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Dino Talk: A Dinosaur Forum

November 28-30 2000

I do not have dino talk right now but i would like to know about lemurs and the size of their brain. Also How important they are?
from Landa L., age 13, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; November 30, 2000

simWell, this are the shots from the physics-based simulation. In a fight, due to Tyrannosaurus size and height, a raptor will be bitten from the top, meaning when picked up failing, it's legs and claws will face AWAY from the Tyrannosaur, making it impossible to kick at the Tyrannosaur. (not that a kick would kill it anyway). I tried the same on bigger raptors, well, same thing. In order for the raptor to fail and hit the Tyrannosaur, the legs muct face IN, which means the Tyrannosaur must pick it from belly up. Which is impossible due to the neck bone binding in my simulation. BBD's argument is dead. But let's not split hairs over this, the public has decided we won.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I ran a 3Dmax T.rex vs raptor simulation on my computer. I have deduced that if the T-rex did bite a raptor, the bite would come from the back and the top as it was taller. So it means that the T-rex would have picked up the raptor with its legs facing AWAY from it, making it impossible to kick at T.rex in the way BBD described. I realized the only way for a raptor to kick a T.rex in the neck is for the T-rex to pick the raptor up belly first, which is impossible because the T-rex would have to force its neck out of the S-shape to a U-shape.

Another thing, T-rexes skull was 1.5 meters long while the adverage raptor leg is about a meter, meaning a kick would go to the bony jaw, hardly any muscles. For Utahraptor, the T-rex would bite it from ontop, giving the Utaraptor no position to kick at the neck in the first place.

These are just my findings using appromate weight bearings attatched to models of raptors and T-rexes. My conclusion? Well, I am not sure if the raptors could kill T.rex or not but certainly not in the way the BBD described, by failing and catching a vital spot. Simple computer modeling proves this to be impossible. I will post some pictures later.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, I'm a raptor fan, but I voted for Tyrannosaurus. BBD has gone so far by sayign I am not a ture raptor last count, I noticed he has only about 6 percent of the votes at, i GUESS HE'S WRONG AFTER ALL.
from Utahraptor, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Actually, 55 percent of all dinosaur fans out there are T.rex fans, according to a survey conducted by one of your musuems. In asia, its 70 percent. I guess you american T.rex fans are pretty dumb when compaired to T.rex fans fromt he east. Yes, there are no better meat-eaters in its ecological niche.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Yes DW, you can get the Carnage line of dinosaur models by Resaurus in Tampiness Mall in the Bug shop. It's one of the shops at the upper levels. The Carnage line of dinosaur models by Resaurus are expensive though, but fantasticly accucrate. I got my Carnage T.rex for 40 bucks.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Thank you Levine for providing information I would otherwise have no access to. It's great to be told the facts without having to wait for the media.

Honkie, your comics are great! But what models are you going to use for your photographs? Also, do you know where to get the Carnage line of dinosaur models by Resaurus in Singapore? If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to . They're awesome!

Yeah, Brad, let's start a new discussion. What do you think JP3 will be like? All I heard of the story is that Grant is back and that there's a sequence in which Pterenodons attack a group of paragliders (Uhoh). I hope it will be good...

I'm looking forward to Sid Meir's Dinosaurs!, a computer game. This is the same guy who did Civilazations 2 and Alpha Centauri! You know this game's going to be great. From the website, it looks as if one would be able to direct the coarse of evolution (Which is better, warm-blooded dinosaurs or cold-blooded dinosaurs? You decide!)! This will be so cool! So, what does everyone think?
from DW, age 14, Singapore!, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Hey Volta, what's up with the Worstbest voting thing? Where's it?
from Leonard, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I just want to say that at least 95% of the people I live around sy t-rex is their favorite. Asking them why, most of them just answered"What other good meat-eaters are there?" I personally fet very offended by that.
from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Hey guys, my next comic will be done by using photographs. What do you think of the idea?
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well JC, it'll be good to have a post not no the debate, so here it is. I am posting to tell everybody the next Old Blood is coming soon and that JC, feel free to use any of my material in the newsletter.
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, BBD. It's not my job to wash all that misinformation out of your head, but it's my job to counteract the misinformation you are giving out to the public. It's my job to ensure your inaccurate views remain, well, exclusively yours.

One a personal note, ...
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, screenshots in tresspasser is chancy. Your screenshots turn out fine but the game might crash later. A tip: take as many pictures as you can and run like the wind. The dinos don't really like cameras. Anyway, hit the print-screen button for a screenshot. But I warn you, it's only half the job. Getting the dinosaurs to behave is a problem. Man, if they disagree with the script, they might even eat me! Seesh.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Also vote at go go go!
from Volta, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, I'm not in charge and I can't stop them. But that's the way it has been for Tyrannosaurus fans. Most people have a sterotype of Tyrannosaurus fans as people based on little fact that only like Tyrannosaurus becaus ehe is popular. But from what I know, this is not the case. (At least in south east asia.) Most Tyrannosaur fans actually know a great deal about Tyrannosaurus and not to mention a lot of facts. They will generally put up a tremendus fight during the debate. The problem is, some "people" think they are talking to people who are biased towards Tyrannosaurus. But we didn't like him for no reason.

Anyway, if push came to shove, the Tyrannosaurus fans would willingly shove back. They are not the type to take things lying down. If you threw a rock at them, they would drop a mountain on you. It's a detterent, and a good one, beiNG paid back three times the amount. Spit at them and sooner or later you will have a fire hose blasting you in the face...

Poor BBD.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Quick, to conclude this debate, vote at, but remember, vote only once. I can tell you know.
from Votra, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

from aUDIENCE, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Honkie! How on earth do you take screenshots in trespasser? I must know!
from Carcardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Really, I am dissapointed with a particular individual on this webpage behaving ..... Really, this individual should listen to facts instead of saying "And to those of you who want to fight with me, call me names or nit pick on me, please dont waste your breath cuz im ignoring it, you aint doing nothing. Period." That's hardly paleontological material. That's not paleontological material, but a madperson's raving. I faced alot of this when I introduced the idea of hot-blooded dinosaurs, and still do.

Take heart Tyrannosaurus rex fans, I, a professional paleontologist, agree and conceed your points that Tyrannosaurus rex was the deadilest animal. To that certain individual, I know Levine and I will not stand it if somebody questions his ability. He's a very capable paleontologist. Period.

Oh yes, Nanotyrannus is probally a seperate species.
from Bakker, Robert, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, if you want me to choose, I'll say the Tyrannosaur fans ONE. BBD ZILCH.
from mOYJO, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

The Ultraraptor fallacy (BBD's fall)

Dawn breaks and the sun raises noiselessly into the sky. The Ultraraptor gets up slowly, pushing it's incredible bulk off the cold ground. With his feet digging into the moss on the ground, the Ultraraptor hisses as he detects a new but familiar sent in the air, danger.

The Ultraraptor is BBD's ultimate expression of the raptor. 40 feet long and weighing 4 tons, this raptor was easily the size of Tyrannosaurus and would happily challenge him. But of course, the two species have never fought before, being separated by some geological landform. But the tetonic activity in this area has opened up a pass in the recent few years, and today, the first customer is about to use it.

Squinting, the Ultraraptor sees a shape approach him through the plain. It's a big dinosaur, a big predator. Tyrannosaurus rex. The Ultraraptor is a territorial animal, and being the top in the ecosystem, would hardly give way…a fight is about to begin.

The Ultraraptor starts moving towards the contender, snarling and snapping. But its immediately apparent that something is very wrong with the design of the Ultraraptor, or at least BBD's design. The tibiae and metatarsals ratio was way too short for am animal its size. Such a system was all right for a small raptor, but when taken to four tons, the Ultraraptor could not run! It could only move at seven miles per hour! Speed! It's not there!

The Tyrannosaurus lunges straight at the Ultraraptor, snapping its massive claws. The Ultraraptor raises its limbs to slash at the predator, cutting a gash in its flank. But that didn't stop the Tyrannosaur anymore than a BB would stop a train. The Ultraraptor still has one card left in its pack, it's sickle claw. Two feet long and capable of inflicting terrible damage.

But something is seriously wrong again! The Ultraraptor was unable to jump and kick! It appears that as the Ultraraptor has gained in weight, it has also lose its leaping ability. The Tyrannosaur clamps its jaws down on the Ultraraptor and the Ultraraptor shirks and kicks at his face, cutting it but hardly stopping it. A single bone crushing bite breaks the neck of the Ultraraptor and snuffs out its life, forever.

More Tyrannosauruses are starting to move down the path. The invasion has begun. As the first Tyrannosaur eats its fill from the Ultraraptor, the raptor's eyes stare emptily into the sky, BBD's vision is dead…

Guys, I say the Tyrannosaur fans won the debate. BBD, GET LOST!
from SP, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

He didn't answer any of Honkie's points! Let it go, he's off his rocker
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Well, monekeyman, I have conclusive evidence that the Tyrannosaurs could certainly run, at least better than the raptors though. Dromaeosaurs have just about the shortest and broadest tibiae and metatarsals of the nonavian theropods. Tyrannosaurids have the longest and most slender tibiae and metatarsals for any theropod in their sizee range. On top of that, tyrannosaurids have some nice shock-abosrbing potential in their feet. All other things being equal, a tyrannosaurid should be expected to cover more ground per unit time (aka,speed) than a dromaeosaurid of the same size. This would make tyrannosaurids among the fastestest of its time for its size,

and definitely faster than its prey.
This supports my original claims , that there is nothing to prove that
Dromaeosaurs were seemingly better (or more efficient) hunters.

Every time I see something that says that dromeosaurs "best" suited for hunting I can't help but question what this is based on. Is
it mostly assumption. Is it that they are seemingly "better suited for
speed",Or the arsenal of claws that it unleashed on its prey with such a fury? why is it considered so much more efficient than a Tyrannosaur (especially T.Rex). And what hard evidence is this based upon.
I think it possible that a Tyrannosaur may have have been more efficient (or at least equal) in its pursuing and killing ability than a dromeosaur. Can anyone support or argue this assumption?

from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

BBD, what's a fact is, no raptor reached T.rex size! hahahhaahahahhahahahahhahaha mabye you can go find one yourself. Come on, I am not involoved in this fesita but you make yourself look like a blinking fool!
from Norman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000


Well it certainly looks that way. He simply does not understand simply interaction between organisms. Hey, any paleontologists to confirm this.
from Wildcat, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

BBD, this is the first time I am visiting zoom dinosaurs and I like to say you are a very mean person! The T.rex fans are right, they would kill any raptor. You are just ... BBD.
from Janice, age 9, Mami, Florida, USA; November 30, 2000

BBD, hello? Anybody home? I thouught we told you T.rex would laugh if your stupid raptor kicked it in the face. T.rex was to mean, and too tough to die from damage that way fool. Now you're acting stupid. Of course no raptor reached T.rex size. And that's why they are not as deadily...fool! Don't blame me! Blame mother nature! (I guess even she dosen't agree with you)
from Grace, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

What rubbish! But it looks like BBD has lost his mind, no point arguing with a person like that. I propose we let the audience decide. AUDIENCE, DECIDE!
from flamebird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I am not a raptor fan? What an insult! You can't determine how a raptor fan shoudl agree with you, get out of town BBD!
from Utahraptor, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Forget BBD, he's far beyond rational. HA HA HA, good comic Honkie. You're right, BBD's in a small tank facing the compined firepower of everybody. Prepair to be blown away............
from Lilian Tay, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I agree Levine, its time to bring clousure to this. To the people observing this debate, you pass jugment on who wins, ok? Let the result be final.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Hyeanodont could kill a pantherine, if the hyeanodont was coming in droves. But they refuse to attack for the simple reason the pantherine could and would take down a few of them along with it. I'm not sure about your theory about slapping Tyrannosaurus in the face. I suppose the Tyrannosaurus would take some damage, but I hardly think that damage would be fatal. Far from it. Tyrannosaurus is hardly what you americans call a "wimp"
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Ive heard about the female T.Rexes being bigger than the males, well the T.Rex mounted at UCMP is just as big and looks male with all that stuff on its face and head.
from monkeyman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

The teeth of tyrannosaurids are very interesting -- rather than being the flat knifelike blades as in most other carnivorous dinosaurs, they are, as Berkeley's Professor Kevin Padian describes them, "like lethal bananas"; more like giant spikes than razor-edged blades. With a mouthful of this murderous fruitlike dentition, tyrannosaurs had a whopping bite, which might have made up for their reduced forelimbs. /
Many scientists familiar with the principles of biomechanics (physics applied to living organisms) think that tyrannosaurs could move fairly fast, maybe 10-20 mph, but not as fast as the smaller theropod dinosaurs. Smaller tyrannosaurs like Albertosaurus may have moved faster than the bigger ones like T. rex. Some think that this was probably true for young tryannosaurs, too. Yet we still lack conclusive evidence that tyrannosaurs could even run; (This is also from UCMP to help with the discussion)

from monkeyman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

The claw base-to-tip angle maximized the transmission of forces from the leg to the tip of the claw, providing for a powerful slash that may have been able to disembowel prey swiftly. The stiffened tail would have been good to stabilize the body while the grasping arms and jaws held onto the prey for balance. (This is from UCMP to help with the discussion) T.Rex could woop any raptor though!
from Monkeyman CAN!, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Even though a tyrannosaur could get the upperhand, all that slapping, kicking and flailing by the raptor with those big meat hook like claws would aimed at the head and chest would cause ALOT of damage, very quickly, the tyrannosaur could win, but he wouldnt walk away alive or wouldnt live long after. Period. Im done. You people are dragging this arguement out of proportion! T.rex could beat almost any raptor, since none were as big or bigger than him. Thats fact. A raptor as big as a tyrannosaur, the tyrannosaur would have a problem trying to kill it. Period. Fact. Be logical. Now if you wanna argue that, your not thinking, but just wanna argue, like Levine. If you do, argue with him. Im
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I think the most dangerous carnivore, pound for pound, were the phorusrhacoids. Ha-he-heh!
from Monkeyman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Levine-Your immature, go away. Youd disagree with me even if I said a hyeanodont could kill a pantherine, which they could. Im only annoying you, and if the tyrannosaur fans won, I won too, since I am a tyrannosaur fan, you dork. Since I wont pit a raptor against a tyrannosaurus cuz there werent any 40 ft long. Remember, I said raptors were deadlier, cuz of all their overkill sized claws. Thank you. THe point is there. Remember, it wasnt me who tryed to pit them together was the lil clique in here who fight anyone else not in. Lets see, its comprised of Levine, Honkie Tong, Lilian Tay, Billy Macdraw and all your alter egos. Boy, thats alot! And I expect if I wish to discuss or join in on anything else, you lil group will be jumping against me constantly cuz I MIGHT disagree. Oh Lowrdy.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

from JUSTIN L, age 11, HUSSER, LOUSIANA, COUNTRY; November 30, 2000

Will dinosaurs ever be back? Will you unfreeze them if they are in an iceburg?
from Jillian C, age 11, Pataskala, Ohio, Pataskala; November 30, 2000

Everybody make way, monkeyman is here!!! Whats the topic???
from Monkeyman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

The reason im ignoring so many of you is becuase all you wanna do is fight and nitpick, and Im too mature for such things and I dont have the energy for such stupidity. IM NOT A RAPTOR FAN! Then most of you just want to say Tyrannosaur fans win, like your some sort of sports team and thats jus sick. Then think about it. A raptor may not win, but the arms are long with BIG hooks. IF the tyrannosaur(NOT T.REX) did bite down on its body, it would flail at the head before death and one of those hooks would get the neck. A stabbed throat. Done. Then the raptor fan, I dont believe your a raptor fan at all. Your just another one of those idiots who either wants to fight or try and make me feel dumb like lilian Tay whos obsessed with fighting and nitpicking. Its tiresome people. Then all the alter egos(changing names and talking as someone else) needs to stop. Thats just funny. The facts, Tyrannosaurs(the whole family) were built for animals their size and smaller, raptors were built for animals bigger, same size and smaller, like a sabertooth. THose huge claws were certainly for something bigger than the owner of them. Im done. I dont want to argue, and stop with all the nonsense, just cuz of the "Tyrannosaur fan vs raptor fan" s#$%. Its the dumbest s#$^% Ive ever seen. And to those of you who want to fight with me, call me names or nit pick on me, please dont waste your breath cuz im ignoring it, you aint doing nothing. Period.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Sgt.Whoever, a gun is merely a machine made to propel bullets, not a living creature made to kill or defen itself and survive in a special habitat, temperature, amongst other animals and in special conditions. You really make yourself look stupid. Why does everyone think Im pitting T.Rex against Deinonychus? Think about a 35 ft megaraptor against Daspletosaurus. Those four killer claws, even if megaraptor got pinned, would be flailing and cutting almost everything in reach, especially the main cause of the pain(since its an extinct to hit the main cause in animals), the head and the throat would get cut. But you "few" dogmatic tyrannosaur fans are too stuck on whos better than face facts. The tyrannosaur is meaner, stronger, more muscled and more powerful, but the raptor has claws on each limb too big to ignore along with a wiry body and great flexibility. Vitals would get cut period. And remember, a 35 foot raptor against a 30ft tyrannosaur. Not dr! omaeosaurus againt T.rex!!!
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

I agree with DW on all his points. How many times I have been trying to say raptors overkill sized claws were built for large animals but too many of you were so obsessed with raptors vs T.rex that you wouldnt listen. Those claws were like a sabertooth's teeth so to speak(im only making a comparison). Skeletal studies have pointed out raptors had a "killer claw" on the hand as well as the foot, adding up to four killer claws. Raptors probably used the hands and feet for strict killing devices.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Utahraptor, please do not talk to me. You hate me for some petty reason and all you wish to do is nit pick and fight. The way you speak shows me to be far above in maturity. Now please go away, I dont have time to play with angry children.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Is it true that if you stand still a T.rex cannot see u?
from Norman, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Oh, I am so sorry. I forgot to answer one more matter. Brian cases of other raptors have been done. In fact, most of the raptors have been made a brain-cast off. Save for Deinonychus, which had a silghtly more complex brain, the raptors had rather primitive, what a fellow student has described as a "oversized geko brain". Tyrannosaur brains look like a cross between a archosaur and a modern raptor brain.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

BBD, you're irrating.

Oh no! It looks like I am out of ideas for Old Blood! Writers Block! Any ideas? Please post them to
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Here Honkie, let me speak your sentences: Dromeosaurus is also a confirmed solitary animal. We can't tell how common the big raptors such as Utahraptor were as we've only found one sepcimen. But according to the law of probability, that fossil should have come from the time where Utahraptors were the most common. That was about two million years after the expansion of the great inland sea and the arrival of the early Tyrannosaurids.

As I have said eariler, outside change is rarely responsible for extinction in complex organisms. Behaviour is the main reason. The Tyrannosaurids presented forced a behavioural change within the large raptors, as it appears, for the worst. The Tyrannosaurids were directly and mainly responsible for the decline and fall of the large raptors. We tend to forget that complex animals have effectively insultated themselves from drastic enviromental change. It's all done by behaviour, organisms interacting in an old order (the time of the raptors) being challanged by a new variable. (The Tyrannosaurids) Some variables to this behavioural ecostatis will be eliminated. (The large raptor extinction). Behaviour my friend, behaviour.

Once again, pack haunting is a form of behaviour. I would be easier to study dinosaurs but they are inconvinently extinct. Behaviour does not fossilize well, but I can make a few deductions that can prove that most of the raptors were solitary:

Firstly, a simple brain. Even the supposed pack behaviour in raptors would have been very poorly co-ordinated. Lions hunt in a pride, not a pack. It's only the dogs that exibit true pack behaviour. In a pride, co-operation is not as important. But before we say raptors would have hunted in a pride, we must remember the lions were far smarter, and stronger than the raptors. I propose the Tyrannosaurids like Albertosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, having a greater porportion of ceribal cortex than the raptors, would have exibited this. The raptors would have probally grouped-attacked like mordern day crocidiles.

One needs to remember that if they did hunt in packs, they did not do it efficently. Two speciments of Deinonychus antirrhopus died in an attempt on a Tendontosaurus. A unagreeable attrition rate for common-pack behaviour. Point is, if the Deinonychus did hunt in packs, it was rare.

Some raptors like Dromeosaurus, Pryoraptor have been found in fossilized vocanic ash. Those were individual finds, with no evidence to support pack behaviour, none at all. This means the majority of raptors were not pack-hunters. Pack behaviour was just a suggestion that took a life of its own and became a "fact" through favourable portrayal by the media and the layman. People don't like to think of Tyrannosaurus coming in prides/packs, but the evidence say otherwise. This is conversely true for the raptors.

I think its time to look at the truth behind the raptors. They were not the deadilest pack-hunting super-killers the early paleontologists envisioned them to be. It was a nice thought, but extraoridanary. Extraoridanary claims need extraordinary proof. But we don't even have the slightest shred of evidence to suggest so.

I guess it time for closure on this raptor debate. From a neutral point of view, I guess I can conclusively say that the raptors were never a match for Tyrannosaurus(or the Tyrannosaurids as a general) BBD has actually gone so far as to pick and mix his contenders. For a fair compairsion, I propose he pits one species of raptor against Tyrannosaurus. But this debate is over. Somebody has to make a judgement at some point and I, proffesionally say the Tyrannosaur fans have won this debate.

Thanks Brad, for enduring this debate.

from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Ummmmm... Honkie, I don't want to seem to be nit-picking or fighting other people's battles, but some of your points seem a little off and, for the greater good of not spreading misinformation (I'm not implying anything here, please don't whack me,please ), I now have to rebutt them.

*The point on extinction due to compeition was something I posted on earlier. Maybe they (big raptors) dwindled to a small population due to extreme ecological stress (caused by the expansion of the Great Inland Sea, you can verify this under Mesezoic World at Zoomdinosaurs) and the Tyrannosaurs merely took their place as top predator. But that's just an intrepretaion which includes environmental factors.

*The brain study was only of Velociraptor, a primitive dromeosaurid, if I'm not wrong.

*To my recolection, only Velociraptors have been found to have died in disasters, and as stated, solitarily (sorry if no such word exists). As I stated above, they are primitive. On another note, I can't seem to find information on Dromeosaurus. Please help.

* Umm, well obviously raptors had to come to a point whereby they could hunt big prey in spite of maybe a slightly smaller size because of the existence of large dromeosaurs capable of hunting big prey. (Okay, I know that didn't make sense but it stands.)

* Yes, pack hunting has only been observed in one species if we can count that as proof and it is unfair to lump them all together as pack hunters (e.g. lions hunt in prides but other big cats don not) but it is equally unfair to lump all of them as solitary animals based on some finds of a different species.

Other than that, your points are all spot on. Nice cartoons! Where can you get Carnivores 2 in Singapore now? I suddenly wanna shoot dinos!
from DW, age 14, Singapore!, ?, ?; November 30, 2000

Actually I don't see that much difference between T.rex and the raptors. T.rex was simply the ultimate expression of the raptor, with improved legs, gotten rid of the useless sickle claws, and improved its bite. But if you ask me, I have to admit and conceed that T.rex was certainly deadiler.
from Bob, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

BBD, we are defined by the battles we pick, and this battle defines you as ignorant, arrogrant, irrational and cowardly. Let US raptor fans fight our own battles! You stay out of this! You are only making the Tyrannosaurus fans look unified, rational and smart. Stop this! Don't fight our battles for us! Get out! This is a raptor affair. We raptor fans offically say that a raptor will have no chance at all in a fight with Tyrannosaurus Rex, not go away BBD, and leave the raptors out of this!

I'm sorry I had to say this, but BBD is making raptor and raptor fans alike look stupid, very stupid.
from Utahraptor, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Quite right russel, I did some research and discovered that Ornitholestes was a super-biter. It held onto its prey with its unusually long and powerful arms and bit it with its teeth. This idea was later adopted by the Coelurosaurs in their ultimate decendents...the Tyrannosaurids.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Actually these comics are easy to make, the main problem is getting the animals to act it out. It takes hours of work to get the right shot. Remember the Sue rubbing past the sauropod shot? Well, I had to stalk Sue for an hour before it happened.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Very well done Honkie! Here's what. YOu do the illustrated Dinowarz, I do the written one.
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

If the Tentosaurus didn't die, it would be utter humiliation!!!!! It's good that they killed the prey, but losing two raptors in the process??? It's something I call "bu hua swan" or not worth it in chinese.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Alright, the smalelr version is here. I could reduce it further though, but I thought a 55 percent reduction in memory (from 276k to 146 k) should make life easier whiel keeping resolution.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000
I like your idea of thumbnails on the main page with links to individual pages. I'll do all of the larger pictures this way. JC

Dinosaurs are not only cool they are awsome!!! Dinos' have funny names & funny shapes!!!
from Kaitlyn B., age 9, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; November 29, 2000

I know that two Deinyochus died in the "Tenontosaurus attack" but tenontosaurus also died, didn't he/she? I am not supporting the raptors, but simply making a point.

Lambeosaurines had crests possibly to make sound because they were at least partly hollow. They were also there probably to recognize species. They were almost certainly not foliage deflectors and the ancient "snorkel" idea is long-gone.

A while back I propesed a battle of ornitholestes v coelurus. I now belive Ornitholestes would have won because even though Coelurus was a little quicker, it had pretty weak jaws and was smaller. Ornitholestes could have caught up with Coelurus, bitten it's neck and the fight's over. If Coelurus did try to bite Ornitholestes, it wouldn't have done much damage. Ornitholestes was a fairly active small game hunter while Coelurus might have relied on the softest parts of carcasses to survive, with perhaps a few insects thrown in.
from russell p, age ***, seattle, wa, usa; November 29, 2000

Ohh, I figured the problem. My screen resolution was on 1024 by 768, that's why it appeared small on my screen. I'll reduce it to a more acceptable 880 by 600
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000
It was 1152 x 1538 pixels - way too big! JC

Honkie: Maybe you should reduce the size of your comic and send it again! Make it like 300X300 pixels or something. I wanna see it!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Raptors vs t rex is not like Taiwan vs china it is more like Rhodesia vs Usa in nuclear warfare!!!
from russell p, age ***, seattle, wa, usa; November 29, 2000

Say, why isn't the comic posed yet? Too much gore? Too much memory? Why?
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000
Yes, way too much memory for my computer to deal with (the gore was fine). I had to get a technical guy to help me change its format, and then realized that if it strained my computer, it would probably make that page come in at a snail's pace for most people. That was the T. rex of dino pictures. NO MORE HUGE PICTURES! JC

Mabye I should draw a cartoon to better illisturate the situtation on this board.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

I think raptor vs t.rex is liek Taiwan vs China. Not too much of a contest.
from Young Ming, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

This is disgusting! Is he still going on about how the raptors were deadiler? It's like compairing an BMP-15 to a M1A2 Abrams. You're out of your leauge BBD, come join the Marines and I'll personally teach you respect for things that are bigger and meaner than you.
from Sgt. Illhalo, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

I don't see how a Tyrannosaurus wouldn't be alive for much longer after a fight it won with a raptor? Why?
from Grace, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Please BBD, I'm appealing to you, Raptor fan to Raptor activist. There's no way you can argue this to a win. It's like Trying to argue that heavier objects fall faster. There's no way a raptor would win in a fight with Tyrannosaurus, no way. It's impossible. Just accept the fact and let it be. I believe we should argue the truth and the truth is, the raptors were never a match for Tyrannosaurus Rex. You are making us look like a fool when you argue, you can be a fool and contuine believing otherwise, but don't drag us in! People think that we raptor fans are fools like you because of you arguing the impossible IN THE RAPTORS FAVOUR! STOP IT!
from Shaun F., age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Huh BBD, you said the Tyrannosaurs were better than the raptors? Read your post! We win!!!!!!!!11
from Lilian Tay, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

BBD, have you hardly listened at all? Firstly, you refuse to rebutt our points, which means you are ignoring them. Alright, let me state our main points to you now.

* The raptors did not use their claws to slash like a razor but used it to grappel instead. Hardly the razor blades you described. The cross section of the claw is all wrong.

* The raptors were generally not really swift due to its leg bone ratio(read FD's article)the Tyrannosaurs were actually faster.

* Why did the big raptors, that would have competed directly with the early Tyrannosaurs for food die out about 2 million years after the first Tyrannosaurs arrived in the fossil record?

* Really how smart were the raptors? Recent brain studies revealed that they had a simple brain that means realativly simple behaviour. (A crow would have out smarted any raptor.)

* All our evidence of Tyrannosaurus being a powerful hunter is right there, broken bones in prey, healed attacks, survived ankylosaur blows to the legs. All these proved that T.rex commonly won over just about any animal in its time. But even though the raptors have been around for longer, the only evidence we find of their predatory behaviour is post-morthem. Meaning they died while trying to kill!

* Pack hunting. Strangley, there has been more evidence to suggest pack hunting in Tyrannosaurs like Albertosaurus and Tyrannosaurus than the raptors. Skeletons of Tyrannosaurus are usually found near each other. Not to mention Sue. She sustained a broken leg from an ankylosaur that was hard to heal, making walking even to scavenge impossible. She healed eventually, but during the time, we suspect she had a mate to bring her food. (Prefectly mirroring the behaviour of modern day raptors) The raptors on the other hand, have only pack behaviour observied in one species, yet everybody starts to lum them together. We now find this unlikely as the raptors supposed to have died in sudden sandstaorms or disasters are always found alone. They were simply solitary!

* Which brings me to my next point. How then, did a solitary raptor hunt big prey?

* Which brings me to my next, how then, did the big prey consider it dangerous?

* I have also noticed that most of your theories involve the raptors slashing the Tyannosaur in the throat and bleeding it to death. But wait! "Male" Tyrannosaur skeletons found show sighs of other Tyrannosaurs biting them on the neck hard enough to break it. You could imagine the deep wounds caused by the teeth, and the broken neck. But the reason Tyrannosaurus coudl survive this is because of his muscluar neck, despite having a broken neck, the muscles still held it up in a splint until it healed. If a Tyrannosaur could survive a bone crushing bite in those areas, what's a raptor kicking into its neck or face?

* Oh yes, a raptor kicking into a Tyrannosaur neck will not be slashing open vital blood blood vessels, but it will be kicking into poweful neck muscles. How then, do you expect it to do damage?

* One more thing. Tyrannosaurus had keener vision, smell and hearing than all other Tyrannosaurs or raptors for that matter. It means that it will be stalking the raptor, not the raptor stalking it.

Alright BBD, I have put all our points down. Please argue them. Note that some of them are direct rebuttals to your points.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000 vote now!
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

BBD, I don't think a aptor kicking at Tyreannosaurus' face or throat will really deter it. That's because Tyrannosaurus recives bites from other Tyrannosaurus in the face and that hardly seems to deter them. Stan the T.rex had a T.rex tooth put through his brain and another T.rex broke his neck, but he survived it all. Scotty alos had a chunk bitten out of his skull the shape of a baseball but it didn't stop him. Prehaps you forgot the fact that if T.rex really caught the raptor in the jaw and the raptor kicked it, it'll be nothing compaired to what T.rex can do. What's a gash compaired to a broken leg or back?

One more thing. We've determined that the raptors did not use their claws to slash, but to stab. That's because of the Protoceratops skeleton. You really should give it up.

The simple fact is you cant take it that raptors was not the deadlious, and why you cant I dont know. To try to explain is kind of like talking to a wall, you can explain and explain, but the person ignores everything but their own. And Im sure someone wants to say Im like that, but Im not. Im not angry or upset, just kinda disgusted that a stupid individual to make anyone else who doesnt agree with them gang up, get hostile and try to make them submit and look foolish, no matter how wrong you are. My favorite is T.Rex, but Im lookin at the truth and trying to add it together, not a contest of "Mine is better and since a group of us like him, you must back down" kind of stuff.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

i think that dinos are cool and every body at every age should learn about them and how they died and became a animal.
from amanda, age 10, center valley, pa, usa; November 29, 2000

JC, why did you not respond to the last thing I put on the bord?
from Reuben B., age 7, Needham, MA, USA; November 29, 2000
If you mean about voting on dinof fiction, there have been a lot more negative than positive comments about this idea. You can critique the fiction in DinoTalk (as always). I'd like to have more of a consensus among the authors before making such a radical change. JC

To clear up some things, Im not a raptor fan and the "Tyrannosaur fan:1 Raptor fan:0" is the most stupid %&$#@ Ive heard. Im not confused and Im not arrogant either. Little insults are not needed. Maybe your right honkie about the ask a expert thing, but look at both of them. They both were fast, wily, and quick, and on a species to species success rate they both were good, though Tyrannosaurs fared better at becoming top predators of Northern mainlands. But if you put Albertosaurus and Megaraptor together and made them both mean, well. Everyone WANTS the tyrannosaur to win. He do alot of damage, but all his weaponry, or offensive devices is the head and arms. The dromaeosaur has feet and hands. Now the odds of which one winning is not a grab, either could depending on the strategy used at that very moment, but the Tyrannosaur would have to be more careful because if he bit the side or leg if the raptor, he could get his throat or face very badly cut and not to mention very very deep. Even though tyrannosaurs have more muscle and firepower, the dromaeosaur is like a walking razor blade. What I mean by that is almost anywhere you get him, your in range and very likely to get a nasty cut. Those long lanky arms and legs, thin little wiry and slinky body and the speed combined makes it an animal to dangerous to get close too. Tyrannosaurs are much more headstrong and powerful, but a raptor the same size is just to nasty to mess with. He can twist around,roll over, reach you from far away and kick you if your holding him down. A tyrannosaur may get him in a death grip, but the tyrannosaur wouldnt walk away alive, too much too soon. Thats that. Just think about it. But as far as species to species success, the raptors got close, but the tyrannosaurs got better.
Now this is a discussion, I like this alot more.

from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

I know ppl have views contrary to my own, but Im dogmatic about hard facts and some of you just get all crazy about T.rex being the best with simple evidence to back it up. Your insistent, honkie, about T.rex winning the battle. The problem is he is too bulky compared to a raptor is all. I have facts to back my views up indeed. Im also tired of the "little people" who like to get their little sting in when they have no idea what their talking about. That makes me disgusted. One thing I dont like honkie is you and some others constantly press that your views are correct no matter what and everyone else who disagrees is either a bad, childish, weak minded or/and petty person when that is not that. I have explained my reasons why I theorize the raptor was more dangerous. The simple fact is you cant take it that T.rex was not the deadlious, and why you cant I dont know. To try to explain is kind of like talking to a wall, you can explain and explain, but the person ignores everything but their own. And Im sure someone wants to say Im like that, but Im not. Im not angry or upset, just kinda disgusted that a small group of individuals fight dirty to make anyone else who doesnt agree with them gang up, get hostile and try to make them submit and look foolish, no matter how wrong you are. My favorite is T.Rex, but Im lookin at the truth and trying to add it together, not a contest of "Mine is better and since a group of us like him, you must back down" kind of stuff.
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Actually, our main line of argument is that the raptors were in no position to challange the position of the Tyrannosaurids in the first place. The big raptors, which I think would have competed directly with the Tyrannosaurids went extinct probally due to losing out to Tyrannosaurid dinosaurs. The smaller raptors did not hunt the same food and thus survived up to the end.

It's natural selection folks.
from Lilian Tay, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Competion is good for the consumer.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Nicely done DW, actually the smaller dromeosaurus did survive till the K-T for the simple reason they did not compete directly with the main predators, the Tyrannosaurs, for the dominant position. Larger dromeosaurus like Utahraptor would have been in direct competion with the Tyrannosaurs, thus they lost out and went extinct.

No, the fossil record cannot be trusted, but we can make general observations about the events hinted by it. Probally, the expansion of the great inland sea destroyed a few unique habitats, leading to dislocations higher up in the food chain, or more likely, allowing the first Tyrannosaurs to arise. The dromeosaurus probally had to change their behaviour to cope with it. When the Tyrannosaurs arrived in force, the dromeosaurus were given two choices, go for prey outside the scope of the Tyrannosaurs (which the smaller dromeosaurus did) or compete directly with the Tyrannosaurs(which the larger dromeosaurus did). Apparently those who decided to compete with the Tyrannosaurs lost out- which is not surprising, considering the fact that they were actually primitive compaired to the Tyrannosaurs.

The smaller dromeosaurus survived for the simple reason they did not compete with the Tyrannosaurs directly. In North America close to the K-T, the Tyrannosaurs were unarguably the ultimate expression of the land based carnivore. In fact, people think the term "raptor" should apply more to the Tyrannosaurs than to the dromeosaurus, as the Tyrannosaurs, like modern raptors, used their heads and feet to kill while the dromeosaurus inaccurately used their arms.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 29, 2000

Okay, FD, I concede your points. But as you said, extinction is made up of several large factors. But I don't think that the arrival of the early tyrannosaurs is the main reason. Certainly the death blow, but not the main reason. According to my research, the shrinking diversity of the raptors (85-75 mya) coincides with the first expansion of the Great Inland Sea (87 mya). This may have had more of an impact as the loss of suitible habitat and thus prey species. Before the big raptors could adapt (if Utahraptor is a raptor) the early tyrannosaurs arrived and assumed the role of top predator, denying the raptors that ecological niche. And besides, why would the early tyrannosaurs push out Deinonychus if we agreed that they did not prey on the same animals? Also, dromeosaurus survived up till the end of the Cretaceous, if I'm not wrong.

Can the fossil record really be trusted? An incredible amount of chance goes into the preservation of a fossil. Yes, there is more likelyhood in certain situations. Mountanous areas preserve very few fossils, like swampy areas and tropical areas. As it stands, can the fossil record really be trusted?

Honkie, thanks, and Brad, could they have used the crest as a device for making sounds?
from DW, age 14, Singapore, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Of course its humiliating for Giganotosaurus to get beaten by T.rex as T.rex is not a supercarnivore. T.rex has evolved from small dinos to become an ultracarnivore.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

The next Old Blood is out.
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

BBD, I know why your reasoning is as it is. In the supercarnivore vs. t-rex debate, I would have loved to take my favor, but just because you like something that dosn't make the answer right.
from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

See, the problem is many people come here without knowing that there could be people carrying views contray to their own, and with facts to back it up. These people get upset when people refuse to agree with them or might even get upset and feel threatened when their view is challanged. Remember coolcat, Mr.Rogers, and now BBD? There never was supposed to be a valid raptor/t.rex argument for the simple reason there was no contest, the Tyrannosaur would win. Somehow, people insist its not that way.
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Reuben, this is the zoomdinosaur club. Or what was going to be the club. I suggested that the club have a message board, it was added to the site, and now its as popular as ever. Previous to this, was used for contests. I don't know if I like the idea that we have to qualify in some way to join, I wouldn't want to lose all of the one-time visitors and anonymous people that come here. There is a newsletter very similar to the one you described. Get permission to sign up for it, and you'll get "DINOSAUR OF THE WEEK", Updates on dinosaur news and info sheets, and interesting prehistoric facts on creatures like Moschops, Postosuchus, and Dimetrodon. The slight downside is that this newsletter is for zoomschool in general, and has a lot of stuff on dogs, butterflies, holdiays, and other non-dinosaur things. But since it has some dinosaur stuff, it is worth subscribing to. Hey, it's free! No fanfic voting please, why does everythin! g need to be so competitive? I'm not even interested in the T. rex / Raptor battles anymore.
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; November 28, 2000

The asteriod extinction theory takes another blow!

Latest in the news, the asteriod extinction theory may well, just be another wrong theory after all. People used to argue than the asteriod did happen due to irrdium layers found at the K-T. However, the irridum layer is constant, which is not what you expect. One expects the irridum to be the thickest at the impact site and thinnest all around the world. THis is not the case.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Well BBD, your argument is like Steven Spelbierg saying while he was making Jurassic park:

" Well the last thing I have to say about the T.rex eyesight thing is I asked a dinosaur expert/paleontologist about if a T.rex could not detect sill objects...hehe, looks like I was right all along. The Tyrannosaurs could not detect stilness, even though about a hundered other experts say otherwise. Sorry folks, or should I say Tyrannosaur fanatics?"

You can't argue like that! Give a valid reason!
from Honkie Tong, age 16, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Well, the next old blood is coming out, watch for it.

I have been keeping realtively quiet about this debate, but if you ask me, from a neutral point of view, I think the Tyrannosaur camp has a stronger case than BBD. BBD's case is largely based on speculation and "movie logic". When we argue with "movie logic" we say thing like "Well, the raptors would have trashed T.rex if they were the size of T.rex." or " The raptors would have run rings around T.rex and stayed back to attack." If we look closer, these arguments are good for a movie, but hardly for a rational debate.

I'm sorry BBD, but if I were the judge, I'd say raptor fan vs Tyrannosaur fans, Tyrannosaur fans 1, BBD 0
from Billy Macdraw, age 18, ....., ....., .....; November 28, 2000

Prehaps your arrogrant mind is confused, but when we say Tyrannosaurus, we do not mean Tyrannosaurus rex, but the eariler species like Albertosaurus or Alioramus. They certainly forced big raptors like Utaraptor into extinction, and that's a fact preserved in the fossil record.

I still wonder why you are going on. We are now quite certain the raptors were stupid for their size, realtively slow runners and certainly not as deadily as we thought. You still argue as if it's not that way.

Your latest post takes the cake BBD, it has vertually no fact at all and only presents the views of a paleontologist from goodness-nows-where. Do you want me to quote some paleontologists to conunter and throw that qoute of of the window? No right? Than be a man and debate! This is not over until one of us conceeds.
from Grace, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Nicely done Bryan. As you would notice, the tendons of the Velociraptor would have allowed it to have a relatively good amount of bounce, not speed. I suspect the raptors were simply agile dinosaurs, that's all.

Utaraptor was just about the raptor-body plan taken to its extreme, get any bigger and it will no longer be considered a raptor. At least if you want it to work.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Really? Who's talking about a raptor the size of a Tyrannosaurus? Does that thing even exist? If not, BBD, you are living in your own fantasy world. I mean, commmon! If a raptor was the size of T.rex, it would have weighted 4-5 tons and be unable to leap or even kick with that toe-claw. I will have no idea how he would handle it, but Tyrannosaurus would probally kill him within a few minutes. Really, I believe the paleontologist played a dirty trick on you because you were irrating him and he wanted you out of the way.
from Joh F, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Gee BBD, are you desperate enough to ask a paleontologist about this? I'm sure you can do better than that. You should debate instead of play "because and expert said it so!" If not, everybody who comes here might get the impression you are arrogrant and wrong.
from Honky Tong, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

BDB, awwww what's up? You lost your nerve for a debate? Owwww that's sad. I guess we have to declare ourselves the winners!
from Lilian T., age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

The raptors were not fast animals! It was just a matter of assumption. But they had just the wrong body plan for a fast runner. Just about the only thing they got right was their light weight.
from Leonard, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Brad, I think that the crests could have been used to identify each other. Also, possibly, they could have been used to signal each other.
from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Of only the word of one paleontologist could be totally right BBD.

You must have asked the paleontologist about sometime back, because now, we are currently undergoing something known as the "raptor revision" where we actually test all the commonly accepted ideas about the raptors...

The verdict, well, we actually found out, like Tyrannosaurus, most of our intinal findings were actually wrong. We suspect the sickle claws played less of a role in hunting, the raptors were actually not fast runners.(though we suspect they might have had a terryfing turn of speed.) And one more thing, casts of their braincases actually reveal that they had a poor sense of smell, not to mention the cerebral cortex, the part responsible for thinking behaviour, was onlt 1/3 the size of Tyrannosaurus! This means that the raptors were actually running mostly on pre-wired programs.

Anyway, I believe you are a fact-filter. You disprage views contary to your own/ or ignore them and only try to promote your own ideas, even if you know you are spreading misinformation. I'll put in a final word for this confusion Giganotosaurus had smaller and weaker arms than Tyrannosaurus, far from what BBD said.

Also, as a second year paleontologist, I believe that most of our views about the raptors have been wrong. Notice BBD is actually piting all the species of raptor against TYrannosaurus, but have you notice, his arguments have shifted to the ludricus? He now advocates a raptor the size of a Tyrannosaurus..which in real life did not exist at all for the simple reason it was structuraly impossible!

Another thing BBD, the big raptors did meet the Tyrannosaurs. Utahraptor was arround to see the early Tyrannosauids rise to dominance. Do not be sad though. The Tyrannosaurids have also displaced other animals to become the top predator. Really BBD, you should conceed. You are using old information and view to fight revised and modern ones.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Well BBD, Bakker once said that the Tyrannosaurs would probally kill any raptor flat dead. I'm a paleontologist, and I agree too.
from Levine, age 24, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Ok, I should have a picture sent by friday at the latest.
I know near to nothing on the small predators, so it's really not my place to start guaranteeing things about them. I think that these were ineffective scavengers as well and just ate lizrds and the tiny dinosaurs.

from Carchardontosaur, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Hmm...I probably think that Lambeosaurines have crests to attract mates, or to deflect foliage.
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Cool Carnivores pictures Honkie! "Day in the life of Sue" is very creative, I can't wait for another one!
from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

I know this is old but I thought that I would respond...
Noasaurus leali is actually related to abelisaurs, like Carnotaurus sastrei and Majungatholus atopus. And be careful with the term "dromaeosaurid" It definitely doesn't mean what most people think it means! There are only 4 known for sure dromaeosaurids: Dromaeosaurus, Deinonychus, Velociraptor, and Saurornitholestes. Other "raptors" that we all know and love, like Utahraptor, may also be dromaeosaurids but the remains are too fragmentary to be sure. for now, we have to say that they are Incertae Sedis (uncertain placement) of the Deinonychosauria. To be short, the term "dromaeosaurid" means advanced deinonychosaur. So deinonychosaur and dromaeosaurid are Not the same thing!

Brad Said:
"Megaraptor is definately not a noasaur. Since its a South American sickle-clawed thing, I assumed it would be related to them too. But it's not. I think it was Chandler who gave me the reason, something about the shape of the claw muscle. Megaraptor isn't a dromaeosaurid either, you are correct in questioning their ability to cross over into the southern continents. Its apparently quite close to birds, like a gigantic Mononykus. Unenlagia, a smaller dino-bird, may represent a juvenile. "

from Chandler, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Can there be a vote for your favorite fanfic page? This is the 3rd time a kid has asked for this. Because it is voting and not coments in general, it most likely will not open a can of worms. Maby if I keep giving you ideas for things, along with Honkie Tong and Brad, we can start a zoomdinosaurs club. Anyone who gives a good suggestion for the site becomes a member. All members get a newspaper containing updates on fanfic, dinosaur votes, fanfic votes, the message bord, fanpic, dino news, and the dinosaur info sheets. O.K?
from Reuben, age 7, Needham, MA, USA; November 28, 2000

Wow! A Day in the Life of Sue is incredible! You have to tell us how you did that! Yes, my excuse for not posting my pictures is that I don't have access to a scanner. But that could change next year.

I'm a bit lost with this raptor/Megaraptor/tyrannosaur/rooster discussion, I see that nobody took my suggestion of giving theropods a break and sharing our opinions on the herbivores. Anyone have a cool alternative suggestion for why lambeosaurs have crests?
from Brad, age 13, Woodville, ON, Canada; November 28, 2000

Springs and Tendons

All animals, including humans, need elasticity-- the ability to bend and stretch. Try standing up straight with your knees locked and you'll see just how easy it is for someone to push you over. But, if you bend your knees, you're much more stable. The muscles and tendons in your legs help you to bend your knees and to run-- the more bounce you have, the faster you go. But what exactly is a tendon? A tendon is a strong cord of tissue which attaches muscleto bone. Mammals store what's known as elastic energy in the long tendons of their legs and they use this energy when they want to run and jump. Fast, agile, dinosaurs like Velociraptor had long tendons in their legs which stretched from their calf muscles through their ankle joints, right down to the soles of their feet. As they bounded along, their tendons would stretch and contract like the spring of a pogo stick. Even huge dinosaurs like T-rex and Allosaurus had long tendons in their legs to give them bounce. But the plodding sauropods didn't. They stored their elastic energy in thick pads of tissue inside the soles of their feet. This helped them to raise their thick, heavy ankles as they ran. Ornithischian dinosaurs, like Stegosaurus, had another type of tendon- a bony one, for strength. All the way along their spines, dinosaurs like Stegosaurus had long, thin strands of bony tendons which were held at each end by tissue tendons. The strong, bony tendons stopped the backs of these dinosaurs from sagging in the middle. Dinosaurs like Pachycephalosaurus had bony tendons in their back and tail to protect them in head-clashing competitions. Pachycephalosaurus' strong tendons stopped it suffering a whiplash injury if its head made a sudden jolt. Ankylosaurs with tail clubs had a tight bundle of bony tendons in the base of their tails. This strengthened the spine and stiffened the tail.
from Bryan, age 11, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Honkie Tong-, If you want I can show you a picture of how it looks.
from Bryan, age 11, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Actually DW, the true saber tooths caused the false saber tooths to go extinct. The miacids caused the cyrdonts to go extinct. The housecat caused a exotic bird species to go extinct. The dogs caused the extinction of 32 of the 36 species of hyenas. The jungle crow caused the urban crow to go extinct. The american mallard caused the extinction of the european mallard duck. The rabbit has caused the extinction of a exotic mole and lastly, humans have driven just about a thousand species to extinction. I don't see why Tyrannosaurids did not cause the big raptors to go extinct.

Anyway, extinction is based on a few large factors. I suspect that the Tyrannosaurids had a big part to play in this. The big raptors certainly had little hope of competing with the newcomers.
from FD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Actually, I have heard of a case of an accidently introduced falcon causing a species of native hawk to go extinct, I wonder what it was. It is true that the falcon always overcomes a hawk in air combat?
from Leonard, age 12, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

A Tyrannosaur neck is arched into a graceful S-shaped cruve to move the head closer to the body to balance out the animal. Actually, the Tyrannosaurids did live alongside the big raptors......and the big raptors went extinct....odd, there must be a link between the two incidents. It happened about 85-75 million years ago. One must not forget it wasn't Tyrannosaurus that made the big raptors extinct. It was the smaller, more primitive Tyrannosaurs.
from Honkie Tong, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

Well the last thing I have to say about the raptor-T.rex thing is I asked a dinosaur expert/paleontologist about if a raptor the same size as T.rex could rip him up bad in a fight and well...hehe, looks like I was right all along. Raptors were far more deadly than any tyrannosaur, even though the tyrannosaurs were larger so when both existed, there was no real competition with raptors since those in the same time and habitat were SO much smaller. Sorry folks, or should I say Tyrannosaur fanatics?
from BBD, age ?, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

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