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Dino Talk: A Dinosaur Forum

June 2000

I wanna know how Dinosaurs lived in all that heat? I also wanna know why they were so big?
from Holly, age 10, LexingtonPark, Maryland, United States; June 30, 2000

Hi, Drew. I'm not really that knowledgable about the big Mexican dinosaur. Labocania is a poorly-known, good-sized theropod from this region, and it might have been a tyrannosaur. I've never seen any references to it being bigger than T. rex, though it is sometimes said to be bulkier in the head and body. Moving even further south into South America, we will find the famous big predator Giganotosaurus. This dinosaur is consistently recorded as bigger than T. rex. The African dinosaur is Carcharodontosaurus. It was originally described as being smaller than T. rex, but is now thought to be bigger because we know how long its skull was. Neither Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus are closely related to T. rex. They come form an allosaur ancestor. Labocania may be a southernly-migratining tyrannosaur that went on its own evolutionary path, but I'll have to look up some current information on it.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 29, 2000

A couple of reasons, Holly. First, not every dinosaur became fossilized. Actually, very few dinosaurs were fossilized compared to all dinosaurs that ever lived. Second, the land had to erode to the right level for the bones ot be exposed, but not destroyed. This has only happened in some places. Some areas probably have dinosaurs, but they are burried to deeply to excavate. Another reason is that the ground is often covered with plants, water, pavement or buildings that hide the fossils. And since some dinosaur bones aren't that obvious against the ground, and you could pass within a few feet of one and not see it. I have yet to find a dinosaur, but I do have a nice collection of bivalves, crinoids, sponges and a possible snail or juvenile ammonite (is that what they're called? The cool things with the coiled shells and tentacles).
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 29, 2000

I'll try to help, Rynica. The biggest dinosaur in the world right now is the ostrich. The biggest dinosaur of all times is Argentinosaurus. T. rex would have fought for numerous reasons. It may have been trying to impress a potential mate, take over its opponents territory, steal the other perdators food or even kill the other dinosaur for food. As for your question about herds, it baffles me too. We would have to find out by looking at living herd animals. My idea is that young dinosaurs left the herd in sibling groups, merged with a non-related group, and then split up every time the herd got too large.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 29, 2000

Hi, Drew. I'm not really that knowledgable about the big Mexican dinosaur. Labocania is a poorly-known, good-sized theropod from this region, and it might have been a tyrannosaur. I've never seen any references to it being bigger than T. rex, though it is sometimes said to be bulkier in the head and body. Moving even further south into South America, we will find the famous big predator Giganotosaurus. This dinosaur is consistently recorded as bigger than T. rex. The African dinosaur is Carcharodontosaurus. It was originally described as being smaller than T. rex, but is now thought to be bigger because we know how long its skull was. Neither Giganotosaurus or Carcharodontosaurus are closely related to T. rex. They come form an allosaur ancestor. Labocania may be a southernly-migratining tyrannosaur that went on its own evolutionary path, but I'll have to look up some current information on it.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 29, 2000

why do t,rex,s look stupid
from steven, age 14, edingburgh, scotland, scotland; June 29, 2000

Why is it so hard to find dinosaur fossils?
from Holly, age 10, Lexington Park, LeonardTown, Maryland; June 29, 2000

What is the largest dinosaur in the world? Why does T-rex always fight with the other dinosaurs? When the dinosaurs left to find a new home did they go in groups?
from Rynica, age 10, Lexington Park, Maryland, United States; June 29, 2000

Big And Important People that want to know how dino's died here it is. When a meteror struck the Earth it Killed the dino's in a radius not all at once. This blocked out the sun and the vegitation died out. But when the meteror hit it shuck the world causing earthquakes and volcanos which broke the pangea, and killed some dino's. but the vegitation animals died of starvation. The meat eaters and the ones that ate both ate dead meat. And if it had been posoned by vocanic gases it would kill them to or it had been seating there for a long time. Thats why we still have alligaors and frogs. because it didn't efect the fish and the bugs in the air. And when the meteror hit it caused the earth to move in a colder obit or it move the earth into an ice age. it wouldn't effect the ocean because the ocean is always moving. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTINOS ABOUT THIS E-MAIL ME HERE Thank you for reading my artical
from Drew W, age 12, Kewanee, IL, United States of America; June 28, 2000

Drew, sorry, but I can't include people's e-mail addresses online. JC

If they say that the T-Rex was the biggest and baddest how come there were two more dino that lived in Central America (Not the US but Mexico) and North Aferica. They had a different name but the had but maybe two difference. and the one in Mexico was bigger than the T-Rex but the one in Aferica was even bigger. Was it migration or evalution.
from Drew W, age 12, Kewanee, IL, United States of America; June 28, 2000

No Simon, you are not cool.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 28, 2000

did dinosaurs die of enviorment?
from kriston b, age 10 1/2, st.louis, missiouri, united states; June 28, 2000

dinosaurs are not cool
from simon, age 6, toowoomba, queensland, australia; June 27, 2000

Di you know that the T-rex's tooth was 6in long.
from BOb, age 29, Albuquerque, N.M, USA; June 27, 2000

I work with K-1 students in a computer lab. Our lab is very special, it is used only to enhance early reading and writing skills.(our other computer labs are used in many other ways). Because our Natural History Musem has finished assembling It's Giganotosaurus, and Disney has released it's Dinosaur movie this summer, I hope to do a unit on dinosaurs. My plan is to present to the whole group an introduction to dinosaurs watch " Magic School Bus Busasaurus" movie. This will be followed viewing your web site and learning how to collect data. Next I will give each child a plastic egg, each egg will have a dinosaur to identify and a worksheet to fill out. It will ask the name of the dinosaur. Was it big or little? Did it fly, walk on 2 or 4 legs? What did it like to eat, and to list any other interesting facts. The challange after that will be to use the Kid Pix program to draw a picture and write a fact.Then we will bind it and make a class book. T! his should be a wonderful project for first graders. Thank you for your wonderful web site.
from Theresa G., age 40, Atlanta, Georgia., U.S.A.; June 26, 2000

Lost world Lego sets are at Toys R us!! There are at least 6 sets. The smallest set is a cool Adeventurers car with a guy in it, but no dinosaur. Nice car, but NO DINOSAUR? I'm not getting one. It costs about $6. I highly recommend set 5921 Research Glider, which sells for $9. It has a small aerial vehicle with a guy in it, a Pteranodon, and the Pteranodon's nest. I'm playing with it right now. The next biggest set is a vehicle with big joined wheels similar to the Arctic vehicles. I have some Arctic vehicles already, so it doesn't thrill me. It also has two scientists, a campsite, and Pteranodon. Sells for $20. Next up is an awesome plane that comes with... not again! Pteranodon! Finally, at $70, there is the 5975 T-Rex Transport. Awesome set with a boat, a trailer, a car, and REAL DINOSAURS! Triceratops, adult Tyrannosaurus, and hatchling Tyrannosaurus! But it doesn't stop there. The biggest set, the $109 5987 Dino Research Compound! , is again an even cooler toy. A sort of campsite for containing dinosaurs, it comes with Stegosaurus, both sizes of T. rex, and a neat little plane that drops a net on an unsuspecting saurian. The Stegosaurus is in my opinion the coolest Lego dinosaur, and I wish they put him in a cheaper set. The mysterious set 5955 is said to contain both Triceratops on Lego-Stego, but I didn't see it and have no idea of its size or content. I hope it is small. Well, that is my report. Good luck on saving for a complete set!
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 24, 2000

Does Igounodon walk on two or four legs?
from adakjak, age 335, sjdda, jgkkkhtl, skyt; June 23, 2000

Adakjak Iguanodon mostly walked on four legs but its' young usually walked on twos. The adults also stood on to feet to reach plants higher up and to keep a look out for carnivores sometime.
from Joshua, age 12, ?, USA, Utah; June 23, 2000

What Color Were The Dinosaurs/
from Bluma, age 7, Lido Beach, New York, USA; June 23, 2000

Bluma, Scientists don't know what colors dinosaurs are because colors can't be preserved in fossils. They can only guess by comparing dinosaurs to animals that are alive today. For example, any smaller dinosaurs might be green to blend in with plants so they can't be seen. That's similar to a tiger blending into savanna grass with its stripes. :-)
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 23, 2000

Hey guys, did you know I used to be dumber than petrified wood? Grab a bucket, cause this report on Brachisaurus I wrote when I was like seven is sickening! I found this in my writing folder that I was given back because I graduate grade 8 on Monday (Woohoo!). And ya know what is really sick? I probably passed this assignment. Okay, ahem... "The Brachiosaurus. Habitat. Brachiosaurus lived in Canada (no, there are no Canadian sauropods! man, what did I have for breakfast that day?) and United states. It lived in water (I smell trouble...). It did not walk on land very well because it was so heavy (that was so stupid it left me speechless). So it lived in water. Interesting facts. Brachiosaurus means Arm Lizard because it's front legs were longer. This large Jurassic dinosaur was oe of the heaviest lizards that ever lived (I thought Brachiosaurus was a LIZARD? Crazy). It was big but its eggs were small. It grew quick. Food. It ate top ! branches of trees (excuse me, but isn't this the same fellow that can't walk on land? are these trees growing on the beach or something?) using its long neck to raise its head up to eat. It was a herbivore. The bump on top of its head was its nose so it breath under water while it ate water plants (uh, Brad, wake up! Its the 1990s, not the 1950s!). Appearance. It had a very long neck and weighed 67.5 metric tons. It was as tall as a three story building or taller. It was 23-24m long. It's brain was very small (aren't we discussing appearance here?). It's back was sloped." So, there is my report on the Brachiosaurus. I should set things right and do a good essay on the Brachiosaurus. Maybe in the summer, when I have time. Anyway, I just needed to let that out.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 23, 2000

I love dinosaur because it is big
from Arashi, age 11, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia; June 23, 2000

Giganotosaurs is meaner then TRANNOSAURS!!!!! but he is not a Tyrannosaur!!!he is a Allosaur,anit that weird??
from Dustin, age 9, Mastic, NY, US; June 22, 2000

Could I see faster dinor's moving?
from Julia, age ?, seoul, ?, South Korea; June 21, 2000

Dinosuars are so cool. I think that they should still be alive so then we could study them some more. My favorite is the Tyrannosuarus Rex. He is the bomb! He can kil the other dinosuars which I think is mean but you got to have a little fun in your life, right?
from Lucia D, age 11, Somerville, New Jersey, USA; June 21, 2000

How fast could a T-REX run?
from Woongsin L., age Age9, Los Angeles, Ca., U.S.A; June 21, 2000

Hi guys. My teacher told me of this site so I came here and I think it's really cool. I love Dinosaurs but one thing always boggles me. Their extinction. I mostly believe the asteroid theory. But then I wonder how all the mammals and birds and alligatorslived but the swimming reptiles, flying reptiles, and Dinosaurs all died out. Then I got to thinking that maybe there was no asteroid and that all the dinosaurs just evolved into birds over time. And the flying reptiles lost the sky to the birds and the swimming reptiles evolved into what are now sharks dolphins and fish. I wondered but then how would you explain the ice age. So maybe dinosaurs evovled to birds and alligators after the asteroid landed. Well, I'm trying to make good guesses. It's just very strange though. We went on a class feild trip May 16 to a Dinosaur museum AND to an actual DIGSITE. A man at the dig site showed us around and we got to see real dinosaur bones. Fossils! I'll have t! o scan my pictures on the internet. I got a really good picture of a Maiasaura nest.Well I told "our tour guide" my theroys of the dinosaur extinction and he said I would make a really good paleontologist. So I hope to look foreword to that in the future. Bye!
from Joshua, age 12, ?, USA, Utah; June 21, 2000

Sorry Joshua, I don't buy your theory at all. Alligators and Dinosaurs are both archosaurs, but they went their seperate evolutionary ways in the Triassic, after the ?crocotarsi (I'm not sure if its actually called this, but it would be roughly similar) and ornithodira ("bird necks", the dinosaur, pterosaur and bird group) split. Dinosaurs aren't alligator ancestors, just cousins. Theropods began evolving into birds during the Jurassic, but there were still non-avian theropods in the Cretaceous. Worse, where did the sauropods, ceratopians, ankylosaurs, and ornithopods go? They don't have any living descendants. Pterosaurs may have been losing the sky to the birds. I'm certain plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs don't have descendants, unless you count the loch ness monster as a plesiosaur descendant. Mosasaurs, monitor lizards, and snakes are related, though they spilt before the end of the Cretaceous. I really don't care at all about Cretaceous sea ! turtles, though they could be ancestral to modern sea turtles. Marine reptiles are more closely related to us than they are to sharks. Incredibly weird, but true. And the ice age had nothing to do with the Cretaceous extinction. If you are referring to the one we just had in the Pleistcene, dinosaurs were already dead for about 64 million years at that point. So luckily, I guess, you don't need to explain that. Look elsewhere than evolution. My advice is to work on the competition theory you have about birds and pterosaurs. That is a good thought, since species do sometimes overtake others, when introduced into an ecosystem that didn't have to evolve to cope with them. Don't feel bad, I've made tons of really weird theories. I'm not going to tell you if I beleive in an asteroid or not, ('cause I don't care if there was or not) I just want you to keep revising your own creative stuff until we have a plausible explanation.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 23, 2000

HI! I've been reading some comments down below and boy you guys sure know a lot. And Brad, you're really good. Did ya'll know the first time the word Dinosaur was used was in 1842. The first fossil ever found was a tooth which led on to the discussin about what it came from and later......... The Dinosaur. I'm starting a model of a Styracosaurus. It's not a bone model its going to be the real thing. Well gotta go. Bye!
from Joshua, age 12, ?, USA, Utah; June 21, 2000

Thanks, Joshua. I'm really interested in seeing your styracosaur model. It sounds cool. I have a half finished attept at Edmontosaurus giganteus, or Shantungosaurus, or whatever, somewhere in my living room. It is wire with clay on top, and is kind of heay and brittle. I hope you can actually finish your projects. Got a paint colour in mind yet? If you've got the technology, scan a photo when your done, post it out on the web, and tell me where to see it!
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 23, 2000

can somebody get me some info on shells for next wednesday, because I am doing a project at school about fossils and shells.
from C-S-G, age 12, Coventry, ?, England; June 21, 2000

I like triceratops
from Prarthana D, age 6, Silver spring, Maryland, India; June 21, 2000

Hi,may I join in the conversation.
from Charlie S-G(C-S-G), age 12, Coventry, Warwickshire, England; June 17, 2000

Of Course!

How fast could .T. Rex run?
from Chelsey .M., age 10, TAUNTON, SOMERSET, ENGLAND; June 17, 2000

i don't have any questions but can you get me some information an the supersaurus? for my project?
from Emily S and jessica g, age 8, niagara falls, ontario, canada; June 16, 2000

For information on Supersaurus, click here. JC

How big is the Dilophosaurus crest
from Chris, age 11, Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada; June 16, 2000

Archaeopteryx may be a flying Dromaeosaurid (see Dromaeosaurid Archaeopteryx @ had the toe claw,legs,jaws(including teeth),body,and tail.The skeleton is almost identical to the Velocioraptorines (especially Velociraptor and Saurornitholestees).
from Robert S., age 9, Lawrenceville, G.A., U.S.A.; June 16, 2000

Hey Robert- I agree with you!
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 16, 2000

Can you send me awsome pictures of a Velociraptor. Im doing a project for "school" and its really hard to find them please and thankyou KoRn rules BABY!!!!!!!!
from Tyson, age 11, NiagraFalls, Ontario, Canada; June 15, 2000

Can you give me a few names of the dinosaurs that were very vicious? Other than the Tyrannesaurus rex
from Cassandra, age 11, Salem, MA, United States; June 14, 2000

Maybe you should look it up in a book.Which place has the most fossils been found.
from Nicole.B, age 7, Georgetown, Ont., Canada; June 14, 2000

Has anyone heard about all the dinosaurs supposed to be surviving in africa? Please reply
from Bradly.S, age 12, Afton, OK, America; June 14, 2000

from SHAWNA W., age 13, ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, USA; June 14, 2000

from KLUTZZQUEEN 911, age 14, ORANGE, CA, USA; June 14, 2000

How many dinosaurs was there in the period of time?
from chantel.G, age 10, piscataway, new jersey, united states of america; June 13, 2000

If dinosaurs were still alive would you want one for a pet? And no I do not have a boyfriend!
from Deanne A, age 7, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA; June 12, 2000

Sure, I'd get a pet dinosaur, if they could breed them to be only between 6 and 12 inches long.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 13, 2000

How did the dinosaurs die?Why aren't dinosaurs still alive?
from JericA, age 4, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA; June 12, 2000

How many Dinosaurs were there? How many carnivores were there? Do you have a web site? I lerned more about dinosaurs. Chold you tell me more stuff about dinosaurs.
from Iesha, age 8, Cutler, ?, California; June 12, 2000

how did they die?
from destyneea, age 7, oroville, c.a., u.s.a.; June 12, 2000

How do paleontologists think of names for the dinosaurs?How many types of dinosaurs are in the muesem?How many paleontologists are there?How many dinosaur fossils are in the world?
from Deanne A, age 7, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; June 11, 2000

Where will you play Dinosaurs game?
from Jason c, age 9, Hong Kong, ?, china; June 10, 2000

Sure, Jason, if you'll tell me how to play.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 10, 2000

Dinosaurs are cool!!!! wuzzzz uppppp all you people?IIIIIIIIIII Rock you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Jolene, age 10, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; June 8, 2000

Did you see the new Gatorade Feirce commercial with the Deinonychus (or related dino) in it? Looks good!
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 8, 2000

How do you tell what dinosaurs they are?
from Jennifer W, age 9, Kirkland, WA, United States; June 7, 2000

from et, age 17, glendale, arizona, usa; June 7, 2000

How do you pronounce pacheypharosaurus or whatever its called
from Neil P, age 9, edmonton, alberta, canada; June 7, 2000

I wonder that too, Neil. Is it pack-ee-sef-a-low-saw-rus or pack-ee-kef-a-low-saw-rus? Is that a soft c or what?
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 7, 2000

Hey, my name is samantha and i was wondering if any one would like to help me on my dino report? Brad you sound really smart! how do you know so much about dino's. Brad what do you look like cause i like boys that know alot about animals, i love dino's my favorite dino is trysaratops i know i diden't spell that right!so brad do you have a girl friend? i don't know that much about dinosouars but they sound very interesting and i was hoping brad or someone on here can teach me?
from Sammi, age 13, wilm, del, usa; June 6, 2000

Hi, Sammi! Sure, I'll help you on your report. Are you looking for information, or ideas of what to find infomation on. If you are looking for stuff to find information about, you can generally find stuff about the discovery of a dinosaur, its appearance, special features of its skeleton, diet, defense, and maybe some stuff like social behavior. There is a page about reports on the bottom of If you need information, I have to know your dinosaur first. I learned about dinosaurs by reading dinosaur books almost constantly. I think its hard to describe what I look like over the internet. A picture would say a thousand words, but I don't have a scanner, or a site to put it on. And no, I don't have a girlfriend.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 6, 2000

so is any one gonna answer my question today causse ive never been on here can one of you kids answer me?
from sammi, age 13, wilm, del, usa; June 6, 2000

This is a good question okay do dinosaours ever eat real food like my soul food or something real [chiken] [fries] i mean something real okay canone of you kids come on to the board and type me a note me can get to know each outher on here w/b
from sam d, age 13, wilm, de, usa; June 6, 2000

Sorry, Sam, but I'm pretty sure that chickens weren't around in the age of Dinosaurs, and if the potatoe was, I don't think dinosaurs were smart enough to cut and fry them. If by real food you mean food that we eat, I don't think there were many foods that would please both a person and a dino. Seafood is the greatest possibility I can think of, since there were fish-eating spinosaurs. The meat we eat is for most of us large mammals and advanced birds, neither of which lived in dinosaur times. There was fruit in the late Dinosaur age, but I don't expect it was the same fruit common today. Dairy products were of course out of the question, since only mammals produce milk and I can't picture a big dinosaur stooping over to milk a shrew. Dinosaurs mostly ate insects, other reptiles, leaves, ferns, pine needles, and little shrubs and flowers, probably not "real food" in our eyes.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 6, 2000

What's up um my question is how do the T-rex's mate cause there like so tall i mean do they kiss cause it say's there jaws were like 4 feet long that's gotta hurt . is there any dino that was like nice that never killed any thing
from Sammi D, age 13, Wilmington,west side, Delaware, AAAAAAAAAAAAmerica; June 6, 2000

My question is was t-rex always a boy or could he have been a girl
from sam d, age 13, wilm, del, america; June 6, 2000

do you know how many dinos have been discovered? over 300!
from monica, age 11, salem, missouri, usa; June 6, 2000

Do dinosaurs kill other dinosaurs
from Shariff, age eight half, New Jersey, Cherry Hill, Untied States Of America; June 6, 2000

yeah shariff] the dinosaurs had to kill each outher to survive if they were meat eaters
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 6, 2000

sharriff about the meateaters i just typed that but i forgot my name
from sammi, age ?, ?, ?, ?; June 6, 2000

they have toenanls
from tiff t.g, age 9, Houston, tx, usa; June 6, 2000

Cool info on dinosaur senses, Stacey! I'm going to write that down on a chart so I have it.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 5, 2000

Why were the neck some animals so long
from verenice, age 12, phoenix, arizona, ?; June 5, 2000

Why where the long neck animals' necks so long? It's because the dinos that were herbivores (plant eaters), like the apatosaurus, for example, ate the leaves on top of trees & tree branches, like the modern-day giraffe does. Hope that answers your question Verenice!
from Emilie, age 12, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; June 5, 2000

The dinosaurs are so cool, you should look more about it. Dinosaurs are interesting, you can't stop finding a whole lot more!!
from Curtis & Jonathan P., age 11, Prince George, British Coloumbia, Canada; June 5, 2000

I made a new painting today, based on the Royal Ontario Museum's mounted skeleton of Albertosaurus libratus (I know, I know, but was I supposed to put Albertosaurus sarcophagus or Gorgosaurus libratus? Tell me if you know for sure) that I have met personally on several occasions. I put some flesh on the bones, and made the skin peach, tan and brown. It looks pretty good, better than anything else I can image. I kept the background they way it is in the museum, green with vines and ferns. I know that basing a painting of a theropod on a museum mount made in the 1920s almost gaurantees an oudated image, but it really doesn't look that bad. Albertosaurus did have the ability to rear up to the height shown in the museum, even if this was not its natural walking position. This is my first reasonably good acrylic painting. I'm definately keeping it.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 4, 2000

Did anyone no that Parasaurolophus sight and smell is average and his hearing is exellent. Also the Anklyosaurus, Stegosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, and Ceratosaurus all has average sight, but the Anklyo, Stego, and Chasmo have low smell and average hearing. The Allo, Veloci, Spino, Cerato, and Tyranno rex all have exellent smell. The Tyranno has exellent on sight, smell, and hearing. Allo and the Veloci both have exellent hearing. The Spino and Cerato both have average on hearing. All these Dinosaurs are Carnivores. Spinosaurus "Spiny Lizard", Ceratosaurus "Horn Lizard", Allosaurus "Different Lizard", and Velociraptor "Speedy Thief". interesting isn't it?
from Stacey J., age 12, Jonesboro, Indiana, USA; June 4, 2000

A Carnotor's jaws are big enough to swallow a person hole!Can you find more information on this dinosaur for me?
from Jake W., age 10, Castro Vally, ?, California; June 3, 2000

Hi, Jake. Carnotaurus information is hard to come by. There is a paragraph on it in The Children's Dinosaur Encyclopedia, and fortunately it has some pretty good information. Here's what it says, "Carnotaurus. Mid to Late Cretaceous. 7.5 metres long. Saurischia, Abelisauridae. Argentina. Discovered in 1985, this dinosaur had a deep, bull-like head with big horns above the eyes, its name means "meat-eating bull". Its arms were extremely small and probably almost useless. Well-preserved skin impressions found near the bones show that small cone-shaped spines covered the sides of its body." That's pretty much all you'll ever read about carnotaurs, I've never seen much else on them.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 4, 2000

Iuanodon's eneymes are meg losaurs, velocrraptor,deinonickos
from lainie, age 8, buffalo ggrove, ?, illiois; June 3, 2000

i would like to know with was the 1st dino found
from jordan.t, age 8, utica, mi, usa; June 3, 2000

Tough one, Jordan. Chinese people ground up "dragon bones" hundreds of years ago to make medicines, and these were actually Mamenchisaurus fossils. Descriptions of Megalosaurus bones were made in the 1700s, but they were misinterpreted as giant humans. Anchisaurus was also originally misinterpreted as a human. Dinosaurs were accepted a reptiles in the early 1800s, and Megalosaurus (1824) and Iguanodon (1825) were descibed. These animals were not described as dinosaurs, however, just as big reptiles. The word dinosaur didn't originte until 1842, so it would be impossible to pick up a fossil before then and say, "Looks like I found a dinosaur".
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 4, 2000

The seu is the biggest t.rex.
from lainie, age 8, buffalo grove, ?, illonis; June 2, 2000

I Love the Velocoraptors! All the raptors are awesome! Especially the Megaraptor and the Utahraptor!
from Jeremy S., age 11, Brockport, NY, USA; June 2, 2000

The biggest raptor in the world is the Utahraptor.
from danny, age 10, portland, oregon, u.s.a; June 2, 2000

Dinosaurs can eather be meat plant eaters. you might never know what color dinosaurs might be!!!!!
from Lauren, age 11, Albany, Wisconsin, USA; June 2, 2000

from HEATHER, age 09, BALT.MD, USA, USA; June 2, 2000

iguanodon was the scond dionsuar found by gidon a. mantell
from lainie, age 8, buffalo grove, ?, illonis; June 1, 2000

first thing, dryosaurus was a herbavore(plant eater)and moschops means calf eye and last there is a new dinosaur called newraptor.
from chris w., age 8, east new market, marylad, usa; June 1, 2000

Thank you for sharing, Chris. Yes, I was knew that Dryosaurus was a plant-eater. I was vaguely aware that Moschops meant calf eye, but I have no idea why- do you? I've never heard of Newraptor, do you mean Neovenator?
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 1, 2000

I have to *yawn* write a report on dinosaurs. its lame-o....
from ?, age 10, ?, VA, USA; June 1, 2000

Ya know, it is a good thing I don't know your name...
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; June 1, 2000

Hi, Robert. I'll admit, you're probably smarter than me. I support D. torosus evolving to T. rex, I've read about the transitional form too. I'm not so sure about the Stegoceras to Pachycephalosaurus, mainly because I'm not sure about the exact age of each genus. Maybe. The coelophysid feather, I highly doubt! Sorry, but Dilophosaurus is not form Montana, its from Arizona. Montana doesn't have any Early Jurassic fossils, Dilopho's age, its Late Jurassic, Early Cretaceous, and Late Cretaceous. Deinonychus is an eight-foot-long, Montana theropod that is more advanced than Dilophosaurus, and could have left the feather. If you can give more evidence for Dilopho and some evidence against Deinony, I'll consider it. I've never seen Customizing the Velociraptor. If it is a web page, give me a link, please! Biggest, Baddest etc. sounds vaguely familiar, but I'm not sure where, when or how. Lastly, 'avilain' is not a term I've ever used before. W! hat is the difference between Avilae and Maniraptora? Is Maniraptora a combination of Avilae + Dromaeosauridae? Are Sinosauropteryx, Caudipteryx and Protarchaeopteryx avilains? Is Archaeopteryx avilain? Help me. I link Troodon to Ornithomimidae in Bullatosauria, which goes with Tyrannosauridae to make Arctometarsalia. Is this right? Help me with coelurosaurs, Robert!
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; May 31, 2000

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