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Dino Talk: A Dinosaur Forum

December 11-15 2000

Anyway, I just got Age Of Reptiles: Tribal Warfare by Ricardo Delgado in the mail (it's a comic book). Go get it, all of you. And also get Age of Reptiles: The Hunt while your at it. You will not be disappointed (unless you read The Hunt before Tribal Warfare, The Hunt has better artwork).

Here's his bio from The Hunt:

Since graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1989, Ricardo Delgado has been working steadily in animation, film and comics. In 1991, Ricardo spent almost two on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine helping to design everthing from communications badges to the space station itself. Ricardo left DS9 after the first season to work on feature films, designing the bomb-carrying statues for True Lies, storyboarding Species, Strange Days, and Apollo 13, and designing the rail gun and an 18-foot Nile crocodile for Eraser.

Ricardo's most recent credits include Star Trek: First Contact, for which he helped design the costumes and make-up for the Borg Queen and her minions, and Men In Black, for which he designed a bunch of aliens. The Hunt is a collection of Ricardo's second Age of Repitiles series, Tribal Warfare being the first. Ricardo lives in Slymar, California, wuth his wife Frances and their two children Rebecca and Ricardo, Jr.

Whew, glad that's over with. Impressive, yes? Tribal Warfare is based loosely on the struggles for survival between lions and hyenas, applied to T-Rexes and Deinonychus's (Yes, yes I know they did not live at the same time but it's still a good read) while The Hunt is just a simple revenge story, beautifully told. The Hunt is the better of the two books (because of the artwork and also because it's newer), so if you can only buy one book this Christmas, buy Age of Reptiles: The Hunt.

P.S. Singaporeans, you can get the books from a comic shop at the Heeren, on the top floor, or you can order them from, a local .com that specialises in (what else) books.
from DW, age 14, Singapore!, ?, ?; December 15, 2000

..., if you ever insult Singapore again, or Singaporeans, I'll personally make sure that JC bans you from this site. I'll even help him track down your ip address.

Why do people always lump behaviour together under one flag when each individual is different? It's stupid.

And besides, Levines not even Singaporean. And he's a paleontologist. You should take him more seriously.
from DW, age 14, Singapore!, ?, ?; December 15, 2000
Keep me out of this. JC

I find JOE BOB B's new writing insulting.
from firebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 15, 2000

Michelle no dinosaur was 100 feet tall.
from firebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 15, 2000

Billy Macdraw, how many more chapters of Old Blood are you going to be posting? I like Old Blood but I also like Dino Warz and want new episodes of it.
from Reuben B., age 7, Needham, MA, USA; December 15, 2000

Cute honkie tong, a true genius doesnt label himself and accepts his personality and culture. I also have done extreme study. Gee honkie, you and Levine were the fellas ganging up, name calling and agreeing with the "supreme court" and popularity fans, not me. Now dont try to steal what I have been doing the whole time, denying false claims, ignoring insults and disagreeing with what popular movies say and not real science. You guys arent being very nice pickin on one person with a group. THats not a gentleman's way. Gee, you singaporeans are very pack minded arent you? I guess its a shame some of us americans are like that, but those of us like myself are free one minded. You guys seriously need to get a life and grow up, still fussin about me after I left, good grief!
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 15, 2000

hello my favorate dino is triceratops,i am a ankylosaurus dino.
from Ankylosaurus, age 107, dinosaur world, there is no state in the C., USA; December 14, 2000

Honkie Tong, what is your December holiday in Singapore? JC, what is the December holiday Robert Bakker celibrates?
from Reuben, age 7, Needham, MA, USA; December 14, 2000
I don't know, probably Christmas or Hanukkah. JC

Dinosaurs were instinct. Some of them ate plants. Most of them ate meat. There were many diffrent kinds of dinosaurs. Alot of dinosaurs were about 100 feet tall.Most dinosaurs drank water.
from Michelle, age 9, Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvaina, United States of America; December 14, 2000

Thanks Charcaradontosaurs! I'll get back to you soon!
from DW, age 14, Singapore!, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

Dw, feel free to do anything with my drawings you like.
from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

can you help me find to name five animails that live on the pond?
from Daniel R., age 12, pearisburg, virginia, americia; December 12, 2000
Click here for a page on pond animals.

That is so true Levine, I guess in that case, it wouldn't be really useful to argue with Mr Rogers or BBD. Anyway, I play the Gituar, just like Jim Corr. Mabye I should pick up the Keyboard too. I actually met Honkie pior to coming here at the But to complete the band, let me give you the bios of the last two Corrs we missed out:

Green eyed Sharon is the second eldest and second tallest member of The Corrs and plays the violin in the band. She also contributes most of the backing vocals and has this wonderful ability of being able to do both at the same time.

Sharon started to learn the violin at the age of six when she started to have lessons from a priest named Father McNally and it was this same priest who wasted no time in drawing out her potential and instilling in her the love of classical music she has today. Between the ages of 7 to 14 she was a member of the Redeemer youth orchestra and this orchestra become renowned in Country Loath for its fine musicianship. Sharon is proud of the fact that she only ever missed one violin lesson in her whole life and today she is qualified to teach the instrument professionally.

Sharon went to school at the Dun Lughaidh Convent where she was far from the perfect student. She was suspended from school on two separate occasions for skipping lessons and was caught both times, which made her realise that "Bunking off" was not for her so decided to concentrate on her schooling instead. She was told by a nun in her school that she would be a failure all her life. "I didn't take it seriously at the time and I'm not the kind of person to go 'hey, you said I was a failure and look at me now.' I could be internationally famous but totally devoid of personality and just an absolute ass to everyone. I don't think there's any such thing as failure if you're trying, you're not a failure. But I think I annoyed the nun, so I wouldn't like to be vindictive about her because I don't think she meant it badly.''
Today she feels her one and only rebellious habit is smoking and her other somewhat addictive pastime is drinking coffee and lots of it, it's one thing she says she sure couldn't do without.

As a teenager, Sharon's bedroom was full of posters of pop and rock bands with her favourite singer Paul Young taking "pride of place" on her bedroom wall. It was a typical schoolgirl crush and something that she still cringes about even now. Her music tastes today have changed very little and she is equally comfortable listening to diverse music ranging from classical to heavy rock.

Sharon might seem to look like the type that 'runs the show' but that's not the case.The Corrs decide everything together and she considers herself as being well organized rather than bossy and is the one who makes sure all the band are ready for an interview or have everything packed before going on tour. During interviews Sharon is very often seen as the chatterbox, the dynamic member of the band answering questions in a long and meaningful way showing the love and dedication she has not only for the band but for music itself.

Onstage is where Sharon makes her mark. She holds people spellbound, whether dressed in a beautiful long black coat, trouser suit, backless colourful tops or a dress Sharon's elegance and angelic beauty is impossible to ignore. Her gracefulness on stage when playing the violin is breathtaking, whether she is playing a fast jig or a haunting melody Sharon leaves the viewer and listener spellbound. Her strong, backing vocals provide the ideal trade-off to Andrea's forceful lead vocals and she will often be seen silently singing along with Andrea on many a song. Sharon loves interacting with the crowd and is often seen dancing and jigging around, waving to people or throwing her irresistible, warm, beautiful and radiant smile. The concentration on her face when playing her instrument is astounding and there is no more wonderful sight than a close up shot of Sharon's face in full concentration, with her eyes either completely shut or wide open looking dreamily into space playing a! haunting melody without hardly even a glance at her violin.

Sharon, like every person that plays live, is not perfect and she does make mistakes, not very often, but when they do happen and she maybe starts playing a little too early she ends up giving herself, the rest of the band, and the crowd a good laugh. The crowd loves Sharon's and Andrea's mistakes, it is like a part of the show and it is something we as fans wouldn't have any other way. After a concert Sharon is the one who will lead the review of the concert indicating bad and good points and making notes on how to improve for the next show before relaxing with a glass of wine.

What would The Corrs' music sound like without Sharon's violin? It's difficult to say, but one thing that everyone would agree with is it sure would never sound or feel the same. The Corrs play a mix of traditional Irish music, pop and rock and without the violin there would be no traditional Irish music and they would sound like just any other normal everyday band. The violin is a very big part of their music, it is very much the backbone of everything they do and it gives them their unique sound, the sound that makes them different to most other bands and the sound that makes it almost impossible to classify their music. The thought of The Corrs' music without Sharon's haunting and dynamic violin runs is really impossible to comprehend.

Today Sharon is engaged to be married to a barrister named Gavin Bonner and they have plans to "tie the knot" very soon. When not touring Sharon will often spend time around the house with Gavin doing jobs like cleaning and washing, jobs that we may class as mundane but as Sharon says "when you are on the road for long periods of time, little things like this bring normality back to your life".

Sharon is not only a very skilled and talented violinist, she is a unique woman who has a presence and "air of grace" found in very few people. She is not only diplomatic but is an optimist who always looks on the bright side of any dilemma or problem.
If Andrea is gorgeous, and Caroline is cute, then Sharon is truly beautiful.

What would The Corrs do without you Sharon?

Jim Corr

Blue eyed Jim is the eldest and the tallest of the four siblings and was the big brother responsible for starting everything by wanting to form a band with his sisters. He was even dreaming of family rock stardom while Andrea and Caroline were still at school and Sharon was working in a record store. He plays electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and accordion and last but not least sings occasional backing vocals. Jim remembers standing on tiptoe as a youngster and hitting the keys of the old piano in his bedroom and it was a potential quickly realised by his father Gerry, who then decided to teach him. Jim was a fast learner and quickly mastered the basics before years of practice saw him become the "keyboard expert" we see today.
When the opportunity came to learn another instrument Jim seized it and was taught the guitar at an early age by his next-door neighbour.The guitar is one instrument that Jim could just not do without and his passion for this instrument embraces Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, as well as Guild, Lowden and Taylor acoustic guitars. Not only is Jim a very talented and skilled musician, he can also turn his hand to producing, mixing and editing; he is there to make sure that the result turns out like he and his sisters want.

Jim went to De La Salle Brothers Catholic school but due to his continuing love of instruments his school work suffered and while his sisters were receiving good grades Jim's were poor as his school reports testify. This was not helped further by the fact that he had got in with a "bad crowd" who were causing trouble and thieving on the streets of Dundalk. While Jim was never involved in any of the thefts, he does admit that he got quite a buzz out of hanging out with this crowd. Due to Jim's fascination with electronics he briefly considered taking up electronics as a career, but after attending music college for a short period of time after leaving school he decided his heart lies with music. By the age of 15 Jim had already started performing with his parents in Dundalk's bars and clubs and he was literally thrown in at the deep end by playing with the Irish traditional singer Dolores Keane.

Jim comes across as a deep thinker, and is very interested in Philosophy and has often be perplexed by the "meaning of life". His view like his sisters is that, "if you want something bad enough then make positive moves to get it". Jim is often asked if he is the leader of the band and his answer is always the same, a big NO. "We decide everything together, and any fool knows you don't tell Irish girls what to do", he says with a big smile. He sees himself as the background figure in the band standing in the shadows of his three beautiful sisters, and according to Jim himself, this is where he wants to be. "You don't seem to understand, I'm here to make the girls look good" Jim Jokes, "and I am often literally pushed to one side by fans eager to get to them".

Jim is the guy that always has a joke or two in his back pocket. He leaves most of the talking to his sisters, waiting for the right moment to put in a funny comment and give everybody a good laugh. Jim does however take control of the situation as soon as the provided questions become "'business" related. Being forever in the shadow of his sisters means he gets to have more fun and he is a resident party animal. While the girls go to bed for the night Jim goes out and checks on the local nightlife.

When playing live, Jim is as laid back as his personality. Dressed normally in black or dark colours he switches between keyboard and guitar with ease and is often seen playing the keyboard with his guitar still slung around his neck. A good example of this is in the unplugged sessions where on various songs Jim is sitting there playing piano one moment and then without getting up starts strumming out power chords on his guitar. Like all good musicians, Jim has the knack of making complicated pieces on the guitar and keyboards look deceptively easy and his guitar playing has been praised for its innovation, phrasing and dexterity. Jim loves the camera and will always give a wide broad grin when he sees the camera on him, showing just how much he really enjoys playing. Jim firmly believes that looking good onstage is all part of the Corrs' image and he will never appear in shoddy cloths or outfits.

Jim currently does not have anyone in his life but has recently dated a former Miss Ireland called Andrea Roche, who bears a striking resemblance to his sister Andrea.The relationship ended soon after the death of Jean Corr but recent rumours suggest they may have rekindled the relationship. If he ever has children, he would like them to do jobs that utilise their talents and believes that having a job that is your hobby is the ultimate thing a person can do.
Jim is a pure winner, a guy who even from a very early age was destined to be a professional musician of the highest calibre. He dreamt about forming a group with his sisters and he has lived that dream to a far greater potential then even he could have imagined.

Thanks Jim for making your dream come true...
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

I agree Levine, I'll do so. Do you know that we Singaporeans use caning as a legal form of punishment. No, don't worry, we take it in our stride and are not oppressed or anything. But I certainly using such punishment on certain people will make your country a safer place. Remember Michael Fay? Well, I'm quite sure he did vandalise any more cars in Singapore after that. Though I'm not sure what he'll do in your country.
from Lilian T., age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

Actually, I mentioned ignoring senseless posts eariler, why do you people only listen to levine?
from Leonard, age 12, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

I agree Levine, I'll keep my silence should ... contuine. Say what ever you want. I believe an empty head makes the most noise. A genius keeps to himself. There is really no need to resort to name calliong as I am quite confident ... is wrong, based on my studies of biology and reality, not based on how popular T.rex is or what the supreme cout says.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

So Young is one of my favourite songs also. ..., I'm not responding to you .... Lillian, you should try getting Talk on Corners, or Forgiven not Forgotten. They are one of the best.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

You know, maybe we should change the forum to Corrs Talk or Music Talk because this forum no longer has any mention of dinosaurs :).
from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

GUess whos Back!
from Mr.Rogers, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

You wanna get off my case. Leonard, just cuz I dont listen to hippie music dont mean IM not nice. You ..., what you comin in for and dissing me when you dont even know me. SHut up! Anyway, why are so many ppl on my case??? Like all 6 of you.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

Well, I'd liek to bring final closure to this debate. Nobody will speak anmore about this. It's obvious who argued a better case. The behaviour of a particular individual after this post will be monitored. I suggest the winners to keep their silence. Go on talkign about the Corrs if you must.

..., you think you have all the answers. And since the other adolescents you hang out with agree with you, you figure your answers are beyond question. When you are 10 years older you will realize how little you knew when you were below 20 and I guarantee that you will no longer care whether or not under 20-year-old kids agree with your point of view. Why? Because below 20 your brain has only barely reached a nearly mature state, and still has development to go through before it is fully mature. Your life's experiences have been phony, in that they have been controlled and free from the responsibilities you will have to take on as an adult. You go to school, play sports and think that is real life. It give you an egocentric view of the world. All that matters to you is yourself and your wants. Once you have lived on your own and been responsible for taking care of yourself for a few years, and done something productive with your life, you will then realize how little you really understand about the world under 20.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; December 12, 2000

I really liked So Young! It's a celebration of our youth! Do you know I can play the Sharon instrumental at the time where there is a pause. Toss the feathers is real cool too. But that track is beyond my ability. It must have taken them real long to play their instruments like this!
from Lilian Tay, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Why are you all in a rush? Have you all forgotten we all all......

So Young?

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
We are taking it easy
Bright and breezy, yeah
We are living it up
Just fine and dandy, yeah

We are caught in a haze
On these lazy summer days
We're spending all of our nights just
Ah - laughing and kissing, yeah

And it really doesn't matter that we don't eat
And it really doesn't matter if we never sleep
No it really doesn't matter, really doesn't matter at all

Coz we are so young now, we are so young, so young now
And when tommorow comes, we can do it all again

We are chasin' the moon
Just running wild and free
We are following through
Every dream and every need

And it really doesn't matter if we don't eat
And it really doesn't matter if we never sleep
No it really doesn't matter, really doesn't matter at all

Coz we are so young now, we are so young, so young now
And when tommorow comes, we can do it all again
Yeah, we are so young now, we are so young, so young now
And when tommorow comes, we'll just do it all again
All again, all again, yeah, all again, all again..., Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
So young now, we are so young, so young now
And when tommorow comes, we'll just do it all again
Yeah, we are so young now, we are so young, so young now
And when tommorow comes, we'll just do it all again
We are so young... (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah-ie Yeah)
We are so young... (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah-ie Yeah)
We are so young... (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah-ie Yeah)
Lets do it all again... (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah-ie Yeah)

Alright, I think I overreacted, but I'll betcha some of ya here has heard this song, what do you of it?
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

I finally posted the Prologue to my story after sitting on it for a while. I'll write weekly so please do check on it. Thank You!
from DW, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Quick, Charcaradontosaurus! We gotta head on to the science forum before we start talking music too! Oh, would you mind letting me animate your drawings on movement? I think I can using Flash 4 but I'll have to see. Please get back to me.
from DW, age 14, Sngapore, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Honkie, you are right! I just bought The Corrs Unplugged and I have to admit its really nice. They sound so much better in the unplugged playing live. The more traditional sounds also appealed to me. Thanks Honkie!
from Lilian T., age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

I really think the discussion going on here is pointless. We went from dissing dinosaurs to dissing a rock band!
from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

You play the Violin? I never figured you were that sort. I find it kinda hard to associate violin players with hokkien vulgarities.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Did you know that I bet a dino was smarter then you!!!???
from justinj Axel D., age 8 8, lily, wisconsin, north america; December 11, 2000

See, that's the problem with you Americans, you're a closed-door country. Mabye if you don't know the Corrs, it sad, cos jsut about the rest of the world knows them. Prehaps we can explain ...'s behaviour due to listening too much of Limp Bizkit or Rage against the machine. I'm not saying which band is better, but seriously, the Corrs are better for your mental health. I'd bet monkeyboy listens to these kinds of bands too. I'm not a Corr fan, so before you do anything...I KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO HATE ME! HOW I WISH WE COULD FLY!
from Leonard, age 12, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

I donno, I found In Blue the least likeable (though I liked it) of all their major releases. This time round, they have mixed in more R&B and rock into their special Irish traditional-pop mix. This is obviously an attempt to win more fans from America (though they are really popular over there) at the cost of their old fans. Disagree with me? Well, if you have only In Blue, and liked "Rebel Heart", try buying The Corrs Unplugged or Talk on Corners or Forgiven not Forgotten and you'll see my point. But all in all, In Blue was still a good album, despite the american sounds threatening to drown out the Irish sounds we're looking for. But it's a good thing they are open to feedback, and I guess the siblings will give us another special treat at their next outing.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Watch it! Don't insult my favourite band ar, I say if you listen to them instead of those acid rock and odd rappers, the crime rate in america will be drastically reduced.

Anyway, I took heed from Caroline and also used gloves when I play my jazzset. I used to suffer from sore and blistered palms from excessive playing until I saw decided to do the same. Anyway, I hope I can play the jazzset as well as Caroline, she's darn good at it.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Seesh, that's what's I have been trying to tell you all along from the start. It's hardly valid to compair the raptors to T.rex. But since you insist on doing so, we all had to attack you. T.rex would probally flunk at doing the raptor's job as would the raptors at doing T.rexes job.

Anyway, I kinda also admire Sharon Corr. I wish I can oneday play the violin as well as her. Do any of you play any instruments?
from Lilian T., age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

Who are the Corrs??? In case your still carrying this thing, scientific research proves raptors had just as much firepower as tyrannosaurs, only in their feet and hands. COmparing them to T.rexes is like(ummm, a public known band)Limp Bizkit to Rage against the machine. Both pretty much same amount of power, different styles.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

The Corrs!!!! Yeeeewwwww
from monkeyman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; December 11, 2000

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