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Dino Talk Oct. 11-15, 2001: A Dinosaur Forum

"We are one nation under Rex". Traitor!! Devote yourself to Allahsaurus(allosaurus) and repent you'r sin!"

Whoever who wrote this could have a fatiwat (the hunt for an infidel) passed on him, I suggest this statement be retracted before blood is spilt. This webpage should really be free of Sean's very insensitive remarks.
from Apo. John, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

I think Sean is "pushing the limits here" with his not so viled comments...and sometimes these should be moderated...but nevermind, we still love you Sean!
from Apo. John, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

"Spinosaurus was a more defensive dinosaur than T-Rex2. Spinosaurus was faster"
Ummmm, what is that supposed to mean? T-Rex was faster than Spino, and what do you mean "more defensive"
Nonsense, nonsense...

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

"HOW OLD ARE YOU" Sorry, too personal...
Thanks for what you said, Gianna. My brother isn't as much of a dino fan as I am, but he will come to this site every now and then.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

You people that say dinosaurs are a religion, your wierd. Listen to rex. ???????????????????????.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

Sue dyed eggs,for you'r sins!
from Sean:the real conservative, age 13, church of t.rex, "Walk by faith,not by sight"., Rex bless America; October 15, 2001

I don't think all the dinosaurs died at the K-T extinction; infact a species of buckbills has been found which lived as recend as 64-58 million years ago;

Anyway, what I think killed the bulk of the dinosaurs was probably not only a comet crashing and generating tsunamis (not tidal waves; they're caused by the tide while tsunamis are generated by earth quakes and ther events of earth shattering proportions [i.e. cosmic disturbances]). While clouds blocked out the sun and tsunamis battered coastlines, some plants and aniamls would have disappeared from the earth permanently. Any surviving dinosaurs were probably killed off by the long term repocussions of this comet's collision, like climate changes.
from Skeptic, age 13, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

Thats a good idea brad to have a dino trivia forum, but for now i like giving trivia questions and seening who could answer.

Here are the answers.

1. a theropod that eats plants is therizonosaurus, it is about 20 feet high, has a long neck, short tail, and finger bones up to 30 inches long. Thats longer than any creature that ever lived on earth. And yes birds are theropods.

2. Believe it or not it was once thought that compsagnathus had two fingers like rex, but now it seems that it has three fingers.

3. False, Carcharadontosaurus was found in northern africa.

Good job those who got it right.
from trivia master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

Isn't it a lot of work to check all the messages, JC?
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001
Yes! JC

We don't have to like Allosaurus.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

To Trivia Master.

1. There are many. I can give you an example though. A domestic parrot.
2.2, although some think it is 3, since it's relatives had 3.
3. No, it was found in northern Africa.

from Samuel C., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

Yeah, sure.
from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 15, 2001

Too bad Godzilla is only make-believe...or we could lure him into Afganistan!Long live T-Rex!!!
from Toby, age -( ? )-, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. of A.; October 15, 2001

Oh sorry JC
from 0, age 0, 00, 000, 0000; October 15, 2001
No problem. I enjoy being cantankerous. JC

I think that that person who wrote that note about Jurassic Park should know a few things about Spinosaurus.1.It is more of a defensive dinosaur than T.rex.2.It is faster than T.rex.
from Josh P, age 9, Canberra, ACT, Australia; October 15, 2001

1. Teaching our children "faith",(in t.rex)is one of the most important things we can do,to improve the "american dream".2.The souls of the allosaurus fans,must be saved.3.There is a time for love,and there is a time for hate.4.All the trees need to be cut down,and turned into bibles.-Sean for senate
from Sean:the real conservative, age 13, church of t.rex, "Walk by faith,not by sight"., Rex bless America; October 14, 2001

"We are one nation under Rex". Traitor!! Devote yourself to Allahsaurus(allosaurus) and repent you'r sin!
from Allosaurus pope, age ?, a hidden shrine, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

I have dark brown hair with a few freckles, not many... My eyes are blue... Is that what you wanted to know?
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

Well, da masta, I happen to like Tim M. he knows a lot. And, Tim, HOW OLD ARE YOU. I used to think you were 14 now I think you are 18.
All I know is that your'e older than eleven. (your bro told me. Why doesn't he talk on this site, he's cool)

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

Hey Jc. Heres some questions
what is your real name?
where do you live?
who's the boss of zoom dinos?
You don't have to answer the second one if it's too personal.

from 0, age age 0, 00, 000, 0000; October 14, 2001
In fact, I don't have to answer any questions. JC

"We are one nation under Rex".
from Sean:the real conservative, age 13, church of t.rex, "Walk by faith,not by sight"., Rex bless America; October 14, 2001

You have a story on the dino fiction section! I really like to write. Check out mine.
I think it's cool working with your brother, I wish I had a brother. Sadly I'm just an only child

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

I'm tired of these trivia games. Can we just go back to actual discussions?

Hint: Replace the pratically dead Dino Science Forum with a Trivia Forum! That's the separation we need!
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 14, 2001

Hey Tim M., what do you look like? I have brown hair and a good number of freckles.
I like to know what people look like.

from Gianna, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

Another good round of questions trivia master!
I think the Theropod that is believed to eat plants was Therinzinosaurus.
Compsognathus had two fingers.
No, Carcharodontosaurus was found in Northern Africa.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

This is the effect a comet could have:
A relatively small comet(considering that many comets are larger than earth)crashes into earth. Immediate effects: Giant fireball expanded engulfing anything close. Short term effects: Massive earthquakes, tsunamis(the CORRECT term for tidal wave. What we call tidal waves have nothing to do with the tides)floods... Long term effects. Enormous amount of ash, pumice and dust are realeased into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun for months, acid rain, violent storms. See, a Comet hitting earth would be enough to inialate the dinosaurs. This doesn't mean it happened all at once, a Paleocene duckbill has been found...

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

An asteroid slamming into the ocean would create gigantic waves spreading out from the epicenter of the inpact that would be capable of causing mass destruction. However, it most likely dinosaur extinction was caused by a series of different factors working together to finally knock the dinosaurs off. An asteroid is almost certainly among one of them.
from Honkie Tong, age 17, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

1. Is there a theropod that eats plants, if there is what is it called?

2. How many fingers did compsognathus have?

3. Carcharodontosaurua was found in Argentina, true or false?
from Trivia Master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

The title wave could have started like any other title wave does.
from Brock H, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 14, 2001

In the movie Jurassic Park 3,the Spinosaurus beat the T.rex in the ultimate clas of the titans. I think that it is unrealistic. If these two beasts ever did fight (which could not happen since they lived at different times and on different continents), the T.rex would win. Why? It had the jaw power to bite off Spinosaurus's head. The teeth of T.rex were the size of bannanas and curved like the blade on a pick ax, enabling it to crush boone and rip through flesh. Also, it could take out 500 pounds of flesh in one bite. The teeth of Spinosaurus were like those of a crocodile, meant for holding and tearing, not for doing major damage like T.rex.
from Grayson, K., age 14, Agoura Hills, CA, USA; October 13, 2001

How could a Tidal wave kill all the dinosaurs? And what would have triggered it??
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

How did dinos became extinc. I do not think that an astroid killed the dinosaurs, because if turtles, lizard, and crocs lived during the dinosaurs, how did they survive a huge astroid that killed all the giant dinosaurs. Even the small dinos died. It can't be an astroid. I think it was a flood or title wave because many dinosaurs were found and looked like they had drowned. That is what I think.
from Brock H, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

"As for exerting your authority on less knowledgeable people, be ashamed,Tim." Huh?? I never do that! I'm not one of the people who consistently debunks the arguments of people less knowledgeable than me! I would like to know why you think this!!
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

"How do you think the dinosaurs became exctinct?" Well, my theory is like yours but I'm going to start earilier. The Oort cloud is a ring of dust surrounding our Solar system. Many Astronomers think this is the Origin of long-range comets like Halley's and Shoemaker-levy. Anyway, there is a theorie about a hypothetic "dark star"(Star with low exchange rate) called Nemisis, passes through the Oort cloud about every 30 million years, triggering many comets and Asteroids to disperse off of their normal orbit. So, once in a while, one of these Asteroids or comets would hit Earth.I'm not sure about this "Nemisis" theory but I believe that the extinction had something to do with the Oort cloud.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

Whoa! What did I do to you, da master? You honestly should stop being so incredibly obnoxious. STOP being so nasty, that's not what this site is for. Tell me were the Paleontologist for whom Barsboldia sicinskii is named was from! (note: I put up those questions for fun, and I knew some people were going to answer them...)
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

ok da master if you really are the master anwser these.

1. Dramactosaurus means clawed lizard, true or false?

2. is there a dinosaur called centrotosaurus, and if there is what does it eat?

3. What is Zunixferosaurus?

I hope you can answer these da master. I was going to save these for maybe a month because it took a long time to find this info. So now here you go. I hope you can answer them!
from trivia master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

Get off this website da master. Your being to harsh on some people. it seems that you just got on this website and you start saying people know nothing of dinosaurs. Of course you might of been on this website before with a different name. You seem very mean and un mature to be 127.
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

Who here still thinks that sauropods keep their heads above their bodies with their long neck? I think so too!!
from Thunderbird, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

"I am looking forward to arguing wih you one day."

Don't get your hopes up too may be disappointed like I was.
from Skeptic (haven't seen me in a while?), age 13, Toronto, Ontario, Canadian; October 13, 2001

Trivia again? da masta's right on the first two.

"3:What is Xuanhanosaurus quilixianensis?"
Actually, it's some sort of large theropod. It's been described as a megalosaur.

"In what year was Heishansaurus described as a bonehead (Pachycephalosaur)?"

I don't really see how knowing the year of publication makes you know anything more about the dinosaurs themselves, but I'm guessing in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Let's say 1981.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 13, 2001

1:What is Bradycnme draculae? A Romanian Saurornithoidid
2:What is Zephyrosaurus schaffi? An early cretacious Hypsilophodont
3:What is Xuanhanosaurus quilixianensis? A chinese (Stegosaurid?)
EASY QUESTION(very easy):Which was larger, Scutellosaurus or Scelidosaurus? Scelidosaurus! Jesus! Keep up the CHALLENGING questions! like the third one! I liked that one!

from da masta, age 127, why fur, virginia, bonny scotland; October 13, 2001

Honkie Tong. I like U. U know some interesting facts. wow.
RESPECT to you. I look forward to arguing with U one day.

from da masta, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 13, 2001

How do you think the dinosaurs became extinct? My best guess is the most common one.An asteriod hit the earth ,then dust blocked the sun ,plants couldn't grow,no plants ,no herbivores,no herbivores,no carnivores ,or else the dust choked them to death.Other guesses are it got to hot, it got to cold,deisese(did I spell it right?) spread ,and a dozen others.What do you think?
from Tyler R., age 10, ST. Anthony, Idaho, USA; October 13, 2001

For Tim M. I like arguing. It relieves stress, Tim. One day I will have a damn satisfying paleontological argument with U. I will see U again. As for you exerting your authority over less knowledgable people, be ashamed Tim. See chat wi ya in da near future Tim.

Now answer this Tim if U R so good.
In what year was Heishansaurus described as a bonehead (Pachycephalosaur)?

from da masta, age 127, why fur, virginia, scotland; October 13, 2001

Even though Tyrannosaurus Rex took BIG steps,he was a slow walker.He had no reason to hurry.He was the ultimate scavenger! Of course,at times,he might himself be attacked;By an angry Triceratops,a disturbed Ankylosaurus,or a hungry Deinosuchus.No problem for the warm-blooded dinosaur with the most powerful bite of any creature that ever lived on this planet.A bite that is both powerful and septic.Tyrannosaurus Rex was an active non-reptilian scavenger/predator unsurpassed and unchallenged.
from Toby, age -( ? )-, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. of A.; October 12, 2001

I had a feeling you were going to answer those quetsions,Brad, you're definetly smart enogh to do it! Here are some more dinosaur questions:
1:What is Bradycnme draculae?
2:What is Zephyrosaurus schaffi?
3:What is Xuanhanosaurus quilixianensis?
EASY QUESTION(very easy):Which was larger, Scutellosaurus or Scelidosaurus?

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001


Since the Tectonic plates move at a rate of an inch per year, the Earth looked much different. During the Triassic, the earth was covered with a vast continent called Pangea, and the rest was covered by the Panthlassa ocean, about three times as big as the modern day Pacific. In the Jurassic, the continent Pangea had split into two continents, Laurasia to the north, and Gondwana to the south. The Panthlassa ocean still covered most of the earth. But now, there was the Tethys ocean that eventually became the Indian ocean. During the Cretaceous, the earth became alot like it is today.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

T-Rex was 40 to 50 ft. long.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

"Is brachio still the biggest, tim?" Well, new finding suggest it was not the biggest. Dinosaurs such as Argentionsaurus, Sauroposeidon, and others are now thought to be even bigger than Brachiosaurus. If you want more info. on these new Sauropods just ask.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

This theory by A. Elk (miss) My theory is along the following lines.
All Brontosaurus are thin at one end MUCH thicker in the middle and thin again at the far end.That is the theory that I have and which is mine.

does anybody know where this is from?
from Anne Elk, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

from JEFFERY G., age 10, TOLIDO, OHIO, ?; October 12, 2001

is brachio still the bigest. tim
from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

"How big is T rex"

from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

1. Deinonychus means terrible claw.

2. Archaeopteryx mostly likely flied but not high. Only about a couple feet, and as owein said from tree to tree.

3. Iguanadon's main feature is the spike on its thumb.

1. Tyranasaurus had the biggest brain of any dinosaur. Even though it was not the smartest it had a bigger brain than any other dinosaur.

2. Two Compsognathus have been found, one in germany and one in france. The one is france was only a little larger.

3. Sorry if I confused anyone when I said when was Hesperonis found, I ment when the first one was found which was in the 1800s.

from Trivia Master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

Has anybody noticed how in the first Walking With Dinosaurs (the one about the triassic) its mostly about Coelophysis which lived in whats now the USA and at the end a herd of Plateosaurus come but Plateosaurus lived in europe. And in the 4th Walking with Dinosaurs (the one about the Ornathiciruses trip to europe) the Utahraptors are attacking an Iguanadon in Europe when Utahraptor lived in the USA.
from Owain, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

"What was it like in the Mesozoic era"

In the Triassic deserts covered most of the world (the triassic is when dinosaurs appered) In the Jurassic and cretaceous I think it was hot with rainforests covering alot of the world. (somebody can correct me if I'm wrong)
from Owain, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

1 "What does Deionychus mean"

It means terrible claw

2 "Could Archaeopteryx fly"

Most scientists think it could only glide from tree to tree

3 "What is the main feature of Iguanodon"

The spike on its thumb
from Owain, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

from ADAM, age 11, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

I'll let younger people have the first few... (Iguanodon has a "main feature"?)

"1.What dinosaur had the biggest brain."

Probably Tyrannosaurus. Or do you mean relative to body weight? I think the new leader in that category is Microraptor.

"2. How many skelatons of Compsognathus are found?"

Two, the German one and the French one.

"3. Was hesperornis found in the 1800s or the 1900s?"

Specimens were found in both centuries. :)
from Brad, age 14, Fenelon Falls, ON, Canada; October 12, 2001

Ok Eric l here are some facts about Nurosaurus.

Nurosaurus could grow up to 85 feet long ( 26 meters)

It had a short neck with a long tail.

Nurosaurus lived and was found in China.
from Trivia master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

Ok I'll give some easy ones for younger people.

1. What does Deinonychus mean?

2. Could Archaeopteryx fly?

3. What is the main feature of Iguanodon?

Ok here are a little harder ones.

1.What dinosaur had the biggest brain.

2. How many skelatons of Compsognathus are found?

3. Was hesperornis found in the 1800s or the 1900s?

There you go
from Trivia Master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

1. Baryonxe, Suchmisaurus, and Spinosaurus ate fish that were about 10 feet long. Even though there is no evidence that suchmisaurus and spinosaurus ate fish it is thought that that was one of the meals they ate. Since spino and suchmi are related to baryonx, we can guess that they probably ate fish.

2. Monolophosaurus was found in China.

3. Othnielia ate plants.

good job
from Trivia Master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

I didn't mean huge reptiles tim. I just didn't have any other way to say it.
from Velociraptor, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

How big is T rex
from amnda G, age 8, collegeville, ?, PA; October 12, 2001

Nurosaurus is an invalid Sauropod genus, that has not been officially described.It was said to belong to the Camarasauridae, but it resembles a Brachisaur, because its front legs are longer than the back legs. Nurosaurus was 25 ft. long.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

"Do you have any facts about Nurosaurus?(the sauropod and herbivore)"

Not really, since the dinosaur has never been formally published! But I'll see what I can find for you.

"I think Quaesitosaurus is the the rarest dinosaur because only 1 skull has been found and not 1 skeleton has been found."

Some dinosaurs are known from only their teeth!
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 12, 2001

"1: What is Dacentrurus armatus?"

"2: What is Chirostenotes pergracilis?"

"3: What is Amygdalodon patagonicus?"

from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 12, 2001

most scientists dont think that the saurapods lived in swamps because they would get stuck in the mud. There nostrils were probably on the top of their head so they could breathe while they ate.
from Owain, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 12, 2001

The snorkle theory died years ago.If Brachiosaurus were standing in deep water with only his nose sticking out of the water,there would be too much presure on his lungs to breath because of his long neck. I believe Brachiosaurus and most other sauropods lived on solid dry land.
from Toby, age -( ? )-, Fernandina Bch., Florida, U.S.of A.; October 12, 2001

"Where did Brachiosaurus live?" Well, we can't tell for sure. One theory was that Brachiosaurus lived in or near swamps, because in water the dinosaurs weight would seem less, and it could use its nostrils on the top of its head for snorkeling. Really, Brachiosaurus would live wherever there was enough food.
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

I have a trivia questions for you guys too. I know some of you who will know these (Honkie Tong, Brad...) Here they are:
1: What is Dacentrurus armatus?
2: What is Chirostenotes pergracilis?
3: What is Amygdalodon patagonicus?

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Liz S

Recent evidence shows that brachiousaurus was not a good swimmer at all. So most sauropods lived in the jungle areas of the dinosaur times.
from Trivia Master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Hey guys I just made a news letter about dinos. If you guys want the first issue mail me at ....
from nils, age 10, chico, CA, Usa; October 11, 2001
Sorry, we can't post your address. JC

I think Quaesitosaurus is the the rarest dinosaur because only 1 skull has been found and not 1 skeleton has been found.
from Eric L., age 9, Paramus, NJ, USA; October 11, 2001

Do you have any facts about Nurosaurus?(the sauropod and herbivore)
from Eric L., age 9, Paramus, NJ, USA; October 11, 2001

"Where did the brachiosaurus live, like in forest, water, marshlands?"

Dry plains with trees. Probably not dense enough to be called a forest, though. According to Bakker, sauropods like Brachiosaurus hated marshlands.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 11, 2001

"1. How big were the fish that suchmisaurus, spinosuarus, and baryonx ate?"

We have no direct evidence that Spinosaurus and Suchomimus even ate fish! I think the fish found in Baryonyx was about a metre long.

"2. What country was Monolophosaurus found?"


"3. did othnielia eat plants or other dinosaurs?"

from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 11, 2001

Monolophosaurus was discovered in China in 1984,
Othnielia ate plants,
I don't know if we can really tell how big the fish these dinosaurs ate, but they were prbably fairly large.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

"Oh, you know what I mean Tim M." hmmmmmmm, did I miss something?
from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

1. How big were the fish that suchmisaurus, spinosuarus, and baryonx ate?
2. What country was Monolophosaurus found?

3. did othnielia eat plants or other dinosaurs?

sorry the person that said you were correct was me. I forgot to put my nickname.
from Trivia master, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Gallamimus was named in 1972
dryptosaurus had 8 inch claws
and megalosaurus was about 26 feet long.

from ?, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Where did the brachiosaurus live, like in forest, water, marshlands?
from Liz S., age 13, Richland, Pennsylvania, USA; October 11, 2001

from Toby, age -( ? )-, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.of A.; October 11, 2001

Oh, you know what I mean, Tim M.
from Velociraptor, age ?, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Gallimius was named by Mongolian and Polish paleontologists in 1972.
Dryptosaurus had 8 inch claws.
Megalosaurus was about 23 to 26 ft. long.

from Tim M., age ?, ?, ?,?; October 11, 2001

"Rex probably could run fast but it couldnt run for very long"

In a surprising turn of events, forefront experts on Tyrannosaurus now think that T.rex could not only run fast, but keep it up for a distance as well!

Actually, I was rather opposed to the idea at first, but the main arguments goes for that T.rex (and Tyrannosaurids in general) have gracile limbs very akin to long distance speed runners like horses or wolves, particuarly ostriches rather than animals with robust limbs designed for short bursts of speed, like cats or the animals you so crassly call the "raptors". Another argument also stems from the fact that Tyrannosaurus had significantly more chest cavity space in proportion to size then other dinosaurs. The ribcage of Tyrannosaurus was extremely well curved and gave it a large volume in its chest. It's argued that the larger lungs Tyrannosaurus would had had would have allowed it to sustain it for a long distance at speed. I'm not sure about this lung theory, but I'll almost certianly confirm the limb observation. In that case, Tyrannosaurus would have been able to move much faster and longer then we previously though. (Oh heck, the energy requirements for a non-suspension movement mode is much less anyway)
from Honkie Tong, age 17, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

Actually James Farlow maintains that Tyrannosaurus could have still being fast enough to capture any of his prey items. And the idea that Tyrannosaurus was the fastest large dinosaur predator design is not borne by me, but rather by Tom Holtz. Besides, I don't see the fuss over the falling theory. For one, Tyrannosaurus' chances of falling was significatly lower as he did not gallop and had at least one foot on the ground (he "ran" by walking fast), and limiting his speed to the results of a fall is a pretty illogical thing to do so to, apparently nobody warned Ostriches or Cheetahs about tripping up (and they do kill themselves sometimes when they trip at speed), and not to mention Giraffes, who gallop at speed despite the fact that a trip at such the speeds they attain are extremly injurous. I don't see falcons limiting themselves to below 50 mph simply because if they happened to collide with something above that speed, they would kill themselves. Simply put, we can argue Tyrannosaurus would not have run above 30kph (which is, by the way, faster then an elephant, and extremely fast for his size) because a fall would be bad, but the simple fact was, Tyrannosaurus wasn't smart enough to know that, and his functional morphlogy allowed him to attain higher speeds. In the end, Farlow wasn't arguing that Tyrannosaurus was slow at all (Horner simply jumped on the bandwagon and took it to it's logical extreme), rather he was arguing that Tyrannosaurus would not reached Bakker speeds.

Also, I can see why Tyrannosaurus would want to risk a potentially fatal fall, after all, the riskiest thing you do everyday is to get into your car, but the massive advantages provided by transport makes the risk acceptable (I don't see ourselves limiting our driving speed to 15mph to avoid fatal accidents!). It worked the same way for Tyrannosaurus and other animals, despite the risk of sustaining a fatal injury in a run, the massive advantages that can be reaped from being more effective in hunting prey and thus having a higher chance to reproduce made Tyrannosaurus willing to go fast. A few animals dying in freak accidents would not have prevented the entire species from advancing due to the payoff in this advantage. To put it simply, by lowering and less-defining the spreration our windpipe and gullet in us humans, gave us the advantage of speech but also made us much more prone to chocking, but in natural selection terms, the tradeoff was more then enough to favour speech. If you took Farlow's logic to the extreme (like you have done here), it could be argued that humans could not speak as the requirement for having speech was a less-seperated windpipe and gullet which would have caused us to be at higher risk of dying from chocking. Farlow never intended for Horner or you to take his paper to such extremes, for you can see that it simply dosen't work in real life! Rather, given the fact that Tyrannosaurus limb functional morphlogy was better tuned towards speed, it is immediately apparent the Tyrannosaurus design decided that a increase in speed was a good trade for a higher risk of dying in a fall, why after all, would Tyrannosaurid limbs be showing selective pressure towards speed? It was a trend that showed no signs of reversal, not even up to Tyrannosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus rex osborn was fast.
from Honkie Tong, age 17, ?, ?, ?; October 11, 2001

"1. What year was gallimimus named?"

1972? I'm sure it was sometime in the 1970s.

"2. How long was dryptosaurus's claws?"

The big one that it was named for is about 20 cm long.

"3. About how long was megalosaurus?"

Probably 8 to 9 metres. Depends on the species/specimen of Megalosaurus, though.
from Brad, age 14, Woodville, ON, Canada; October 11, 2001

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