I was thinking about something: even if this site eventually returns to how it was prior to January 1st, 2002, will many people realize that they can come back? I mean, I barely ever come here anymore because I know that there won't be many posts. Imagine the feelings of people who know they can do nothing but read these few posts! They'd never check this site again! O.K., so maybe some of them would check, but I think everyone gets my point.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; February 1, 2003

"Hmm... Has anyone else heared about this new specimen of Microraptor?
Supposedly, this new skeleton, found in China, exhibits indisputable evidence of feathers on Microraptor's legs. Some people are speculating that it might have been arboreal."

Ye, I've got a newspaper cutting about this. A new microraptor specimen with feathers on its arms and legs. Pretty cool. I don't have much info though. It might come up in the next issue of Focus. If it does I'll tell you guys here.
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?; January 29, 2003

"I was fed up with Dino Warz and T-rex fans, okay? They criticised everything that didn't promote T-rex, and I got angry"

I know that. That's why I said that your stories were a response to the posts of T-rex fans.
My point was that I think your stories are better when they are NOT meant to be responses to posts.

from TIm M., age ?, ?, ?; January 24, 2003

Hmm... Has anyone else heared about this new specimen of Microraptor?
Supposedly, this new skeleton, found in China, exhibits indisputable evidence of feathers on Microraptor's legs. Some people are speculating that it might have been arboreal.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; January 22, 2003

I was fed up with Dino Warz and T-rex fans, okay? They criticised everything that didn't promote T-rex, and I got angry.
from Joe Bob B., age 11, Menlo Park, ?, ?; January 17, 2003

As far as I know, the "new" theropod doesn't have a name yet.

And, while I thought it was creative, I never really was a big fan of Joe Bob's first DWF. Instead of being a story, it seemed more like a violent backlash in response to the posts of T-rex fans.
Your stories are much better when theyare meant to be storie, if you want my opinion.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; January 16, 2003

Well, I'm back. Due to my mouse screwing up and a recent blackout, I haven't been here for a while. Did any of you like DWF? I don't think so. I basically thought T-rex had too many supporters, so I tried to make a Dino Warz for raptor fans. Anyone notice that no one posted for days after I said "Man, this place is desolate"?
from Joe Bob B., age 11, Menlo Park, ?, ?; January 13, 2003

Aha, so that's how it's done. Thank you.
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?; January 9, 2003
You're welcome. JC

Remember JC, Brad used to do this thing; whenever he was recommending a website you could click on its title and it takes you straight to it?

I may have asked this before ages ago but I've forgotten and want to find out how to do that again.
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?; January 8, 2003
To make something a link, put <A HREF="put the url here within quotation marks"> to the left of the link, and a </A> to the right of the link. For example, a link to ZoomDinosaurs would look like this when you send it:
<A HREF="">ZoomDinosaurs</A>
Once it's uploaded to the Web, it would look like this: ZoomDinosaurs

Well, Happy New Year, to everyone here. So now it's 2003. I remember, about this time last year the people who could support came on, hoping that discussion will survive. Well, seeing as we're all clinging on one year on is encouraging. Has that South American theropod that's apparently bigger than Giganotosaurus actually got a name yet? Why does it take so long to name a dinosaur? It seems a pretty simple matter to me. Where it was found, or who found it, or it's most distinguishing feature, translate it into latin, classify it, check that nothing else is called the same thing, publish your findings, bingo. What's the big hold up?
from da masta, age ?, ?, ?; January 8, 2003

I was just in Pennsylvania for Christmas.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?; January 1, 2003

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