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Dino Talk: A Dinosaur Forum

Late Feb. 2001

Or they were created by chance through natural selection, whichever you prefer.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 28, 2001

The Dinosaurs exist for the very reason we do Ryla: God decided to create them.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; February 28, 2001


A Trilobite Is My favorite!!!
from Frank, age 10, Revere, Massachusets, ?; February 28, 2001

About the Iguanadon: It might, it might not, but we may never be sure.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; February 28, 2001

Why did dinosaurs exist?
from Ryla B, age 11, Blue Ridge, ?, ?; February 28, 2001

How do Paleontologists now so much about Xenotarsosaurus if it's only recently discovered?
from Lauren D, age 7, Brookfild, Wisconsin, United States; February 27, 2001

I was watching the movie DINOSAUR and came upon an interesting question. Did Iguanadon have dermal spines?
from Carcharodontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 27, 2001

Thanks Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from firebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 27, 2001

That's cool, firebird, but I'm waiting to actually see Jp3 before I comment on wheter it rocks or not. I like your little green rex logo.

Did anyone else collect last years Beanie Buddy dinosaur trio (Bronty, Rex & Steg)? They had very limited production, I think each one was only availible for two months. It helped to have a local store call me when they arrived. Rumour: A Beanie Triceratops is coming soon!
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 27, 2001

I think that feamale t.rexs were bigger than males because they would have to protect there eggs from the males because they would probably wold try to eat them or at least the young ones.The femals would have to be bigger because one of them is[females or males],and if it was the male the species would die out because the female could not protect her eggs from a bigger male right?
from teresa b, age 10, keedysville, maryland, north america; February 27, 2001
My site!!!!!

from firebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 27, 2001

Brad said "I got the Swoop (Pteranodon) Beanie Buddy today. Now I have them all! I have a feeling that this item could be collectible, if Ty Inc. dedices to correct the tag (which states Swoop is a dinosaur)."

hehe, Swoop is cool, I have him too!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 26, 2001

Did T-Rex's like each other?!?!?
from sara, age 8, Hillsbhow, ?, CA; February 26, 2001

so firebird, are you going to post a link to your site?
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 26, 2001

How did the dinosaurs die?????????????
from Peyton, age 7, Waverly, Iowa, North Amierica; February 26, 2001

Well, I can't write in too often these few days as I have something big happening in church, and I'm helping out in the ministry. Thanks for understanding anyway. There are some issues that are much more important than dinosuars to me in my life.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; February 26, 2001

Phew! Don't scare me like that!
from firebird, age 13, ?, ?, ?; February 26, 2001

Why don't all of them eat meat
from Ben, age 8, Aiddison, ?, ?; February 26, 2001

The lifespan for Dilophosaurus isn't known, so you won't find it anywhere. Studies have allowed us to estimate the lifespan of Syntarsus (a dinosaur fairly closely related to Dilophosaurus), I'll try to find it for you.

You can also log in as a guest on the following site:

There are many cool calculations you can do for any dinosaur, provided you know its weight or the length of the femur.

For instance, a 1000 kg bird-like dinosaur would live to be 60-120 years old. Seems a bit high to me....
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 26, 2001

Today I met the mighty Tyrannosaurus, person...and I must say, I stand in awe. Standing upclose to it you don't grasp how huge it is; it doesn't seem massive. Your eyes cannot focus on Sue's entire body so you tend to focus on a certain body part: the skull, arms, neck, etc. This creates the illusion that Sue is not as large as one expects. But as I stood further back I then realized how huge the animal is. Only when I saw how humans compared next to Sue, I thought "God, it's gigantic!" The people were dwarfed by the great beast and it seemed that they would fit comfortably within Sue's jaws. Hell, Sue would've dwarfed an elephant!

Even as I departed the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Sue occupied my thoughts. When I pulled into my driveway and looked at my house it became apparent that Sue was easily larger than my dwelling. The hips alone were higher than my roof. It is hard to imagine that even greater Tyrannosaurs than Sue are being excavated.

Seeing Sue is the highlight of my life as a dinosaur-enthusiast, I plan to return soon...
from Sauron, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 25, 2001

Hey hey hey! Don't bury me too soon yet. I have been too busy to write in these past few days, an Bill has a problem with his computer that's why.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; February 25, 2001

hi reuben
from firebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 25, 2001

this website is stupid, because all i want to know is the lifespan of dilophosaurus, and it is NOWHERE
from alli s., age 15, portage, Indiana, France; February 25, 2001

Billy and Honkie left? Everything is going wrong today!
from firebird, age 13, ?, ?, ?; February 25, 2001

Hi! I'm back! Lately i have been visting dansjp3page and started my own site!
from firebird, age 13, ?, ?, ?; February 25, 2001

Who made up the names for the dinosaurs on this web site? Are they dinosaurs that other scientist know about real?
from Laura S, age 12, West Milford, New Jersey, U.S; February 25, 2001

I am losing everything today. First, the games me and my sister play, then, I find out my uncle Oogie's hypothysis about when the Nye vacation would end was wrong, then, I learn the Kidslab company died, what is next? The Smithsonian? Since the leaving of Honkie and Macdraw, no one seems to pay atention to me.
from Reuben B., age 7, Needham, MA, USA; February 25, 2001

I am sorry to see Billy Macdraw and Honkie Tong leave. They will be remembered as authors, scientists, and as friends. I was their bigist fan, even when I questioned their oppinions. JC, I want you to publish an online book in memory of the 2 kids because remembering them by re-reading their stories and posts is boring. I am happy Brad and Carchodontosaur are here.
from Reuben B., age 7, Needham, MA, USA; February 25, 2001

from DONOVAN R., age 10, ?, SINGAPORE, ?; February 24, 2001

from DONOVAN R., age 10, ?, SINGAPORE, ?; February 24, 2001

My new illustrations of two famous "non-dinosaurs", Elginia and Dimetrodon, can be seen on the picture page.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 23, 2001

Hi my name is Manuel and my class is doing a presatation on dinosaurs. My dinosuar is an Allosaurus my dinosaur is also my favorite dinosaur.When my teacher told me my dinosaur was a Allosaures I FREAKED
from manuel.p, age 10, Sanatino, Texas, North America; February 23, 2001

Your website is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Alex E., age 8, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America; February 23, 2001

I am doing a project on dinosaurs.Mine is Apatosaurus,and I am doing

from Chris .T., age ??????????, ??????????????, ????????????????, ???????????????; February 23, 2001

Hi! I am back from Florida. I am now 8! I noticed somthing. Since Brad's last post, this place has turned into voting. Honkie, Macdraw, Firebird, Brad, Cardy, if this does not work, could you explain to these one time vistors that this is where dinosaur fans communicate and not where they vote and that they vote in is the vote for your favorite dinosaur page? On the fiction topic, when will Billy Macdraw stay as up to date with Dino Warz as he did in season 1 and 2?
from Reuben B., age 8, Needham, MA, USA; February 23, 2001

did you know that when the asteroid hit the earth and all the dinos died that frogs anf lizards survived without anything wrong with them!!!!!!!!

oh and my favorite is the............Lemmur
from Taylor G., age 13, Albany, California, U.S.A; February 22, 2001

My favorite dinosaur is T-rex because it was really fast and it can catch dinosaurs that are not as fast. They give meat to their babies when the mother catches a dinosaur.
from Patrick J., age 7 1/2, Neenah, WI, USA; February 22, 2001

I love dinosaurs. My favorite one is the Compsognathus. My 2nd favorite is the Anchisaurus. I'm doing a report on the Anchisaurus. I like it, but it would of been cooler if it was the Compsognathus I was doing a report on.
from Amanda M., age 9, Darien, I.L., ?; February 20, 2001

I think DINOSAURS are cool,they rock especially the Brachiosaurus.
I know its huge and it ways alot,but its not harmful and its an
herbivor so it dosnt kill things like the T-Rex does it only
eats plants.Sovotefor Brachiosaurus

from Teresa g., age ???????, Miami, ?, U.S.A.; February 20, 2001

I got the Swoop (Pteranodon) Beanie Buddy today. Now I have them all! I have a feeling that this item could be collectible, if Ty Inc. dedices to correct the tag (which states Swoop is a dinosaur).
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 20, 2001

I think DINOSAURS are cool,they rock especially the Brachiosaurus.
I know its huge and it ways alot,but its not harmful and its an
herbivor so it dosnt kill things like the T-Rex does it only
eats plants

from Teresa g., age ???????, Miami, ?, U.S.A.; February 20, 2001

I like T-Rex because he is really cool. And he is my favorite dinosaur because he looks really neat. I to see him at the dinosaur musam because he looks kind of live!
from Ena K., age 8, ballwin, Mo, U.S.A.; February 20, 2001

I liked the T-Rex.
from Mel, age 18, souhend, ?, United Kingdom; February 20, 2001

I like dinosaurs, my favourite is T-rex. He is really really cool!!! I hope i will meet him some day soon.
from Sam H, age 16, ?, ?, England; February 20, 2001

My sister and her friend were doing science fair at my house tonight (baking cupcakes, for some reason), and well, I wanted to do a science experiement too....

Using the water displacement technique, Plateosaurus weighed 2.88 tons.

And my homework still isn't done. I better go do that now.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 19, 2001

There should be some good sales on JP/// rexes around Christmas.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 19, 2001

Hiy.Dinos are cool!Iknow alot about them.When I am finished you will to.Some dinosars are planteaters or{Herbivores}.Others are meateaters or {carnivores}.And I belev that a meat and planteater is called a {harmnavor}.I herd something about PALIEINTOLEGESTS' finding a mascedow traped in tree sap!Some of the names of the dinosar's time were the Upper Terassiic,Lower Jurassic,Middle Jurassic,Upper Jurassic.By the way I have alot more Imfow but no more time,I will writ you later. ARIEL.W
from ARIEL.W, age 9, CARTERSVILLE, GA, USA; February 19, 2001

No, I have not disappeared. I just stopped posting because the discussion here had lost all substance. Now that it is better, Im BBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!
I was wondering, does anyone know where I can get any jp, tlw, or jp3 rexes for cheap?

from Carcharodontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 19, 2001

I have no questions
from Amanda M., age 8, ?, saskatchewan, canada; February 19, 2001

Doesn't the FTC rule only apply to participants under the age of 13? I have a TLW raptor I'm willing to part with.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 19, 2001
If you're 13 or over, it turns out there's no law against it but it's probably not a very good idea (please check with your parents first). Make sure you really want to list your e-mail addess before posting it. You may get a lot of junk mail from other parties (or even worse). I'll replace the @ with "at" so the robot spam harvesters won't get the addresses. JC

Hi my favrite dinosaur is the T-Rex and the Tricerotops
from Christopher.N, age Eight, Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada; February 19, 2001

Hi. people Iam loking for old JP toys & TLW toys (t-rex & ALL raptors
inparticular) but any will do if you have and can sell or(give)
E-mail me at: (

from Billy.D, age 13, Brunswick, Maine, U.S.A; February 19, 2001

the stegosauras rocks! I wish I were him
from kim, age 11, worthville, kentucky, usa; February 19, 2001

Teranasuaras Rex is a great dinasaur, but I didn't want him to die.
from Alex S, age 5, Mineola, New York, US; February 17, 2001

I think dinosaurs are just the best.
from Nauman k., age 11, windsor, ontario, canada; February 17, 2001

My copy of Phil Currie and Jan Sovak's _The Flying Dinosaurs_ arrived today! It is a beautiful book with good illustrations and text. As well as flying dinosaurs, there is information on gliding Coelurasauravus, many pterosaurs, non-avian theropods, diving birds, and flightless birds. Lots of highly interesting stuff. (loved the picture of the kangaroo-like hopping Velociraptor!)
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 16, 2001

There were many dinosaurs larger than Tyrannosaurus, and many dinosaurs smaller than an average 9-year-old. There are too many to list, but some really large dinosaurs were Brachiosaurus, Seismosaurus, and Antarctosaurus. Some small dinosaurs were Lesothosaurus, Heterodontosaurus, and Compsognathus.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 16, 2001

When dinosaurs were around, I think they were the biggest animals, reptile or not. Until blue whales evolved (swimmers cheat too!), large sauropod dinosaurs like Argentinosaurus were the biggest creatures to ever exist.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 16, 2001

I agree, Raptor.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 16, 2001

No crest on Charonosaurus? Are other parts of the skull known? Parasaurolophus is mostly defined by its skull characteristics, and the v-notch in the spine (seen in holotype ROM 768, mounted at the Royal Ontario Museum), is in my opinion pathological.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; February 16, 2001

My favorite Dino is any dino thats bigger than the T rex. What are the names of them? How many is there? Were there any dinos smaller than the average 9 year old?


from Maria P., age 9, Montgomry, Alabama, United States of America; February 16, 2001

Dinosaurs are cool
from Raptor p., age 14, Gooding, Idaho, United States; February 16, 2001

Did you know that dinosaurs were the biggest reptiles around?
from JULIE R., age 11, Los Angeles, California, United States; February 15, 2001

Brad said: "So Russell, what's the difference between Parasaurolophus and Charonosaurus? Chandler posted his article when Charonosaurus was first discovered, I asked him about it, he couldn't find anything, so I suggested that Charonosaurus was a junior synonym of Parasaurolophus (although I kept the species seperate and suggested that Charonosaurus may be kept as a subgenus of Parasaurolophus). Chandler agreed that my theory could be possible. I still haven't seen diagrams or photos of the Charonosaurus fossils, so I really shouldn't be making judgements like this. What does a Charonosaurus fan have to say?"

I still say "maybe," but unfortuately Charonosaurus' crest got broken off so we can't tell how close it is to Parasaurolophus just judging by its crest's shape. However, many other aspects of its skeleton can tell if they are close enough to be in the same genus as Brad suggested. I can't tell you, because no one has studied the skeleton closely enough and come forward with their findings. (sorry for replying to an old topic, I just wanted to follow up on this.)
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 15, 2001

Honkie said: "Fliers cheat, it takes very little energy to fly 3000 meters up and spot a body over a fifty clicks away. In that case, scavenging returns much more energy than searching for food. The case is not for ground based animals, they're better off hunting and scavenging to achieve the most efficent effort-energy return ratio."

That's why I said that only fliers can be true scavengers, because ground living animals could never happen to come across enough dead food to support itself on just by chance. And anyways, I never understood why anyone would think that such a powerfully jawed and strong animal like T. rex would be a scavenger...that's really kindof ridiculous. T. rex wouldn't have been made so fast and strong if it was a scavenger, these are clearly hunting adaptations!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 15, 2001

Of course T. rex wouldn't pass up a free carcass but it didn't live off of those meals. T. rex didn't have such strong jaws and teeth just to eat carcasses! Scavengers tend to have the opposite set-up, with weak jaws and slender if any teeth. T. rex's powerful jaws and leg muscles are probably still unrivaled in any animal of its size even until today.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; February 15, 2001

What about a dinosaur that has horns. Yes! Triceratops, the dinosaur with 3 horns on it's face. 1 on the nose and 2 on the head, just like the bisons of today. Triceratops was as big as a modern elephant but heavier. Still, it was very fierce and strong. It's horns and and tail were the powerful weapons. He also had a shield to protect the neck.
from Wajih, age 5, Al Khobar, Eastern, SaudiArabia; February 15, 2001

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