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The Test of Time
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Dino Talk: A Dinosaur Forum

June 15-21 2001

Honkie Tong: Don't argue with me. "i'm very right". My response: Very funny Honkie Tong HA-HA-HA snow white and the seven dwarfs. Okay you got me chandler very interesting. Did'int hear about that. Now Honkie Tong i don't know how you did it but you won. However allosaurs did not readily die out. infact they were actually quite enduring. For all we know the allosaur family probably were around until the very end. We havent even scratched the surface of all the fossils there are to find. Also allosaurs were around since before you'r precious tyrannosaur family were even in diapers! If allosaurs were so unsuccessful how come they were around so long?! You'r right Honkie Tong. LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 21, 2001

Talking about tanks now? Well, the M1A2 also happens to be my favourite tank. Tyrannosaurus also happens to be my favourite dinosaur. I say the Tyrannosauruses are like the M1A2s in their day the M1A2s are in 1999. :)
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Chandler, are you sure they are really Hardosaurine skin impressions? I mean some skin impressions have been found associated with the sue fossil, and I heard some of them were quite attatched to the bones. Adn those skin impressiosn showed bumpy skin.
from Lillian T., age 14, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

You kidding? Pitting T.Rex against a Allosaurus is not like a M-1 vs a T-72, its like a M1A2 vs a T-72!!! The odds wouldn't be fair! Even if it was 10 on one! While Allosaurus is hardly annoying the T.Rex with its bites, one bite from a T.Rex will blow an Allosaurus to kingdom come!
from Lillian T., age 14, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Psst Bill! What happens next in Net Impact? It's a nice story but I also kinda like you to go on with Old Blood, and then the much awaited Dino Warz 3!!!
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Well, about Giganotosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus. I'm not too sure if this would be a fair fight. You see, Giganotosaurus had a lighter built body and skull than compairable Tyrannosaurids, and he no longer has a size advantage over them, as latest T.Rex fossils found put T.Rex at 5 percent larger than the largest Giganotosaurus found. Giganotosaurus, like Allosaurus, was never built for the in-your-face work that Tyrannosaurus excelled in. In a one-on-one, Tyrannosaurus will certainly maul Giganotosaurus to death long before the overgrown Allosaur come close to inflicting damage that will even deter the dinosaur. The reason Tyrannosaurus wins this easily is because he was built for the in your face approach and nasty in fighting. Not to mention, he was probabbly MUCH faster and smarter than Giganotosaurus.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

I sense this is rapidly going sour. But I stand firm. The reason Allosaurus skeletons are more common is because they happened to be less varied different species of lagrge carnivores around, hence Allosaurus was more common. T.Rex lived in a time which was literally swarming with Tyrannosaurids of all shapes and sizes, and many of them were larger than Allosaurus. Along with Albertosaurus, Tyrannosaurus have been suspected to hunt in groups.

Well, I didn't put out the idea that Tyrannosaurus was as fast as Allosaurus, but I do agree that Tyrannosaurus might have matched up to Allosaurus in speed easily. Tyrannosaurus was better built for running then Allosaurus due to its coelurosaur background. Tyrannosaurus was extremely similar to the Ornithomimidae and we suspect that it could have reached 40 to 50 clicks an hour in short bursts. The shorter leg bones of Allosaurus were actually better built for a slightly sustained burst of speed of a moderate 30 to 40 clicks an hour. Don't lamblast me, go ask the guy who came up with this stats.

Well, apparently the Allosaurus gaming style does not work, as it died out unable to compete against Tyrannosaurid gaming styles. If you ask me who has the more sucessful style, history says Tyrannosaurus.

And don't argue with me, I am certainly very right. (I like this phrase!)
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

I think most "_T. rex_" skin impressions that were scaly have been proven to be from hadrosaurines. There is one impression that was recently studied by a paleontologist (I forget who, I'll have to find the ref) and suggests that _T. rex_ (at least adults) had bare skin (no feathers, no scales) like elephants.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Were not talking about a street fight between t-rex and allosaurus i'm just comparing them to one another. But i still find allosaurus the most intriguing though. I would'int want to get into another debate with somebody who can't finish what they started!(Honkie Tong) I disagree. I think allosaurus was both faster than t-rex and more agile.
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 21, 2001

Honkie Tong,billy macdraw need i remind you that even if t-rex was a pack hunter there are alot more allosaurus skeletons known to science! Allosaurus was more abundant than t-rex. Also allosaurus was a hunter not a bruiser like t-rex!!! With allosaurs it was all for one and one for all. Allosaurus was not an eye to eye killer like t-rex. It's like comparing a t-72 with an m-1. (although our m-1s manhandled iraqs t-72s) If t-72s were more advanced they would be better. (or comparing a lion with a tiger) No allosaurus was not head to head hunter. It attacked it's prey from behind which may seem cowardly but thats just the way it hunted though! I'm not saying that allosaurus was better than t-rex i'm simply saying that they both had different game stylies. This is'int from you'r old enemy but i do think that since giganotosaurus was bigger than t-rex it would win. hey size does too matter!! (like it. or not.) Now back to you brad and chandler. You seem to be forgeting that on this very website that it does mention t-rex having bumby skin. (don't take my word for it! look it up on this website.) But thats not all i think though. I imagine that the baby t-rex probably had a layer of downy feathers. (among other theropods such as the small to medium size ones)But i don't think this is the case with large theropods though. Billy macdraw don't mock me just because i have a different opinion!
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 21, 2001

_Dryptosaurus_ is an unusual Maastrichtian basal coelurosaur. It was medium-sized and from New Jersey and a couple of other places in the Eastern United States. Its relatives include _Deltadromeus_ from Africa. _Deltadromeus_ and _Dryptosaurus_ resemble somewhat of large ornitholestids, although a bit more robust.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

I want a JP/// _Carnotaurus_ action figure that actually looks like a _Carnotaurus_! The last two have been pretty bad.
The first one was black and pink (!) and the second one's horns are messed up and the arms are much to long and only have three fingers! It would look awesome if they could get it right!

from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Actually, Sean, most dinosaurs (at least theropods) were probably "furry" (not mammalian fur, so "fur" might not be the proper term--but if you can call pterosaur filaments "fur," you can call dinosaur filaments "fur" too). There are only scaly skin impressions from a handful of dinosaurs (ceratosaurs and hadrosaurs mainly), and furry impressions for several more (coelurosaurs and perhaps some ornithopods). Also, phylogenetically one can deduce that pretty much all coelurosaurs and most tetanurines had feathers/fur/dinosaur filaments/whatever you want to call them (ceratosaurs and herrerasaurs might have been "scaly"). If you're wondering why I put scales in quotation marks, it is because no dinosaur is "scaly" as we would commonly think of it, rather, they had hard, armored tubercles in sparse patches of bare, leathery skin (_Carnotaurus_ shows this). No dinosaurs had reptile- or even crocodile-like scales!!!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Hey guys! Net Impact 4 is out!!! I just like to finish this story before I contuine Old Blood. Anyway, I kinda contend the Tyrannosaurus vs. Allosaurus fight as I'm not sure its a fair fight for a couple of reasons:

1) Pitting 5+ Allos against 1 T.Rex? That's not a valid way to "fight" dinos. I think it should be done by weight, equal weight of Allos vs. equal weight of T.Rex. Besides, Honkie is kinda right in saying there is quite a bit of evidence for T.Rex goign in packs too. So it could actually br 5 Allos vs. 5 T.Rexes. It's quite clear who would win.

2)I'm not sure Allosuarus has an clear advantage in speed. T.Rex shared many similarities with the osrichic mimics (in fact they are related) and is actually a more efficent runner than the common carnosaur design. Despite being 2 tons heavier, T.Rex could have matched Allosaurus in speed.

3)I don't think having large arms gives Allosaurus a good advantage. In close in combat, a pair of monster jaws is what you need to hurt the opponent. T.Rex certainly packs a heck of a lot more bite for the pound then an Allosaurus, and all the arms in the world are not goign to save you. Besides, Allosaurus didn't really have extra-sized arms. Look at Spinosaurus, but that did him little good in making him mean.

4)Ouch! T.Rex can take a heck more pounding than Allosaurus too. I'm not sure Allosaurus can survive a broken neck, or two fractured legs, or fourteen broken ribs, or penetration wounds to the brain (something the T.Rex takes and survives pretty well) To compair, Big Al took about 17 injuries and bought the farm.

5)Also, the construction of T.Rex would have made it pound for pound, stronger than Allosaurus. You can't beat that.

6)Going by history, the Tyrannosaurids superceeded the carnosaurs like Allosaurus in the fossil record. Apparently, if Allosaurus would "definetly" win, why was it outmoded? Obviously it could not beat the Tyrannosaurids that's why!

Obviously, T.Rex will win. You allosaurus can respond to my comment but don't argue with me!"I'm very correct."

(Note terrible gramma and spelling delebrate)
from Billy Macdraw, age 19, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

I was pretty sure that in the traditon of JP toys, the alpha raptor lacks the inner toe. But I may be wrong, since I don't have it.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 21, 2001

The Alpha Raptor has the correct number of toes!

I think the Ankylosaurus is in JP3. Wasn't the Apatosaur in TLW?

I want a Carnotaurus! I want a chameleon dinosaur! I want a Utahraptor! And I want a Deinosuchus!
from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

I had a full mind to fill in the battle damage yesterday, but I don't own any JP3 dinosaurs. I did take that awful TLW electric Spinosaurs and completely repaint it in dull green and grey, and trimmed off the top of the sail. Now its, uh, a Metricanthosaurus! That was in JP! (No kidding, watch the embryo labels.)

There might be an Ankylosaurus in JP3. And also Datousaurus, I've heard. Read the junior novelization if you really want to know. I'll add Othnielia and/or Hypsilophodon to the list.

The List is updated!:

Where was I "over blowing it?" We don't have any evidence for the texture of "most dinosaurs".
from Brad, age 14, Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada; June 21, 2001

Though we like to think of Tyrannosaurues as solitary, there has actually been quite a bit of evidence they are quite social. And they could have hunted socially too. Recent finds of Tyrannosaurus have turned up fossils of about 5 individuals raging from adult to subadult. It is quite possible that Tyrannosaurus is also a pack hunter, and this will certainly cancel out the advantage Allosaurus might have had if it was a pack hunter. Also, I'd like to make clear that having a lack of arms is not a disadvantage in the Tyrannosaurids. In fact, it seems to enhance the damage they can do in a bite by freeing up weight for the jaw. A Tyrannosaurid is approxmately capable of putting up more than 30 to 50 percent extra damage in a single bite than a carnosaur (going by their jaw-body and jaw-muscle proportions, of which the Tyrannosaurids had considerably more.) Throw in D-cross bone crushing teeth in the rex species of the Tyrannosaurids and you get a dino! saur that's doing 70 to 80 percent more damage than an Allosaur of the same size in a bite. If you ask me, that's a very decent tradeoff for arms or sickle claws.

Also noting the fact that Tyrannosaurids are notorious for taking a heck of a pounding. While we gloss over Big Al's injuries, Tyrannosaurus fossils we find sport even more grimer and severe injuries and they appear to take it without too much problem. Clearly, a Tyrannosaurid can take more pounding than an Allosaur of similar size.

All in all, even if they were the same size (which they are not) Tyrannosaurus (or Tyrannosaurids) will win this virtually everytime.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 21, 2001

Allosaurus has a few advantages over t-rex. has unusualy long arms for a meat eating dinosaur. 2.there were more of them than t-rex although they did'int live at the same time. 3. It had huge claws on it's hands. ("as big as utah raptors toe claw that t-rex did'int have.") 4. It had 3 fingers on each hand instead of two. 5. It was probably faster than t-rex due to it's smaller size. So who would win? Well i think 1 on 1 t-rex would probably win because it's bigger and alot more powerful. However since allosaurus was likely a pack hunter the allosaurus would definetly win. You t-rex fans can respond to my comment but don't argue with me!"I'm very correct."
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 20, 2001

strangly enough Honkie Tong i agree with you'r latest post on jurassic park. I'll get back to you in minute. Now Brad i know for a fact that there are such things as feathered dinosaurs. But i do think you are over blowing it though. Because we have evidence that most dinosaurs were scaly.(i'm not sure if i spelled that last word right or not. "but you can still make out what i'm saying though") Anyway dinosaur skin imprints have been found and confused with crocodile skin in the past.(and thats no croc!)(so think about it) Now Honkie Tong i know you'r a big t-rex fan but my favorite meateater is allosaurus. I'll be back in 30 minutes with more information.
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 20, 2001

Dinosaurus we'd like to see in JP movies but were never shown!


You can add to the list.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 20, 2001

Gahh! I have half a mind to fill up the "battle damage" with milliput epoxy putty and paint it over. This is nuts! The way the JP toy dinosaurs are made is as it they love to get seriously injured. Ouch! And it looks ugly too, that kind of damage can only be made by a rexy man!
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 20, 2001

At least the Safari Ltd. Velociraptor has the correct number of toes! But you're right, the Safari Velociraptor, despite being the best, is still inaccurate. I guess there's just not a market for the new bird-like version accepted by scientists.

Remember the TLW baby rex action figure with the ugly purple-brown pattern? I painted over the purple with more brown today, and later I'll glue a downy material on him. Customizing JP figures is fun. :)
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 20, 2001

Thank you chandler. Keep me informed on neovenator. But what is the dryptosaurus?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 20, 2001

I thought the dinosaurs in the land before time were Apatosaurs, but now that you mention it, it seems more likely that they were Camarasaurs.
from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 20, 2001

I kinda like the Alpha Velociraptor. I have it (it's a long standing tradition of mine to get a Velociraptor from each JP toy line. I could not afford the T-Rex). I just don't like the two crests on its snout. But it's no worse than the Safari Ltd. Velociraptor.

But now I'm gonna bash the entire JP/// toy line.

The T-Rex is ugly. Period.
The Raptor has a tail in a position that it cound never have in real life.
The Spinosaurus has a tail that is waaaaay too short. It's also way too shiny.
The Pteranodon (THANKFULLY) has no teeth but (Ok i'm stuck)
The Triceratops is too small.
The Dilophsaurus has the frill the wrong way round(as if it had a frill).
All of the dinosaurs should be dead with the wounds sculpted on them.
All the dinosaurs have problems with scale.
All the bipedal toys can't stand on their own.

from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 20, 2001

You people really ignore my reports do you? If you want somthing real cool,tell me. The Land Before Time sauropods at first I thought they were diplodocus and now apatosaurus.Is there anything more better than spinosaurus vs T-rex debate?
from Donovan c., age 11, ?, singapore, ?; June 20, 2001

Yikes! Not this Spinosaurus vs. T.Rex again! Guys really, you don't have to flog a dead horse, its pretty obvious T.Rex could beat the living butt out of Spinosaurus anytime ok?

The Land Before Time dosen't make sense, but I bet the sauropods were Apatosaurus.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

My favourite dinosaur is the Allosaurus because It is the only dinosaur I really like.
from smilie, age 12, Hobart, Tasmainia, Australia; June 19, 2001

I always thought Spike was some sort of generalized nodosaur.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

The dinosaurs in Land Before Time are probably meant to be generalized...especially the "longnecks."
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

Hey guys! The next Net Impact is out, I hope it dosen't have any problem with the text.

ps.JC use the same picture!
from Billy Macdraw, age 19, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

The CoolDinos Dumb Summer Debate: What species was that sauropod in the Land Before Time?


This is a Longneck. 109 people on CoolDinos voted for this dinosaur. But what is it? The closest translation is _Megacervixosaurus_, "Big neck lizard". But since its a really obscure _nomen nudum_, I don't think this is solved yet. Longneck probably could be any sauropod, except for the really specialized ones. I currently think he's a camarasaur of some sort, but I haven't seen LBFT for a long time. So I need your help. What to watch for in the video: How far back do his teeth extend? Where are his nostrils? What are the leg proportions of the adults? Do they have long tails? What do their heads look like? We should be able to at least decide what family he's in.

And now for the others:

This Three-Horn is a obviously _Triceratops_. No debate there.


This Flyer is likely _Pteranodon_.


Spike: Obviously some sort of Thyreophora: but what? Lack of adults really doesn't help here. Probably a stegosaur, although if so he should have a proto-Thagomizer.

Ducky: _Saurolophus_?
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 19, 2001
[Brad, we can't serve images from a third party site unless we have explicit permission from them. Every time we display the image, they have to pay for the bandwidth. JC]

Bleh :P. I dind't really like Joe Bob's latest installment, too lame and unbelivable for my liking- any comments?
from Lillian T., age 14, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

ëHelp?í Sue frowned, ëHow can I help?í

erm...why is the text like this in the second installment of Net Impact?
from Billy Macdraw, age 19, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

This is one of the best pro-T.Rex messages ever, and using it in this case is justified for this is such a mismatch.

T-Rex vs.Spinosaurus, BABY! IT'S SHOWTIME! And talk about a mismatch. Spinosaurus is WAY out of his league. We're talkin' St. Leo's at Georgetown, Baby! I mean, Spinosaurus does great in-pack against other medium and small herbivores . BUT NOBODY LOSES TO MEDIUM AND SMALL HERBIVORES! IT MEANS NOTHING! Let's look at the non-confs. He was beat up by a couple of panicky humans in jurassic park. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! PANICKY HUMANS?! You gotta beat those guys for me, baby! We're talkin' CUPCAKE CITY!

Meanwhile, T-Rex is dominating all over. I LOVE THIS GUY! He beats up everybody! He's ripping the heads off duckbills! He's throwing mangled prey parts great distances with JUST ONE JAW! He defeats sailors and kills the entire crew of a ship WHILE IMPRISIONED IN THE CARGO COMPARTMENT! If he wore clothes, he would be one of my diaper dandies, BABY! DIPSY-DOO, DUNK-A-ROO! BLOWOUT CITY! Spinosaurus is headin' for the basketball court in the sky!

There you have it.
from Emar for the socially maladjusted, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

Ah...somebody is reviving this Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus thing?

Nick's talk about Spinosaurus being 60+ feet long dosent matter, why? Because if we plot the increase in size of Tyrannosaurus fossils found, you realise they increase by 10 percent in size whenenver they are found. Actually, Tyrannosaurus got much bigger, far far bigger than Nick ever figured when he made his calculations. Tyrannosaurus rex osborn most likely reached a length of 120 feet! Twice as big than the biggest Spinosaurus known and with a jaw 4.5 meters long with teeth that were 2 to 4 feet in length! The puny Spinosaurus stands ABSOLUTELY no chance against the 120 feet long Tyrannosaurus. Spinosaurus is creamed good and proper! The only reason why they didn't put a 120 foot Tyrannosaurus into the flim is because the flim makers decided that anatromic 120 foot Tyrannosaurus would make for a quick fight between Spinosaurus and itself. To make more drama, they decided to downplay Tyrannosaurus, the best dinosaur in the world.

Spinosaurus certainly stands no chance against Tyrannosaurus. Most of Spinosaurus' fame is based on false fact and we should expose Spinosaurus for the scum-eating, cowardly thinking, yellowed bellied, bell thinkering worm it truly is. Spinosaurus is nothing! Even Cardi had no problam with him in the African outback. Meanwhile, Tyrannosaurus is kicking the butts of super dangerous herbivores! Talk about a mismatch!

PS: The writer of this post decided that since Nick could base his rguments on a 60 foot Spinosaurus, a 120 foot Tyrannosaurus is justified as well.
from The Assumer, age 9(assumed), Ok City(Assumed), Ok(Assumed), USA(Assumed); June 19, 2001

Not the "Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus" topic again...
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

Even though it wasn't in the movie, they made a couple of Dilophosaurus action figures for TLW. One is the typical green and white, and the other is blue, white, and yellow.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

I agree Lillian, Spino-saurus stands virtually no chance against the super carnivores like T.Rex. Spino-saurus was designed to hurt fish and small prey with its 3cm wide teeth, and its low slung arms would have been useful for scooping fish out of the water but was too out of the way to be useful in a fight and rearing up with a hump or a sail acting back would have increased its center of gravity so much that it would been too dangerously unstable to be used as a combat tatic, prehaps only an intimidation tatic.

T.Rex on the other hand, had discarded just about anything to produce a heavy mouth full of bone crushing teeth that was brought down on the prey with a bone crushing force of five tons. The damage a T.Rex can do with a single shoveling bite of its nutcracking jaws is probally six to seven times that a Spinosaurus can do with its slender jaw and small teeth. T.Rex also had a very strong, shock absorbing neck that was shorter and certainly much stronger then Spinosaurus, slenderer, longer neck. Besides, the Spinosaurus' longer neck is weaker as muscles have less leverage and it also makes a better target. Spinosaurus was a dinosaur designed to fish and scavenge and pick on the occasional small dinosaur. T.Rex was designed to kill.

And worse, T.Rex was built to take alot of hits and survive. Thick ribs that was greatly curved for immenense strength, heavy neck veterbre surrounded by muscles with all the important blood vessles and neurological systems well protected makes a T.Rex incredibily hard to kill. Spinosaurus was lightly built with a slender body and straight and thin ribs. The adverage T.Rex can easily take and survive damage that would have finished off a 80 foot long Spinosaurus a long time ago.

Even worse, Nick happened to boast about the intelligence of Spinosaurus, but he's picking the wrong area to brag here. Sure, the Carnosaurs and Spinosaurus were very intelligent for the adverage dinosaur, but if Nick was really studying the dinosaur he is detracting (which he probabbly has not, given so many of his statements made so far). T.Rex belonged to COELUROSAURIA, the smartest group of dinosaurs ever! T.Rex was very closely related to the Troodonids and typicla of a Coelurosaur, its brain structure was incredibily advanced and complex for a dinosaur. Heck, T.Rex is even related to the hyper intelligent dinosaurs we call Aves (birds). T.Rex was certainly far more intelligent then any Spinosaurus or carnosaur or Spinosaur for that matter.

Even even worse! T.Rex was more agile and faster then Spinosaurus. It's better neuron to muscle ratio, higher intelligence, and lack of an obstrusive hump or sail and super large arms to impeed movement meant that T.Rex would have been far more mobile than Spinosaurus. Given the fact that T.Rex would have viewed Spinosaurus as a large, and potentialy more dangerous opponent then the hardosaurs its used to, it would have use hit-and-run tatics against it, running in, shoveling out a bite and moving back a safe distance and the slower, less agile Spinosaurus will not be able to do anythign back. Heck, give the fact that T.Rex had an extremely septic bite that only it was immune to, it would have avoided direct contact with Spinosaurus, and relaxed after giving Spinosaurus a few doses of lethal microbes after a few hit and run strikes. And after that, all that has to be done is to award this encounter to T.Rex.

There will be much wailing and gashing of teeth in Spinoland, but this is what you do when you decide to mess with something that is faster, smarter, stronger and tougher then you. Size nonwistanding (which Nick seems to be obessed with)
from Ding C., age what? mano, Latio, Latin, Latino; June 19, 2001

I have noted that Nick was saying Spinosaurus could have easily reached 60 feet, but I say that this is unlikely and does not matter alot, as Spinosaurus has alot of tail, so length will be an invalid measure. If SPinosaurus was 60 feet, up to 30 feet or more would have been tail (I have read that Spinosaurus is about 50 percent tail length) That's why SPinosaurus was a cyriptic contender to the throne of largest carnivore in the first place at all, it was simply long. But most scientists agree that Spinosaurus wasn't a really mean dinosaur at all. Besides, new rex specimens found (expecially the Rigby rex) put T.Rex at 50 to 53 feet. And considering that T.Rex had a far slighter tail porportion then Spinosaurus, this counts for alot. To match up to a rex that size, a Spino needs to be 70 to 80 feet long!
from Lillian T., age 13, ?, ?, ?; June 19, 2001

I didn't see the JP/// pterodactyles. I didn't mind the Tyrannosaurus, thouh it wasn't really anything cool. I liked the new 'spitter, despite the overly short face. It just looks neat. There was a TLW dilophosaur????
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 18, 2001

Nick, you are badlyu decluded. T.Rex was smarter then any carnosaur or spinosaur for that matter and far faster and stronger then Spinosaurus. A grip on T.Rex's neck (which was strong and muscular) would hardly produce a deadly wound as we mentioned before T.Rex has been proven to survive other T.Rex bites to that area, and we know no other dinosaur could bite harder than T.Rex. As a meatter of fact, I think Spinosaurus stands no chance as a single T.Rex bite will leave it bleeding badly from a series of broken bones and mins 70 kilograms of meat. T.Rex dosen't even need to get a grip on Spino's neck...a single bite will sever it right through and leave the headless body to fall to the ground.

Here's the biggest reason why T.Rex would win: Spinosaurus was a dinosaur full of bells and tinkles, a jack of all trades but a master of none. T.Rex was virtually a large mouth on two very long legs and a incredibly tough body designed to kick the living butt out of other dinosaurs.

Thank you.
from S.A.B.I, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 18, 2001

Hmm...I agree, the T.Rex looks more like a Carnosaur like Allosaurus then a Tyrannosaurid. I kinda hope they would release larger toys though, I would really like a large JP3 Spino or T.Rex to add to the 40 cm long T.Rex I got from the Lost World, really cool. Dino Toys should be BIG!
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; June 18, 2001

Hi all!
I m 18 years now and stopped to really interest me for dinos when I was around 14. I was huge fan though and it began with an ugly model of a t-rex my mom bought when i was 5.
Strangely i never cared to looked up the internet for some infos about dinos until today where i decided to pick on of the many pages.
I read some posts and Brad u really know a lot about dinos hehe.
My favourite one is the Dilophosaurus but that was before JP came out and everyone picked on of the JP dinos as their favourite :-).
I really would ve loved if i had the opertunity to use the interent when i was small but back in that time we had to read book about them .. bleh :-/
Weeelll actually wanted to say it s a nice site and had some feelings coming back when i read the posts of the young posters here :-)

from Dorian, age 18, Vienna, Vienna, Austria; June 18, 2001

Some of the JP/// pterodactyls are cool, but the rest are pretty ugly. The T. rex is really looks nothing like the tyrannosaurs from the other movies. The Dilophosaurus is this ugly peuk green color, and the neck frill is stuck around its neck (not removable like the JP and TLW dilophosaurs). And the "Alpha Velociraptor" really is ugly...what were they thinking?
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 18, 2001

Thank you chandler keep me informed on neovenator. But now what about dryptosaurus?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 17, 2001

I saw the new JP/// toys at Zellers today. There was one 'Alpha Velociraptor' toy that looks like a Utahraptor-Dilophosaurus hybrid! How ugly. The others are kind of neat, but I didn't buy any.

There was a new dinosaur LEGO set, which makes a Styracosaurus. It is terribly overpriced, though. I got another LEGO motor set istead.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 17, 2001

Actually, _Neovenator_ may even be a basal carcharodontosaurine (which is unusual because all other carcharodontosaurs are from Africa or South America). But remains are kindof fragmentary and it's hard to tell right now. I think that it's been estabished as an allosaurid for sure though.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 17, 2001

By the way chandler have you ever been to They have the biggest list of games you can imagine! Including dinosaur games and more! Some games you never even heard of. Not just dino games but all kinds of games. If you never been there before try it!(you won't regret it) Speaking of dino games the new jurassic park games inspired by jurassic park 3 are coming out soon! (dino defender,danger zone)(it's true!) And get this when dinosaurs roamed america is going to be on the discovery channel this july! Yes i'm going to be taping it like most other dino documentaries! See you there!
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 17, 2001

Right here's my report people.Pliosaurs could grab pterosaurs in to the water and eat them.And the spinosaurus vs t-rex debate had recently started it might end anytime now.But now our top story.Paralititan a new dinosaur has been found in a desert living near oasis.Lossilasaurus an even newer dinosaur was found and took paralititan's place not written in newspapers but thanks to Brad's remider,we've heard it.Dicynodon and lystrosaurus had mild differences.Lystrosaurus had broader face than dicynodon.Lystrosaurus was hog-sized and dicynodon,pig-sized so they might be same sized.T-rex is the king and giganotosaurus was second.Giganotosaurus was heavier and longer but not as powerful as t-rex.Its a good thing they never met,otherwise they would fight for real.The horns of triceratops wouldn't have much hope against t-rex's teeth.And there you have it.So Brad Chandler,Honkie tong how is it?
from Donovan c., age 11, ?, singapore, ?; June 16, 2001

Neovenator looks like a slightly smaller relative of allosaurus. But i too don't know the whole story. So if anybody knows anything about this dinosaur please post a message. And oh yeah i would also like to get more details on dryptosaurus.
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 16, 2001

Okay chandler do you have any gossip on neovenator?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 16, 2001

Although I have a feeling it would basically be Rex with a crest.... A Velociraptor Beanie would be cute too, especially with the 'feather' material.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 16, 2001

No, I don't know much about Neovenator. It's a theropod, from England I think, Early Creataceous. Chandler can probably tell you more.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 16, 2001

Yeah, I would like to see a Parasaurolophus beanie baby too!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 16, 2001

Brad would you happen to have any info on neovenater?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 16, 2001

let us do any thing on this site.
from justin .s, age 12, Hollis, maine, u.s.a.; June 16, 2001

Swoop, the Beanie Baby Pteranodon, was finally retired June 11. Let's see a Parasaurolophus, Ty!
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 15, 2001

My favorite dinosaurs are _Cryolophosaurus_, _Irritator_, _Utahraptor_, _Lambeosaurus_, and _Stygimoloch_, but I like all dinosaurs really.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 15, 2001

_Spinosaurus_ is a long, large, and lightly built theropod from Egypt and other parts of Northern Africa. It is dated Albian-Cenomanian (Middle Cretaceous). Like several other spinosauroids, _Spinosaurus_ had tall vertebral projections on its back, probably supporting a hump or ridge (unlikely that it was a sail as portrayed in JP3). Despite the common myth that it was totally piscivorous (fish-eating), _Spinosaurus_ probably was part scavenger but mostly a hunter of small prey (human-sized?). Its large size was probably a defense mechanism, that, along with its illusionary ridge on its back that made it appear bigger, protected it from the much more ferocious and powerful carnivores of the period, _Carcharodontosaurus_ and _Bahariasaurus_. The ridge was probably also used in attracting mates.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 15, 2001

I am not a real dino expert so I'm lost, but I've always been interested in them. Can someone tell me what a Spinosaurus is?
from Katie V., age 13, Tabernacle, NJ, U.S.A.; June 15, 2001

My favorite dino is Utahraptor? Anyone else? 8)
from Katie V., age 13, Tabernacle, NJ, U.S.A.; June 15, 2001

I only rented Dino Crisis 2 and I only got to the part just after you get the flamethrower and incinerate those poisonous plants. I thought it was a cool game (although horrendously unscientific)...obviously inspired by Jurassic Park, it even had poisonous spitting dinosaurs (Oviraptors this time, instead of Dilophosaurus).
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 15, 2001

So chandler you'v played dino crisis2. what do you think?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 15, 2001

Speaking of large carnivores does anyone have any dirt about neovenater?
from Sean.S, age 13, i won't tell, ?, U.S.A; June 15, 2001

We know more about T-Rex than we do about Spinosaurus. The only near complete skeleton of Spinosaurus was destroyed in the 2nd World War. Spinosaurus is the longest predatory dinosaur known. The biggest is Giganatosaurus and the most heavily built (powerful) is Tyrannosaurus.

S.A.B.I. should include "The Attainment of Knowledge for the Masses" in their mission statement. That will hopefully teach them people interaction skills.
from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 15, 2001

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